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   STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS It’s a very simple process. Our first step in the recovery of Off The  Road (OTR) tyres and conveyor belts from remote mining sites is to cut them down to size for safer handling. Then as with collections from manufacturers, tyre retail partners, local councils and other sources we process them at secure facilities across Australia in accordance with environmental regulations (including all EPA and Council approvals). Tyres and belts may be used for granulation feedstock, the base material from which we  produce repurposed products. We’re also producing Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF)  and Tyre Derived Aggregate (TDA) as well as rubber granulate in varying sizes, rubber crumb (440 to 710 micron) and recovering steel from tyres. Tyrecycle continues to work with government and industry to increase awareness of the importance of tyre recycling and the promise of associated product development. Tyrecycle was integral in the establishment of the Australian Tyre Recycling Association and initiating Product Stewardship discussions. The Rubber Recycling Process 1   SHEAR OR GUILLOTINE FOR SAFER HANDLING (OTR ONLY) 2   SHREDDING FOR SIZE REDUCTION 3   GRANULATION FEEDSTOCK    Off the Road & Conveyor Belt 4   OTR AND CONVEYOR BELT TDF SHIPPED BY ALTERNATIVE FUEL END USERS 5   TDF BENEFICIALLY RE-USED TO REDUCE FOSSIL FUEL CONSUMPTION Passenger & Light Truck Tyres 4   SHRED ENTERS RASPER TO LIBERATE STEEL 5   THE STEEL IS REMOVED FROM THE RUBBER TO ENABLE MANUFACTURING OF END USE PRODUCTS    6   ENTERS THE GRINDING MILLS FOR SIZING 7   END PRODUCTS OF RUBBER CRUMB AND GRANULES (SEE BELOW FOR USES) Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) MARKETS    Tyrecycle, a subsidiary of ResourceCo Asia, is the biggest collector and recycler of End Of Life (EOL) tyres and conveyor belts in Australia. ResourceCo Asia is the exclusive trader of all TDF products from Tyrecycle Australia. ResourceCo Asia has long-standing relationships in the cement industry throughout South East Asia. It holds direct trading relationships with various cement kilns allowing disposal customers to be guaranteed that all TDF produced reaches its intended destination, the cement kiln. Furthermore, a strict audit process ensures that all users of TDF supplied by Tyrecycle are environmentally compliant. The role of ResourceCo Asia is to access the waste market and identify those waste streams suitable for the production of a fuel to meet the kiln operator requirements. ResourceCo Asia are further developing the supply of Alternative Fuels (TDF & PEF) into Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and China. 
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