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Syllabus of Professor Labitag- Property
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  I UNIVERSIry OF THE PHILIPPINES COLLEGE OF LAW PROPERTY BY PROF. EDUARDO A. LABITAG DTFINITION. Prope(y is a-rl economic concept, meaning a mass ot rhirgsuseful to human activily and which a:re necessa{/ to life, for whichreason they may be organized and distributed in one way or anotlter, but, always lor t}Ie good of man. In order tiat a thing may be considered as property, it must have a) utility b) substantivity, i.e., an autonomous or separate existence c) appropriability or su sceptibility to appropriation. ,4. Classification under the Civil Code l. Immovable or Rcal properry - Art. 4ls a. by nature 415, {1) & (8) b. by incorporation (2), (3), {7) c. by destination - {4}, (5), (6), (9) d. by a:raloey 4t 5, {1OJ Movable or Personal Property - Arls.416-417 Cirses.. Dauao Salrliill u. Castillo, 61 phit. 709 Berh enl<otur i.t. Cu Lrnjieng, 61 phil 663 Lopez v. Orosa, 103 phil. 98 . Tumalctd u. Vicencb,4l SCRA 143Associated h surance u, IAa. 103 phil. 922l,ldkati Leasing u. Weareqer, 122 SCRA 296 Ba. of Assessmeht Appeals v. Meraico, 10 scRA 63 Meralco Secur[tbs v_ Bd. of Assessment 'Appeats, 114 SCRA 260 Meralco u. Central Bd. of Assessfant . .Appeats, 114 SCRA 273 Caltex u_ Bd_ ol Assessn]€,rl]' AppeaLs, 1 14 SCRA 296 Beng-@t Corp. u- Central Bd.. o]tAsse.ssrnenf Appeals, 21BSCRA271  .: PROPERTY Prof. Eduardo A, Labitag 2. impodance and Signilicance of Classifrcation a. From point of view of: i. Criminal Law ii. Form of contracts involving rnovables orimmovables iii. Prescription iv. Venue v. Taxation vi. Double Sales under Art. 1544 vii, heference of Credits vni. Causes ofAction to Recover 3. Differcnces between Real Rights and Personal Rights B. By Ownerchip 1. Res Nullius 2. Public Dominion, (cf. Patrimonial) (Arts. 419, +20-422,421) a. Property of Slate }ft.42O 422 i. For Public Use ii. For Pubtc Seflrice iii- For Development of National Wealti Cdses: La Bugal B'la@n Tibal AssrL u. Rd,,/rc's, G.R. 127882, Jan, 27, 2OO4 on RecarLsideration Dec. 1,2oo4, Jan- 27,.2004, Feb. 1, 2oo5 Clauez o. Public Estates A tlLoitA, 384 SCRA 152 on Reconsideratian: Chauez r. L\lblic Estates Adhoritg, G.R. No. 133250, Mag 6, 2O03. Usero u. CA, G.R. No. 152115, Jan. 26, 2006 b. Property ofMunicipal Co.porations - Art. 424, par. 1  ... ) . PROPERTY ' Prof. Eduardo A Labitag i. For Public Use including Publicwoiks for Public Sen'ice 3. Pdvate property i. Patrimoniai Property oI State - Art. 424 ii. Patrimonial Prope..y_ of Municipa-l Corporatrons - Art. 424 , par . 2 ni. Private Properq/ of Pdvate Persons - Art. +25, paf.2 Cdses.' Tantoco u. Mufticipal Council, +9 Phit. 52Zamboanga del Narte u. Cita of Z,Lambodnga, 22 SCF.A 1334 Salas u- Jarertcio, 46 SCIdA 743 Cebu u. Bercilles, 66 SCRA 481 MunicipalitlJ of Sa'n Miguel D. Fenande4 13O SCRA 56 Gouernmettt v- Cdb(lngis, 53 Phil. 112ClDuez u PEA G.R. 133250, JulA 9, 2CO2 oft Motion for Recansideratiory MaA 6, 2003 4. Effect and Significance of Classilication of Property as Properry of Public Dominion a. Property is Outside tl.e Commerce of Man b. Property Cannot be the Subject of AcquisitivePrescription c. Proper-ty Caxnot be Attached or Levied upon in Execution d. Prcpety Carlno be Burdened with a Voluntary Easement c. Other Classification 1. By their physical existence a. Corporeal b. Incorporeal  .t' PROPERTY Prof. Eduado A Labitag 4 2. By their Autonomy of Dependence a. Principal b. Accessory 3. By their Subsistence After Use a. Consumable - An. 418(11 b. Non-Consumable - Art. 418Differentiated iiom Fungible or Non-fungible c. Dereriorable or Non- deteriorable 4. ' By Reason of their Susceptibility to Division a. Divisible b. Indivisible 5. By reason of Designation a. Generic b. Specific 6. Existence in Point of Time a. Present b. Future 7, Contents and Constifirtion a. Singular i. Simple ii. Compound b. Universal 8. SusceptibilitytoApf,ropriation a. Non-appropriable b. Appropriable i. Akeady appropriated ii. Not Jret Appropriated 9. Susceptibility to Comrnerce a. Within t]le Commerce of Man b- Outside the Comoerce of Man
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