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  Page 1  of 4Instructions: ã A software contract UOL-HMS agreement is provided on page 3-4. Read that caref!! and fi!! in the fo!!owing c!ases. ã #st write the numbered bullets  $an detai! nder these points wi!! res!t in negative mar%ing& of UOL-HMS agreement content according! . ã 'f o find an point does not match with the fo!!owing c!ases( !eave it )!an%. ã  *o co!!a)oration is a!!owed. Name of parties:_______________ Date:________________  1. Deliverables_______________________________________ 2. Obligations of the clients_____________________________ 3. icense !greement__________________________________ 4. onfidentialit# !greement____________________________ $. %a#ment terms______________________________________ &. Indemnit#__________________________________________ '. (ermination of the contract___________________________  Page + of 4  Page 2  of 4 )oft*are ontract+O,-) !greement An AGREEMENT is made between Lahore Hotel, represented by Mr. Ali (hereinafter referred to as the Company) of the one part and UOL software house, Lahore represented by Mr. Ahmed (hereinafter referred to as the contractor) of the other part. WHEREASThe Company is desirous of engaging the contractor for providing UOL- HMS , an Integratedproperty management system (hereinafter referred to as the system details in Section 4 ), for LahoreHotel, Lahore and the contractor has agreed to accept such engagement under the following termsand conditions: -1.Both the parties agree to protect the secrecy of information pertaining to each other, at alltimes and shall ensure that the same is not revealed or disclosed in any manner whatsoeverto any person or persons whatsoever.2.This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the company and the contractorand merges all prior and contemporaneous understandings and agreements. Nomodification of this agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed by bothparties. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under any statute orrule of law, such provision will be deemed omitted and all other provisions will remainvalid and enforceable.3.By signing this AGREEMENT, Company agrees to observe and abide by all of theprovisions, terms and requirements specified in this agreement. Company’s continued use ofthe services constitutes acceptance of this agreement including any subsequent modifications.That the contractor will be responsible for the following matters provided the details in Section5  are abided. ã Implementation, support and maintenance of the system ã Customizations according to company needs ã Free of cost updates and new versions ã Constant liaison with company's IT in-charge. ã Advice on purchase of computer hardware, networking and Internet services.4.The position of the contractor with the company shall be that of an independentprofessional, based on the terms & conditions contained in this AGREEMENT and not of Page , of 4  Page 3  of 4 an employee of the company. He will be free to undertake any other engagement as long assuch engagement does not clash with his visiting hours allocated for the company.The System shall include the following modules: ã Reservation, Front office and Cashier ã Food & Beverage Outlets ã House keeping ã General Ledger ã Inventory Management5.UOL-HMS is provided on SaaS (software as a service subscription) model. S)scription fee for first 3 months wi!! )e /s. 1$0,  per month. After 3 months( the service fee wi!! )e /s: 2$0,  per month. The company shall have to pay in advance, the recurring service charges, on monthly basis.The billed amount shall not be later than first week of each relevant month. The company shall become liable to pay the monthly bills immediately at the commencement of services.6.Company agrees not to use the service purchased from the Contractor in any mannerprohibited by any laws of Pakistan. Company also agrees not to resell the service to anythird party.7.Company may terminate the agreement by giving the contractor notice of at least one (1)month prior to the next billing cycle. Upon termination all charges accrued prior totermination under the AGREEMENT shall immediately become due and payable tocontractor. Fees paid in advance are not refundable. Similarly contract may terminate the contract with one (1) month notice in advance.8.If any taxes, duties, levies etc. are imposed by the government or any other authority onprovision or continuation of services to the company or generally, The contractor shall beentitled to include the amounts of such taxes, etc. in the periodical bills of the company andthe company shall pay the same.9.The validity of this contract shall be on perpetual basis (unless terminated by Company orContractor), directly dependent on abiding the agreement and timely payments of theservice fee by the company and smooth operations of the system. Page 3 of 4  Page 4  of 4 During this period the contractor will be free to move about in the hotel in connection withthe performance of his duty. Page 4 of 4

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Jul 23, 2017
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