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  PROCEDURE GENEREAL START UP PROCEDURES 1.   Acrylic test section was ensured to be installed with the converging section upstream. The unions are tighten were checked. If necessary to dismantle the test section then the total pressure probe must be withdrawn fully ( but not pulled out of its guide in the downstream coupling) before releasing the couplings 2.   The apparatus was located on the flat top of the bench. 3.   A spirit level to baseboard was attached and the unit on top level of the bench was adjusting by the feet. 4.   The volumetric tank was filled with water approximately 90% full. 5.   The flexible inlet tube was connected using the quick released coupling in the bed of channel. 6.   A flexible hose was connected to the outlet and make sure that it was directed into the channel. 7.   The outlet flow control valve was partially opened at the Brenoulli’s Theorem demonstration unit. 8.   The bench flow control valve V1 was fully connected, the pump was switched on. 9.   V1 was open gradually and allowed the piping to fill with water until all air has been expelled from the system. 10.   “Trapped Bubbles” in the glass tube or plastic tube transfer were checked.  11.   At this point you will saw the water flowing into the venturi and discharged into the tank of hydraulic bench. 12.   The water flow rate was proceeded to increase. When the flow pipe in the pipe was steady and there is no trapped bubble, the discharged valve started to closed to reduce the maximum measurable flow rate. 13.   You will saw that the water level in the manometer tubes will begin to display different level of water heights. If the water level in the manometer board is too low where It is out of visible point, open V1 to increase the static pressure. If the water level is too high, open the valve to lower the static pressure. 14.   V1 and outlet control valve was adjusted to obtain a flow through the test section and was observed that the static pressure profile along the converging and diverging sections was indicated on its respective manometers. The total head pressure along the tube was measured by traversing the hypodermic tube.  15.   The actual water flow was measured by using the volumetric tank with a stop watch. Brenoulli’s Theorem Demonstration  1.   The general start-up procedures was performed. 2.   All the manometers tubings were properly checked and connected to the corresponding pressure taps and are air-bubbles free. 3.   The discharged valve was adjusted to a high measurable flow rate. 4.   After the level stabilizes, the water flow rate was measured using volumetric flow rate, 5.   Slide the hypodermic tube gently connected to the manometer #H, so that its end reaches the cross section of the venturi tube at #A. The reading shown by manometer #H is the sum of static head and velocity head. i.e. the total ( or stagnation ) head (h*) , because the hypodermic tube is held against the flow of fluid forcing it to a stop (zero velocity) . The reading in manometer #A measured just the pressure head (h i )  because it is connected to the venturi tube pressure tap, which does not obstruct the flow, thus measuring the flow static pressure. 6.   Step 5 was repeated for other cross sections (#B, #C, #D, #E and #F). 7.   Step 3 and step was repeadted with three other decreasing flow rates by regulating the venturi discharged valve. 8.   The velocity V iB was calculated using the Brenolli’s equation  where; V iB =   . 9.   The velocity V ic was calculated using the continuity equation where V ic = Qav/A i.  10.   The difference between two calculated velocities was determined. GENERAL SHUT DOWN PROCEDURES 1.   Water supplied valve and discharged valve was closed. 2.   The water supplied pump was turn off. 3.   The water from was drained from the unit when not in use.
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