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  PRONOUNS BEL120 Prepared by: Norshazrina Sabri   TYPES OF PRONOUNS ã Personal pronouns ã Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns ã Relative pronouns ã Possessive pronouns ã Indefinite pronouns  1. PERSONAL PRONOUNS ã Refer to people ã‘It’ is also a personal pronoun even though it does not usually refer to a person ã Eg:    He  knows how to drive a car.    They  are leaving for Kuching.    She  is my sister.  EXERCISE 1)He/Him is hiding under the house. 2)I would like to see they/them now. 3)Does she/her know that she is being cheated? 4)They/Them are playing on the field. 5)His/He cannot lift up that box.
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