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el product sheet es un sistema de perfpac donde podemos observar la herramienta de control de arena
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  Product Sheet: QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC System Date:  1/29/2014 Download:   QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC Single-Trip Perforating and Gravel- and Frac-Packing System  (0.42 MB PDF) Single-trip perforating and gravel and frac packing The QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC system is a one-trip perforating and gravel-packing system that combines tubing-conveyed perforating guns, a gravel- or frac-pack treatment, and perforating test tools. The system has been in use since 1993, reducing rig time and fluid loss in hundreds of cased hole sand control wells. Gravel packing, frac packing, screenless completions Cased hole sand control in unconsolidated environments requires a broad, diversified portfolio of products and services with a wide range of options. Our team of specialists can help you make the right choices for your precise requirements. We deliver the most appropriate solution, customized to your well, to increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce risks. Single-Trip Gravel- and Frac-Packing Saves More Than 7 Rig Days in Indonesian Attaka Field The streamlined MZ-Xpress fracture-stimulation process saved Chevron approximately USD 1,665,000 in rig time and helped increased production 2.5 times more than the initial estimation.  Read case study   Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Completions  Our systems range from conventional gravel-pack to complex, multizone, combined gravel- and frac-pack systems installed in a single trip with a single pumping operation. Single-Zone Completions | Multizone Completions  Screenless Completions  Screenless completions involve chemical consolidation treatments and proppant packs with proppant-flowback control additives. Screens  Schlumberger offers the broadest, most versatile sand screen portfolio in the industry. Robust, reliable, fit-for-purpose sand screens and inflow control devices give you the versatility to complete almost any type of interval for optimal recovery. Direct Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens | Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens | Prepacked Sand Screens | Premium Mesh Sand Screens |  Alternate Path Sand Screens | Specialty Screens | Inflow Control Devices   Cased Hole Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Fluids  Products include water-base fracturing fluids, viscoelastic surfactant-based fluids, additives to bind and stabilize fines, and services to optimize fluid selection and fracture design treatments. Cased Hole Gravel-Pack Fluids | Cased Hole Frac-Pack Fluids & Services  Downhole Tool Systems  We provide downhole gravel-pack packers, tools, and accessories that help maximize well performance over time, mitigate formation damage, and prevent costly interventions Sand Control Packers | Sand Control Service Tools | Sand Control Accessories | Fluid- Loss-Control Devices  Single-Zone Cased Hole Completions Overview   1{487CDBAE-A94   Library   2ResourceListing   Perforating and gravel or frac packing Single-zone gravel- and frac-pack solutions range from the conventional multiple-trip system to the more efficient single-trip sand control solution. Conventional gravel-packing — in multiple trips   Conventional gravel packing requires multiple trips into and out of the well to run the sump packer, perforate, and deploy the screen and gravel-pack assembly. This proven and reliable technology is widely used and is often the most practical choice. Our QUANTUM gravel-pack system and QUANTUM MAX system with higher pressure and temperature ratings are both available for this technique.  Alternate Path technology can be combined with either system when increased reservoir or wellbore complexity makes it more challenging to pack the annulus fully. Perforating and gravel or frac packing — in a single trip   When greater efficiency is a primary objective because of depths, pressures, costs, or risks, the unique QUANTUM PERFPAC and QUANTUM MAX PERFPAC systems allow perforating and gravel or frac packing in a single trip. Both systems use high-performance, big-hole charges that maximize wellbore productivity. Once on depth, the guns are dropped into the rathole at the instant before they fire, protecting the rest of the assembly from shock. The BHA is then lowered to position the screens across the perforations and the sand control procedure starts. Both systems are compatible with Alternate Path technology. TCP and Completion Perforating Applications  Your choice of tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) string design will vary depending on your completion type: temporary, permanent, or workover. The strings listed below include only the most common components for different TCP applications. Your Schlumberger representative can advise you on the most efficient string configuration for your application. Related services and products Temporary Completion   TRUST Transient Rapid Underbalanced Surge Technique (0.13 MB PDF) Permanent Completion   QUANTUM PERFPAC Single-Trip Perforating and Gravel- and Frac-Packing System (0.34 MB PDF) IRDV Intelligent Remote Dual Valve Overview   1{5BDBC94D-CD6   Tool Drawing   2RichTextTab   Library   3{5BDBC94D-CD6ResourceListing   Multicycle, independent dual valve tool command and control The IRDV intelligent remote dual valve tool allows independent command of two valves in the tool string: a testing valve and a circulating valve. Operated by the IRIS intelligent remote implementation system, the IRDV dual valve can operate both valves in multiple conditions and is immune to downhole pressure and temperature changes. Reliable, independent control   The IRDV dual valve features nitrogen-free, hydrostatically powered testing and circulating valves in one tool. Low-pressure pulses in the annulus enable independent multicycle operation of both valves without interfering with the operation of other tools in your test string. The IRDV dual valve, as part of the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry, can be controlled using wireless commands or low-pressure pulses, provides real-time tool feedback, and allows bidirectional communication for greater tool command and verification. Reduced operating time   The IRDV dual valve enables faster, more efficient operations by issuing direct or sequential commands that eliminate the need to use complex indexing systems. The intelligent command of the system keeps a complete record of tool operations, valuable information that can be used for postjob verification. As part of the Quartet system enabled by Muzic telemetry, the dual valve allows real-time data to be wirelessly transmitted between downhole and the surface. The data  can be analyzed onsite or at a remote location. Flexible testing operations   Exclusive to the IRDV dual valve is a downhole redundancy option. This on-command mechanical override gives greater flexibility during reservoir testing, providing the ability to run multiple IRDV dual valves in your tool string. Complementary downhole configuration   Run the IRDV dual valve as part of the Quartet-HT high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system or the Quartet system enabled by Muzic telemetry. These systems deliver the highest-quality pressure measurements and representative fluid samples with maximum safety and efficiency for altogether higher-performance reservoir testing. Special IRDV applications   The IRDV dual valve offers a variety of command options to provide the flexibility and diversity to operate for specific applications in which low-pressure pulses, system-activation compatibility, or sequential and automatic valve operation is required. QUANTUM PERFPAC System  (0.49 MB PDF) ESP Integrated Services for Heavy Oil Testing  (0.31 MB PDF) TRUST  (0.13 MB PDF)  IRDV Intelligent Remote Dual Valve Overview     1{5BDBC94D-CD6   Tool Drawing   2 {5BDBC94D-CD6RichTextTab   Library   3{5BDBC94D-CD6ResourceListing  
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