PROGRAM CONCEPT P R E Z I O S A 2010 EDITION Exhibition s Schedule

EDITION 2010 PROGRAM CONCEPT Exhibition s Schedule P R E Z I O S A 2010 Firenze Preziosa, Dialoghi WHERE: WHEN: Florence, Leopoldine old Cloister, Torquato Tasso Square 22nd of May 6th of June,
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EDITION 2010 PROGRAM CONCEPT Exhibition s Schedule P R E Z I O S A 2010 Firenze Preziosa, Dialoghi WHERE: WHEN: Florence, Leopoldine old Cloister, Torquato Tasso Square 22nd of May 6th of June, Opening: Friday 21st of May, at 6.00 PM Concept by Maria Cristina Bergesio The 2010 s edition of PREZIOSA presents three masters of research jewellery: three artists, three different nationalities, a geographical line leading from North to South: Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. Three artists who have been working for around forty years, pursuing paths that are totally different, each with a complex language, a personal and characteristic Kunstwollen, despite sharing a marked spirit of research and experimentation. The common elements to be found in their works, in different declensions, are change, metamorphosis and transformation. They also share the fact that they belong to the same generation, that they are established, recognised artists with a long experience as teachers behind them, while at the same time representing three different approaches to research in jewellery. The three artists have been asked to select a younger artist to set up a dialogue with: the exhibition is thus driven by a spirit of dialogue. Not merely talking with but thinking with, being bound by thought : a dialogue based on the desire to understand and know the other, and to propose an approach to the reality of the research jewel through a spirit of discovery. Each of the six artists will offer a broad and inclusive presentation of his own work, and develop dialogues between different generations, languages and contents. This relationship of dialogue will make it possible to develop broader refl ections on the creative reality of the jewel, its history and its present. The public will be able to approach the work of the six artists through the various phases of their work, listening to the conversations and refl ections triggered by the encounters, and also by reading the dialogue in the works themselves. The public will be provided with the necessary information, while also leaving room for a personal interpretation and, above all, an emotional engagement. The layout and the catalogue will visualise the dialogues between the various artists, exploiting multimedia tools, so that they can be viewed and enjoyed by the public. Artist s Conferences Saturday 22nd of May, from AM to PM The participation is free, but places are limited, so we suggest to register on-line, or contact the organization at Preview of the exhibition, and presentation of the catalogue: inhorgenta europe 2010, Münich, 19th-22nd of February Hall C2 FORUM INNOVATION Collateral Events PREZIOSA YOUNG The third edition of this important exhibition of young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations will presented in Firenze as a collateral exhibition of PREZIOSA event. The aims is to contribute to the diffusion of what is new in the research jewellery, what the new generation of goldsmiths/designers/artists is boiling in the pot. Info: Nella stessa occasione sarà presentato il libro/catalogo di alcuni ex allievi della scuola, per celebrare il 25 anniversario delle attività didattiche. Updated information, reservation for the conferences and booking of the Catalogue: please fill in the form Contacts Guarda PREZIOSA 2010 su Youtube: https://youtu.be/rmt-wqlkiv8 ARTISTS Giampaolo Babetto (Padua, 1947) Babetto s work appears as a tireless and rigorous analytic investigation of form, plumbed in all its expressive and compositional possibilities. Geometry was the starting point for the development of a constructive approach to jewellery conceived as architecture, jewels that can be read in all their parts and that emanate a dense formal tension. Minimalism, architecture, but also the painting of Pontormo are just some of the sources that have nourished Babetto s complex language, in which the quest for form is melded with technical expertise, always taken to extremes to pursue an ever-vital spirit of experimentation. The artist chosen by Giampaolo Babetto is Helen Britton Johanna Dahm (Basel, 1947) The research of Johanna Dahm can be perceived as a path that, starting from an area governed by extreme rationality, then set out towards a more intangible dimension, fi nally coming to immerse itself in the depth of the matter. From an initial interest in serial production, on the keynote of the democratisation of the jewel in the mid 70s, in the 80s the artist moved on to investigating the jewel as event, elaborating installations and works in which there is an extensive use of light, exploited to dematerialise the object and turn it into a visible but not tangible sign on the body. The latest phase of her work is characterised by the return to the material quality of the jewel, to its links with earth and fi re. The Ashanti and Fast Ashanti series consist of works conceived through a personal elaboration of traditional casting techniques, where the a priori control becomes very limited, and the gold matter is charged with a vigorous physical sensuality. The artist chosen by Giampaolo Babetto is Andi Gut. Ruudt Peters (Naaldwijk, 1950) In his research the jewel becomes part of a system of representation in which religions, philosophies, symbols and alchemy, combined with encounters and the suggestions of other cultures experienced during his travels, are melded, mingled and reworked, going to make up the prime matter of his works. His jewels are organised into families linked to a specifi c reference, such as for example the stage of an alchemical process for Iosis (2002) or the Kabbalah for Sefi roth (2006), and to the materials used to make them as in Lapis (1997), where the mineral powders are reworked to create a new material. Nevertheless, an overview of his work enables us to grasp the consistency of a process that has conceived the jewel as a condensate of emotions and suggestions, an object imbued with an archaic rituality while being enunciated in an idiom that is entirely contemporary. The artist chosen by Ruudt Peters is Evert Nijland ARTISTS Andi Gut (Zug, Switzerland, 1971) In the works of the early 90s Andi Gut concentrated on the special relationship between the jewel and the body, both by inserting real corporeal elements (teeth, nails) and by reproducing them in materials of medical origin, such as dental porcelain. Following this, his meditation shifted towards the dualistic relationship between the naturalness of form and the artifi ciality of the matter it is made from. Before the jewels of Andi Gut the observer is taken by a sort of rapture, in which anxiety and captivation come together. Evert Nijland (Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, 1971) Active since 1997, Evert Nijland has pursued a consistent endeavour of re-elaboration, transformation and new interpretation of sources of inspiration linked to the past history of art: Renaissance panels, Baroque paintings, the theme of the garland, the city of Venice. The material quality of a pictorial detail, its special luminosity, are restored to life, translated into the dimension of the jewel through a calibrated stratifi cation of embroidered fabrics juxtaposed with stones, silver, porcelain and very often glass. In his most recent works glass, declined in its various expressive possibilities, is used in combination with silk and fl ock. The most strikingly three-dimensional aspect appears to be linked to a sensual accentuation of forms. Artist s Couples Giampaolo Babetto/Helen Britton Johamma Dahm/Andi Gut Ruudt Peters/Evert Nijland Helen Britton. (Lithgow, Australia, 1966) Britton s work evolves from mixing, layering, combination and assembly, actions presided over by constant supervision which gives order to the apparent chaos. The creative process passes through phases that intersect: from attentive observation of reality she moves on to focus on particular details, single elements that are collected together and carefully sifted. Thus is created what the artist calls an energy circuit, which starts with search and selection and is completed by restitution of the object to the fl ow through its exhibition on the body. Giampaolo Babetto Giampaolo Babetto Giampaolo Babetto Giampaolo Babetto Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm Ruudt Peters Ruudt Peters Ruudt Peters Ruudt Peters Helen Britton Helen Britton Helen Britton Helen Britton Helen Britton Helen Britton Helen Britton Andi Gut Andi Gut Evert Nijland Evert Nijland Evert Nijland Evert Nijland EXHIBITION CATALOG The catalogue Firenze Preziosa DIALOGHI, in English and Italian, with pictures of works and CVs of each artist, criitical essays, is available upon request using the FORM. The cost of the catalogue is Euro. Also the video DVD of the artists conferences could be requested by of using the FORM. The video DVD with the interviews to the artists may also be requested by schools/galeries/critics... Curator Maria Cristina Bergesio Coordinator Giò Carbone Graphics And Layout Noumeda Carbone, Printed By Tipografi a MP San Casciano VP (Firenze) COLLATERAL EVENTS COLLATERAL EVENTS PREZIOSA Young 2010 The third edition of this important exhibition of young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations will presented in Firenze, as a collateral exhibition of PREZIOSA 2010 event. The aims is to contribute to the diffusion of what is new in the research jewellery, what the new generation of goldsmiths/designers/artists is boiling in the pot. The selection of the 111 participants was handled by an international jury composed by Giampaolo Babetto, Johanna Dahm, Evert Nijland, Helen Britton, Angelika Wildegger, Dora Liscia Bemporad, Maria Cristina Bergesio, Giò Carbone The 8 selected participants are: Melissa Cameron, Australia Eve Cheryl, USA Yoshie Enda, Japan Adam Grinovich, Sweden Monica Haneckova, Slovakia Erin Keys, Australia Sooyeon Kim, Korea Sachiko Shouji, Japan Special Mentions: Hryc Marta, Poland Wolbers Susanne, Germany Ruebel Elena, Germany Lang Sabine, Germany Baek Jahyun, Great Britain Smith Natalie, Great Britain Rajakallio Tiina, Finland Juen Lisa, Germany Our compliments! COLLATERAL EVENTS CV ARTISTS Giampaolo Babetto Padova Personal exhibitions (selection) 1954 Galleria La Chiocciola, Padua; 1956 Galleria Montenapoleone, Milan; 1967 Handwerkammer, Munich; 1979 Argentum Gallery, Stockholm; 1993 Klassiker 1993, International Handwerksmesse, Munich; 1995, Mario Pinton. L oreficeria, Stabilimento Pedrocchi, Padua. Group exhibitions (selection) 1951/1954/1957/1964 Triennale di Milano, Milan; 1961 International Exibition of Modern Jewelry ( ), Goldsmith s Hall, Londra; 1966, XXXIII Biennale Internazionale d arte, Venezia; 1977, XI Biennale Internazionale della Piccola Scultura, Padua; 1980, Schmuck International , Kunstlerhaus, Vienna; 1983, 10 Orafi padovani, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; 1988, Biennale Svizzera del Gioiello d arte contemporaneo, Villa Malpensata, Lugano; 1989, Ornamenta I, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; 1992, III Triennale du Bijou, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; ,The Best in Contemporary Jewellery, Villa De Bondt, Gand; 1996, New Times, New Thinking: Jewellery in Europe and America; Crafts Council, Londra; 2001, L arte del gioiello ed il gioiello d artista dal 900 ad oggi, Museo degli Argenti, Firenze; 2001, Immaginazione aurea, Mole Antonelliana, Ancona; 2008, Gioielli d Autore. Padova e la Scuola dell oro, Palazzo della Ragione, Padua. In the collection of Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; Musèe des Arts Decoratifs, Paris; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Pinakothek der Moderne, Danner - Rotunde, Munich; Inge Asenbaum Collection, Vienna Awards 1951, Medaglia di bronzo, IX Triennale di Milano; 1955, Primo premio per l oreficeria e Secondo Premio per l argenteria, Mostra Nazionale Oreficeria, Vicenza; 1957, Medaglia d oro, XI Triennale di Milano; 1963, Primo premio, Biennale Arti Decorative, Venezia; 1964, International Goldsmiths Exhibition Form und Qualitä, Munich; 1966, Medaglia d oro per l orefi ceria, Biennale, Venezia; 1975, Golden Ehrering, Hanau Mein; 1976 Herbert Hoffmann Preis, Munich; 1984, Medaglia d oro dei Benemeriti della scuola, della cultura e dell arte, Ministero Pubblica Istruzione, Roma; 2004 Il sigillo della città di Padova, Padua; 2006, Medaglia d oro, Camera di Commercio, Tempio di Adriano, Roma; 2007 Padovano eccellente, Padua. Publications (selection) Schollmayer Karl, Neur Schmuck, ornamentum humanum, Tubinga, Wasmuth, 1974; Segato Giorgio, La misura seducente, in Mario Pinton. L orefi ceria, Padova, 1995; Falk Fritz, Holzach Cornelie, Schmuck der Moderne , Arnoldsche, Stoccarda, 1999; Folchini Grassetto Graziella, Contemporary Jellery. The Padua School, Arnoldsche, Stoccarda, 2005; Bergesio Maria Cristina, Lenti Lia, Dizionario del gioiello italiano. XIX e XX secolo, Allemandi, Torino, 2005; Cisotto Nalon Mirella, Spiazzi Anna Maria, Gioielli d Autore. Padova e la Scuola dell oro, Allemandi, Torino, 2008. CV ARTISTS CV ARTISTS Johanna Dahm Johanna Dahm 1947 born in Basel, CH grew up in Cape Town, South Africa ZHdK, Zürich University of the Arts, Dept. of Jewelry, CH (then:kunstgewerbeschule Zürich) Extended Studies in the USA Business Partnership: Schmuck 74, designing and manufacturing jewelry out of Aluminium and Perspex in small series, Winterthur, CH 1984/ 82/74 National Grant for Applied Arts from the Swiss Federal Government 1978 Award from the ZHdK, Zürich University of the Arts, CH 1983 Grant for Fine Art from the Canton of Zürich, CH 1993 Commissioned by the airline SWISSAIR for all personnel badges and pilot wings 1997 Sabbatical leave in West Africa; Apprenticeship to the Asante king s goldsmith in Ghana 2003/04 Sabbatical leave in Orissa, East India: research on the Dokra casting technique 2006/04/00/93/90/88/86 Professor at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Dept. of Jewelry, A Teaching assignments: Royal College of Art, London; Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel; Helwan University, Cairo; Universities: Aarau; Zürich; Göteborg; Geneva; Basel and Düsseldorf since 1990 Tenured Professor at Hochschule Pforzheim University, Germany, Dept. of Jewelry, (since 2005 on leave) Lives and works in Zürich and Intragna, CH WORK IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: MFAH, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Helen Drutt Collection, USA Alice und Louis Koch Collection, Basel, CH Royal College of Art, London, GB Jewelrymuseum, Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim, D Design-Collection, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, CH Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Spektrum collection, D Museum of clock, watchmaking and enamel work, Geneva, CH Collection Hotel Castell, Zuoz, CH ( Lichtinstallation ) Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zürich, CH Die Neue Sammlung, Design in der Pinakothek, Münich, D Angermuseum Erfurt, D Swiss Federal Government, Bern, CH Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Justus Brinkmann Gesellschaft, Hamburg, D Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln, D Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, CH Eidg.Technische Hochschule, Grafi k-sammlung, Zürich, CH Collection C. Vögele, Moderne Kunst-Unsere Gegenwart, Pfäffi kon, CH (Lightinstallation) Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart, D Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe, D Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL Haags Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, NL Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Lausanne, CH Njordenfeldske Kunstindustrie Museum, Trondheim, N Röhsska Museum, Göteborg, S National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, JPN BIBLIOGRAPHIE (selected) same same, but different The Dokra Trail to rings, J. Dahm, Niggli Publ. Sulgen Zürich, CH, 2008, g/e Lost and Found - The Asante trail to rings, J. Dahm, Niggli Publ. Sulgen Zürich CH, 1999/2008, g/e Johanna Dahm, Lichterreigen / Spiegelbilder / Farbräume / Schmuck, B. Schönfelder, Gallery H. Zaunschirm, Zollikon, 1996, CH, g Johanna Hess-Dahm,Schmuck/Jewellery, P. Derrez,1986, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL, g/e The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008, Darling Publications 2009 Köln, D Ornament as art, avant-garde jewelery from the H.W. Drutt collection, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, USA, C. Strauss, 2007, e Choice, Contemporary Jewellery from Germany, E.Holder, 2005, Düsseldorf, D, g/e/j Pensieri Preziosi, 2005, M. Cisotto, Comune di Padua, Italy, i/e Art Jewellery in Switzerland, 20th century, F. X. Sturm, 2003, La Bibliothèque des Arts, Lausanne, CH, g/e/i/f 20th Century Swiss Art Jewelry, A. Riklin, Publ. VGS, CH, 1999, g/e Jewelry of our time, art, ornament and obsession, H. Drutt, Thames & Hudson, London, 1995, GB, e Schmücken, the art of adornment, Department of jewelry , University of applied sciences, Pforzheim, Arnoldsche Publ. D, 1995, g/e The New Jewelry, trends+traditions, R. Turner / P. Dormer, Thames + Hudson, London, 1985/1994, e Swiss Biennale of Contemporary art Jewellery, 1988, R.Hildebrando, Municipality of Lugano, CH, e/i EXHIBITIONS (selected since 2000) * = Solo exhibition / K = Catalogue 2009 *K same same, but different, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, D K Lingam, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm K same same, but different - The Dokra Trail to Rings, Book launching and workshop, Museum Rietberg Zürich, CH 2008 *K same same, but different, Galerie Beatrice Lang, Bern, CH K JUST MUST, The Great Guild House, Tallinn, Estonia K, from hand to hand, mudac, Musée de design et d arts appliqués Lausanne, CH Erico Nagai, Mittlerin zwischen den Kulturen, HWK München, D K Triennale Européenne du Bijou contemporain, Mons, Belgien 2008/07 K Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry from the H.W. Drutt Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. / MFAH, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA 2008/07/05 Collect, V&A Museum, London, GB / Gallery Ra, Amsterdam 2007 K Hnoss jubilée exhibition, Röhsska Museum, Göteborg, S 2007/05 K Choice Contemporary Jewellery from Germany, Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein, D / Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, D / CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL / Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami, Japan 2007/06 K Radiant, 30 years Ra, Stedelijk Museum Roermond / Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL 2006 * so und so geschmückt, Galerie Pro Arte, mit Manfred Nisslmüller, Int. Sommerakademie Salzburg, Hallein, A 2006 * ASHANTI + fast ASHANTI, Gallery Tactile, Geneva, CH 2005 K Pensieri Preziozi, Oratoria di San Rocca, Padua, I / Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, D 2004 * Lost + Found, Gallery Villa de Bondt, Gent, B * fast ASHANTI, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, A 2003/99/86/84/82/78/77 * (K) Galerie RA, Amsterdam, NL 2002 K Experiment Schmuck, 10 Jahre Erfurter Schmucksymposium, Erfurt / Schmuckmuseum im Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim, D K Schweizer Schmuck im 20.Jh, Museum d Art et d Histoire, Genf / Landesmuseum Zürich, Museo Vela, Ligornetto, CH 2002/01 K Ornaments from there, ornaments from here, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur / mudac, Musée de design et d arts appliqués Lausanne, CH 2001 K Swiss Made, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln, D / gut in form, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, CH K The art of the ring, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge Ma. USA, / SOFA, N.Y./ Wustum Museum, Racine, Wisconsin / Colorado Springs Art Center / University of Texas, El Paso Gallery hnoss, Göteborg, S Tokyo, Japan / Perth, Australia K gebaut geschaut, Installation und Fotografi e , Seedam Kulturzentrum, Pfäffi kon, CH (Lightinstallation) 2000 K Artists Jewellery in Contemporary Europe: A female perspective, Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athen, Greece K Ife, Akan und Benin, Gold und Bronzen aus Westafrika, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim im Reuchlinhaus, D CV ARTISTS CV ARTISTS Ruudt Peters Ruudt Peters Naaldwijk The Netherlands EDUCATION studied Jewellery design Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL studied Medical Instrumentmaker Fysiological Labor, Leiden NL TEACHING Professor Ädellab Metaldepartment Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts Stoc
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