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PROGRAMS AND SERVICES View this brochure online at srpnet.com/catalog. INTRODUCTION At SRP, we re delivering more than power. Our goal is to make customer interactions with us easy, rewarding and pleasant
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PROGRAMS AND SERVICES View this brochure online at srpnet.com/catalog. INTRODUCTION At SRP, we re delivering more than power. Our goal is to make customer interactions with us easy, rewarding and pleasant while also effectively managing resources to provide water and power to the Valley. We are meeting this goal exceptionally well. We know this because our customers are telling J.D. Power and Associates. SRP has received the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all large utilities in the West for the 12th year in a row. How do we do it? At SRP, we always keep customers in mind anticipating their needs and expectations when developing new products and services. In addition to leveraging technology, SRP also provides programs that offer more pricing, billing and payment options to help our customers save energy and money. Also, when an SRP customer calls us at (602) , they will always talk to a real person. Our call centers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be there when customers need help and solutions. For these reasons, we re pleased to share the SRP Programs and Services catalog. It s our one-stop resource designed to provide an overview of our leading-edge customer products and services. As SRP customers increasingly rely on technology to manage their daily lives, we respond by developing technology to meet that demand to provide better, more convenient ways of doing business. Michael Lowe Associate General Manager & Chief Customer Executive Gena Trimble Associate General Manager & Chief Communications Executive 1 WELCOME CONTACTS SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS Doing business with SRP is easy and convenient with the wide range of service options available. Customers can contact SRP by phone, by , online or in person. Visit srpnet.com/contactus for additional information. SRP Residential Customer Services (602) SRP Business Center Support from dedicated account managers to meet specific business needs (602) SRP Water Customer Services (602) SRP Customer Correspondence CUN163 P.O. Box Phoenix, AZ La Linea (servicio en Español) Assistance in Spanish (602) SRP Community Solar Information about the Community Solar program (602) SRP Business Project Center Information about new business construction and revamping projects on existing facilities (602) Self-Service Line for Business Customers Fully automated service for business customers to report outages, pay their bills and obtain account information (602) Blue Stake Center Location service for underground utility lines (602) Specialty Contacts SRP Customer Service Office Locations Customer Service Offices are open 8 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. West Valley 221 N. 79th Ave. Tolleson, AZ East Valley 7050 E. University Drive Mesa, AZ Tempe 1521 N. Project Drive Tempe, AZ Pinal County 3735 E. Combs Road Queen Creek, AZ Customer Service Offices SRP provides four conveniently located Customer Service Offices, where SRP representatives are available to answer questions and complete service orders. Customers can also pay their electric and irrigation bills with a check or money order at these offices. PayCenters Customers can pay their bills or make SRP M-Power purchases at SRP PayCenter automated payment terminals. PayCenters are at the four SRP Customer Service Offices, in area grocery stores and in some convenience stores along bus routes. Some of these stores are open 24 hours a day. Online Order Requests for Residential Customers Customers can request duplicates of monthly bills and changes to their electric accounts online, including service cancellations and mailing-address updates. Safety Net Customers may ask to have a friend or family member receive copies of reminder notices when their bills become past due. 3 SRP offers the following services to assist customers during tough economic times: Resource counselors Economy Price Plan monthly discount Weatherization Assistance Program SHARE program (energy assistance) Bill assistance Billing and payment options, including M-Power, Budget Billing and Custom Due Date Weekly estimated bills by text or Customer Resource Counselors SRP Customer Resource Counselors work with customers extensively who have trouble paying their electric bills. They can provide referral information for community partners who may be able to offer additional help. To speak to a resource counselor, call (602) SHARE Program SRP has teamed up with other state utilities, area utility customers and The Salvation Army to provide financial assistance to those in need through SHARE Service to Help Arizonans with Relief on Energy. Customers can add $1 or more to their electric bills each month to contribute to the SHARE program. Alternative Dispute Resolution SRP ombudsmen work with customers and the public to arbitrate and mediate unresolved SRP service-related power and water disputes. For more information, visit srpnet.com/about/dispute or call (602) Consumer Ombudsmen Ombudsmen independently investigate customer disputes in an effort to achieve fair and satisfactory resolutions. If the customer desires further review after an SRP ombudsman completes his or her investigation and renders a decision, an informal hearing can be scheduled as a last resort. Consumer Mediation SRP s mediation service is an informal process that allows disputing parties on water and power issues to come together with an impartial SRP mediator to clear up misunderstandings, communicate their concerns, and hopefully help them reach a mutually agreeable resolution or compromise. DOING BUSINESS WITH SRP IS EASY SRP provides numerous tools to help customers manage their electric bills while saving time and effort. To learn more about these programs, residential customers can visit srpnet.com/billing and business customers can visit srpnet.com/billing/business. Budget Billing SRP Budget Billing balances seasonal highs and lows to make payments more predictable. The customer s monthly bill amount is established and may be adjusted based on the average of his or her usage. Custom Due Date With SRP Custom Due Date, customers can choose a date between the 1st and 28th of the month to pay their bills. This option is available to most customers on SRP residential or business price plans. e-bill With SRP e-bill a paperless, electronic billing option customers can view statements online anytime and receive or text notifications when a new bill is ready to be viewed. e-chex The e-chex service allows customers to make or schedule a payment from a checking account without writing a check. This free service is available 24 hours a day. e-notifications Through SRP My Account, customers can sign up to receive or text message alerts for account information, such as bill availability, payment reminders, bill estimates, usage alerts, turn-on confirmations, outage notifications and more. Mobile Bill Pay Mobile Bill Pay allows customers to pay their bills by sending a text message from any supported mobile device. My Account With SRP My Account, customers can manage, update and customize their accounts online. They can view and pay their bills, review past energy usage, compare price plans, and view and report outages. They can also see at a glance how much energy is used monthly, weekly and now hourly. SurePay SRP SurePay allows customers to authorize their financial institutions to pay their electric bills automatically each month from a checking or savings account. 5 TOOLS TOOLS ADDITIONAL SERVICES: RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS Home Energy Inspection SRP offers a Home Energy Inspection for customers who have experienced an unexpected increase in their energy usage. For $55, an auditor will perform a walk-through of the home, providing recommendations on efficiency improvements and ways to conserve energy. Large-Print Bill At the customer s request, SRP will provide a simplified, large-type version of the regular electric bill each month. Returning Seasonal Visitor Letters SRP sends a letter to returning seasonal visitors in the fall as a reminder to re-establish service and in the spring as a convenient way of allowing customers to have their electric accounts removed from their names until they return. Additional services: BUSINESS CUSTOMERS Business New-Customer Brochure SRP mails new business customers an informational brochure that provides account management tools, energysaving advice, billing and payment options, and more. Business Resource Center (BRC) The SRP Business Resource Center is a one-stop source for free online business resources and advancement tools to help companies thrive, including economic news and advice from local experts. To learn more, visit srpbizresource.com. Economic Development The new Economic Development website is a comprehensive tool that will assist our partners in their efforts to attract large commercial and industrial clients to Greater Phoenix by providing information about SRP s areas of expertise, including power, water resources and its dark-fiber network. Learn more at PowerToGrowPHX.com. Summary Billing Customers with more than one electric account in their names have the option to group their bills into one master bill. This allows for one payment while still showing billing details for each account. Outage Notifications Through SRP My Account, customers can sign up to receive text or messages informing them of power outages in their area and to receive updates when power is restored. Outage Reporting and Callbacks Customers can report power outages online by using My Account, using their mobile devices, calling a Customer Services representative or using the automated telephone system. Customers can request an automated callback after power has been restored. Outage Tracking/Map Up-to-date outage and storm information is available online at srpnet.com and within My Account and Mobile My Account. Customers can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter during major storms. 7 PRICE PLAN OPTIONS TO FIT CUSTOMERS NEEDS RESIDENTIAL PLANS SRP offers residential customers several pricing options that are designed to fit their energy needs and lifestyles. To find out more, visit srpnet.com/prices. Basic Price Plan On this standard price plan, energy prices are the same no matter when energy is used. Prices go up slightly when energy usage in a month exceeds certain levels in the summer. Customers on this plan typically do not use a lot of energy, or they find that other plans are not a good fit for their lifestyles. Time-of-Day Price Plans Customers can lower their energy costs by an annual average of up to 7% with SRP s Time-of-Day plans. These plans reward customers when they shift energy usage from higher-priced times to lower-priced hours. Each customer can select the Time-of-Day plan that works best for his or her lifestyle. Time-of-Use To save on SRP Time-of-Use, customers must shift some energy usage to off-peak hours. A higher price is charged for energy used weekdays from 1 8 p.m. May through October and from 5 9 a.m. and 5 9 p.m. November through April. All other times are lower-cost off-peak hours. We saved $425 last year. EZ-3 SRP EZ-3 allows customers to save money and energy by shifting their energy usage outside of three peak hours. By switching to lower-priced off-peak hours, customers can save the most during the hottest months. M-Power M-Power is a voluntary prepay program that uses a special in-home display unit to allow customers to see their real-time power usage, giving them the ability to make more informed energy-usage decisions. On average, M-Power customers use approximately 12% less energy than they did on alternative price plans. Economy Price Plan Qualifying customers with limited incomes can receive a monthly discount ($17 November April and $21 May October) on SRP charges through the Economy Price Plan. Medical Life Support Discount Customers who qualify can receive a $17 monthly discount on their SRP bills while on life-sustaining equipment. A physician must recertify the patient s use of the equipment annually. Shareholder Compensation Program Salt River Valley Water Users Association shareholders may be entitled to compensation for a portion of the amount paid to Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) for electricity each year. The compensation obligation was established in a 1928 Association shareholder election. BUSINESS PLANS SRP offers several plans to business customers. For additional information, visit savewithsrpbiz.com/prices. General Service (E-36) The energy charge for the General Service Price Plan uses a declining block structure, which means the price per kilowatt-hour (kwh) declines as consumption increases relative to electric demand (kilowatts [kw] used). This price plan could work for businesses whose energy use is steady throughout the day. Time-of-Use (E-32) SRP s business Time-of-Use Price Plan is an optional, three-period plan that rewards customers when they shift energy usage from higher-priced on-peak hours to lowerpriced off-peak and shoulder hours. EZ-3 (E-33) Pilot Study SRP s business EZ-3 Pilot Price Plan is an optional, two-period plan that rewards customers when they shift energy usage from three higher-priced on-peak hours to lower-priced off-peak hours. 9 PRICE PLANS PRICE PLANS large general service price PLANS Standard Price Plan for Secondary Large General Service (E-61) This plan is applicable to customers with monthly billing energy in excess of 300,000 kwh for three consecutive months and whose service is metered at the secondary level, supplied through one point of delivery, and measured through one meter. The secondary level is defined as service requiring transformation below the voltage level at the low side of the distribution substation. Standard Price Plan for Primary Large General Service (E-63) This plan is for customers with monthly billing energy in excess of 300,000 kwh for three consecutive months and whose service is metered at the primary level, supplied at one point of delivery, and measured through one meter. The primary level is defined as service not requiring transformation below the voltage level at the low side of the distribution substation. Standard Price Plan for Dedicated Large General Service (E-65) This plan is for customers with a maximum billing demand in excess of 1,000 kw and whose service is metered at the low side of a dedicated or customerowned substation transformers, supplied at one point of delivery, and measured through one or more meters as approved by SRP. WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS SRP offers a variety of programs and rebates to help customers save energy, save money and increase the comfort of their homes. Program eligibility requirements and rebates are as of May 1, 2012, through April 30, 2013, and are subject to change. For more details, visit savewithsrp.com. Appliance Recycling Program SRP offers customers a $50 incentive for the removal and environmentally responsible disposal of older, yet still operating, refrigerators and freezers. This program targets second refrigerators and freezers in an attempt to remove inefficient units from service and resale markets. CFL Program This program provides customers with discounted prices for energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and select LEDs at Costco, Home Depot, Lowe s, Walmart and Sam s Club stores. SRP partners with retailers and lamp manufacturers to pay a portion of the bulbs retail cost. Cool Cash Rebate Program SRP offers customers a rebate for the purchase of new energy-efficient heat pumps and package units to replace existing units in their homes. Rebates, which range from $200 to $400, are paid according to the efficiency levels of the newly installed units. Duct Test and Repair Rebate Program Participants can receive up to $75 toward duct testing and up to $175 for qualified duct repairs. Tests and repairs are performed by a Building Performance Institutecertified, licensed Valley contractor. Energy-Efficiency Financing National Bank of Arizona is offering qualifying SRP residential (and small-business) customers low, fixed-rate financing for energy-saving projects. This third-party financial institution provides the offer to help SRP customers pay the upfront costs of larger energy-efficiency projects. Energy-Efficient Pools Program Customers can receive a $150 rebate for replacing their single-speed pool pumps with energy-efficient variablespeed pumps. The pumps are provided by participating pool supply and service companies and are calibrated at the time of installation to ensure they operate properly. 11 ENERGY EFFICIENCY ENERGY EFFICIENCY Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Customers can receive a comprehensive home energy inspection for the discounted price of $99 (a $500 value). A certified contractor will check the home s air conditioner, air ducts, insulation, lighting and building envelope to identify potential energy-saving measures. Customers can receive rebates for air sealing, insulation and more if the assessment identifies deficiencies. HVAC Checkup Program SRP partners with the Electric League of Arizona to promote a 16-point checkup on central cooling systems and heat pumps. This seasonal offer typically runs in preparation for the winter heating and summer cooling seasons. Shade Screen Discount Program SRP provides incentives to customers for adding shade screens to windows on east-, west- and south-facing walls. SRP customers can receive an $0.80-per-square-foot rebate on qualifying new or refurbished, installed shade screens. Shade Tree Program Customers can receive up to two desert-adapted shade trees (approximately 4- to 6-foot saplings) to plant in energy-saving locations around their homes. The trees come in 3- to 5-gallon containers. Participants must attend an SRP workshop about how to best select, plant and care for the trees. SRP ENERGY STAR Homes SRP partners with Valley homebuilders to support their efforts to promote quality-built housing and increase the energy efficiency of new home construction. SRP provides incentives to builders to meet or exceed minimum performance requirements based on ENERGY STAR guidelines, coupled with additional HVAC and water-efficiency improvements. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) WAP is a federal program established to help low-income families and individuals improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs while assisting with energy-related health and safety issues in the home. In support of WAP, SRP provides $725,000 per year to the Arizona Community Action Association to assist community agencies in their efforts to improve energy efficiency for SRP low-income homeowners. M-Power M-Power is a voluntary prepay power program that allows customers to more actively manage their electricity consumption. M-Power allows customers to see their real-time power usage with a special in-home display unit. This helps them to make more informed decisions regarding their energy consumption. On average, M-Power customers use approximately 12% less energy than they did on alternative price plans. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Electric Vehicles SRP works with state and local officials, automakers and other stakeholders to help ensure customers understand the factors that should be considered before purchasing a plug-in electric vehicle, such as electrical service requirements, charging options and price plan options. Energy Analyzer Program Kill A Watt meters help customers understand how much energy household appliances and electronics use. Customers can borrow a device free of charge at local public libraries. Home Energy Manager SRP offers free online tools to help customers evaluate their home energy use and learn about ways to save. The tools use each customer s actual bill data to make personalized energy-saving recommendations. SRP Retail SRP is dedicated to educating customers about energy efficiency at the point of purchase. SRP field representatives build and maintain rela
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