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    1 st  International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance Proceedings June 24-26, 2008 ETH Zurich, Switzerland  published by: Hilmar Ingensand und Werner Stempfhuber    These proceedings can be ordered from: The authors are responsible for the contents of the papers. The use of contents has to follow the laws of copyright and ownership. The spreading of this document is not allowed! ISBN: 978-3-906467-75-7   © 2008 Druck: Reprozentrale, ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich Printed in Switzerland    Preface Over the last two decades, terrestrial and global 3D-measurement sensors in the field of engineering geodesy have seen a significant upturn. Nowadays almost all static sensors contain a kinematic mode. These modern measurement techniques allow determining a trajectory of a moving object within a few centimetres in real time. Additional sensors determine dual slope and bearing parameters. Using calibrated tracking total stations, accuracies within five to ten millimetres can be achieved. Parallel to these new geodetic sensor developments, a broad range of new applications have been created, mostly in the fields of construction, mining and agriculture. In recent years many guidance and control solutions based on geodetic measurement sensors have  become state-of-the-art. Some applications are already introduced in the market, however, many automation tasks are still in a development phase. An overall solution requires close interaction of data acquisition, design data including transformation and conversion, guidance and control processes, documentation, and as-built check. Thus, this represents a great challenge for different fields: engineering geodesy, cybernetics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and applications. The main scope of the organisers of the 1 st  International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance (MCG) was to initiate the discussion of these topics among academics, researchers, system and service providers as well as users. Up to now there has not been any conference encompassing all these aspects. This event aims at the creation of a new discussion platform and focuses on the intensification of these world-wide automation ambitions. The following topics will be discussed and demonstrated: -   3D-Construction Applications -   Kinematic Measurement and Sensor Technology (Local and GNSS Systems) -   Agriculture Applications -   Data Processing and Acquisition -   Control Process and Algorithm The conference organisers would like to thank all paper and poster contributors; they are confident that many presentations encourage a know-how interchange, bond synergies between the different applications and boost research activities. Furthermore, the organisers and their team would like to thank the sponsors of the conference, namely -   Leica Geosystems AG -   MOBA Mobile Automation AG -   RMR Softwareentwicklungsgesellschaft bR -   Topcon Europe Positioning B.V. and Fieldwork AG -   Trimble Navigation Ltd. -   Zoller & Fröhlich GmbH and the members of the Scientific Committee for their valuable cooperation. Finally, the organisers would like to thank all attendees and interested persons and are sure that the 1 st  International Conference on Machine Control & Guidance (MCG) will not remain a singular event. Zurich, June 2008 Werner Stempfhuber Hilmar Ingensand   
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