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  INDIA A DEVELOPED NATION IN 2020 Once DR.APJ.ABDUL KALAM said that india will be a well developed nation in the year 2020. This development will attain by the efforts of youngster ’ s. Women ’ s growth plays a major role in a country like india. India is a country with people have more belief in ancient culture ’ s. So these ancient practices were stopping women ’ s to grow. To be a developed country participation of each and every citizen is must. In my point of view nowadays youngsters were free to engage in any social activities which are conducted. They started knowing their values to develop our nation. Indian politics which were ruled by some major parties should to taken out. Educated youngter ’ s and sociely involved person should be elected as member of parliment. Even system ’ s like reservation system stops the youngster ’ s growth. Media plays a major role in a developing nation. Rapid growth in communication, transport,food,shelter should occur. These basic needs should reach to every citizen. Education system should be updated regularly and this play ’ s a major role. Education gives self discipline,  ability to understand and determination to work towards the development of nation. If each citizen were educated then the country can reach to infinite heights. QUOTE: YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU MUST -BY REVANTH RAJ.B IV  –‘ B ’  MECHANICAL.
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