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  Software Engineering ProjectFinal Phase Project nal phase evaluation will be in lab session from 21 st  Nov till 26 th Nov.Submit following ocuments in report format to !our software engineeringlab facult!. oth #eb stuents an $perating s!stem stuents will provieall ocuments liste below .%a&   Full Implementation with working modules (b) Software Design documents (SDD- Class diagram,Actiit!, Se uence Diagram, Collaboration Diagram) (c) #un !our pro$ect on web testing tool(like CSS testing tool, %&' testing tool, % testing tool etc**) and submit tool generated test cases in gien S&D form+Software &est documentation (S&D)* 1.'ntrouctiona.S!stem $verviewb.(est )pproach2.(est plana.Feature to be testeb.Feature not to be testec.(esting tools an environment*.(est cases *.n case+n*.n.1 Purpose*.n.2 'nputs*.n.* E,pecte $utput - pass fail criteria*.n./ (est proceure &est Case Design  &esting #eport  (he project has been teste using black box testing, wherewe test the output using the input0 eeping various real timelimitations in min.  'nput$utputesult3ogin saa0saaPresent+4Successfull)bc0a5)bsent+4Failure (estingSuccessful)min)min0amin#elcomeamin pageelete userelete fromatabasesearchispla! resultSuccess7ooiesNew user loginegular page8ser loginagain#elcome bacsuccesssecurit!New accountmaePasswor savein coe form3ogout0 thenbacError0 accesseniesuccesshini(ranslationclicePage in hiniappearssuccess  9aliationsName notenterePop+up :entername;Email+ saError+incorrectemailsuccessrop ownmenu<ouse over<enu ropsownsuccess3ogin)min+E,clusive Page with i=erent control features proviee,clusivel! to amin.Feature not to be teste+image slier+ *. Content anal!sis  Class diagram   og in  +user>name? string+passwor? string@valiate%&? bool  /ook &icket @(icet)mount? int@no>of>ticets?int@attenee? string7onrm> oo%&? successfulwaitliste 7hatServer name7hatter ? Stringmessage ? Stringconnections ? 7ollectionsocet3istener ? SocetgetNew7onnection () test7onnection%&time$ut7onnection%&isconnect8ser%&


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