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  ALAN TURING INSTITUTE  MANCHESTER AO4007 MArch Year 2 Andrew Paul  Introduction The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 2014 budget statement announced the formation of an academic research institute with the aim of apply-ing current mathematical and computing expertise in the processing of large datasets (‘Big Data’). The Government will be funding the development with £45 million, over a period of ve years. The Institute is to be set up by a consortium of universities, who are currently at the stage of submitting statements of interest to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council. The council describes the the expectations of the institute as follows - “The consortium will work through the Director to ensure that the Institute will:undertake research and knowledge sharing in the key disciplines of data science and algorithms, promoting the transfer of skills and insights as well as technologies;act as a magnet for world leaders in academia and industry to engage with the UK as a global leader;develop networks between leaders in higher education institutions,  public service and business;enable researchers from industry and academia to work together to undertake outstanding research with practical applications; provide technically informed advice to policy makers on the wider implications of research and the challenges faced by business;develop networks at a national level connecting to previous invest- ments and with future potential centres for data analysis looking to build new capacity and activities intended to encourage engagement from a range of industry sectors, to develop synergies between them, and stimulate and shape new research and promote rapid and effec- tive knowledge exchange between research domains, business and government; provide strategic oversight and leadership and help the UK to influence the international agenda” (Hulkes, 2014) The Institute is to be named after the mathematician and computer science pioneer, Alan Turing.  Alan Turing Alan Turing was a pioneering mathematician and computer scientist, whose work as a code-breaker during the Second World War proved invaluable to the allied war effort. This wartime work was to remain unknown to the public until the nineteen-eighties due to the secrecy involved in the endeavour. By that time Turing was long dead, a victim of suicide after his 1953 conviction and subsequent hormone ‘treatment‘ for engaging in homosexual activities. During his lifetime, Turing was not a public gure, although he had written for popular publications and broadcast talks on the BBC. His life rst came to widespread public attention through the 1986 West End play ‘Breaking the Code‘, with Derek Jacobi in the lead role.An increasing awareness of his work meant that Turing was to be- come an iconic gure for programmers - the father of computer sci -ence. Within gay circles he took on the role of the tragic hero - he had not attempted to hide his sexuality and was eventually driven to his death by the injustice of the system.. Public pressure led to a Prime Ministerial apology in 2009, and a Royal pardon in 2013.Turing’s place in history seems secured, but it would be a further injustice if his achievements were to be overshadowed by his own personal tragedy. During his life he improved on Polish codebreaking techniques to cre-ate the electro-mechanical ‘bombe’ which cracked the German Enig-ma cypher. He then headed a team breaking stronger naval codes, appointing GPO engineer Tommy Flowers to build Colossus, the rst programmable electronic digital computer.After the war he designed the unbuilt ACE computer for the National Physical Laboratory before moving to the University of Manches-ter, where as Deputy Director of the Computing Laboratory, he pro-grammed one of the earliest stored-program computers, the Man-chester Mark I.Alongside these technical achievements, he took a more philosophi-cal view of the use of computers. He considered a machine that could be truly multi-functional and programmed to process data in any manner. This ‘Turing Machine‘ is the basis of all modern comput- ers. He also worked in the eld of articial intelligence. His ‘Turing Test’ is still seen as the gold standard of machine intelligence. His nal work was on the mechanisms of biology, postulating pos -sible chemical reactions which could account for observations in the morphogenesis of plants and modelling them mathematically.It is only now that this work is being followed up seriously. Research-ers at Brandeis University were able to publish a paper experimentally validating Turing’s theory in March this year, while engineers and architects look to apply this theoretical work in new ways.  Architectural Position Statement Prior to switching to a career in Architecture in 2010, I had worked as a website designer and developer since the late 1990s. Coupling this experience with over three decades of hobby programming gives me a broad appreciation for the applications of computers. As a gay man I feel an anity with Alan Turing. His suicide at 41, the same as my current age, adds a terrible poignancy to that connection.I intend to take inspiration from Turing’s 1953 paper on the chemical basis of morphogenesis to generate a tting form for the construc -tion using a series of simple algorithms.My aim is to take into account the interests of all users of the building and attempt to create a harmony with the surroundings.I believe that using computational techniques, combined with mod-ern, highly controllable construction and fabrication methods, a more reasonable building can be designed. Biologically inspired algorithms should allow for a structure and form which is both ecient and adaptable.
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