Proposal for the City of Stamford, Connecticut RFP #417 Call Center/Work Order/Asset Management System

Proposal for the City of Stamford, Connecticut RFP #417 Call Center/Work Order/Asset Management System QScend Technologies, Inc. VUEWorks, Inc. 231 Bank Street 10 Ferry Street Waterbury, Connecticut 06702
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Proposal for the City of Stamford, Connecticut RFP #417 Call Center/Work Order/Asset Management System QScend Technologies, Inc. VUEWorks, Inc. 231 Bank Street 10 Ferry Street Waterbury, Connecticut Suite 434 Concord, NH Phone Phone Fax Fax Table of Contents 1.0 General Description of Products and Companies...page General Description of Proposed System References Project Team, Implementation Plan, Supporting Information Cost Proposal QScend Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer the following proposal: QScend will partner with VUEWorks, Inc to meet or exceed all the requirements of the City of Stamford RFP #417 Call Center/Work Order Management/Asset Management System. Below please find an overview of the work flow integration: When a resident of the City of Stamford phones in a service request to the City s call center, that request is logged in the QAlert system. Based on configurable service request types, QAlert can automatically create a work order within the VUEWorks system. Additionally, any necessary notifications are sent to the appropriate departments to alert them of the new request. QAlert and VUEWorks system communicate with each other, the citizen, and the City s staff throughout the lifecycle of the request\work order to keep all parties up-todate. The QScend/VUEWorks solution can be implemented in a phased approach. 3 1.0 General Description of Products and Companies QScend Company Summary QScend Technologies, Inc. is an established Internet software development company with 200+ customers, providing Internet web based software solutions for e-government applications. It is a leader in web-based software for managing municipal call centers, citizens requests, websites, and online surveys and calendars. QScend Technologies, Inc. was founded by Keith LeBeau in He is currently the President and CEO, and employs ten full-time and two part-time professionals. In February 2000, QScend Technologies, Inc. incorporated to a Connecticut Stock corporation. The company provides a variety of web-related software services to its current 200+ customers. The location in Waterbury, Connecticut, occupies 5,100 square feet of Class A office space in a historic property know as Buckingham Square. Our state-of-the-art software design center consists of miles of category 6 cabling, allowing network speeds of up to 1 gigabyte of data transfer to the individual desktop with the reliability of a Cisco network. Our data center is a secured, power redundant, environmentally controlled room with web based video surveillance. QScend s QAlert Call Center Manager QAlert provides a web-based call manager system to track, manage, report and resolve all citizen service requests. Using QAlert, citizens will be able to rapidly and easily report issues via the phone or web and requests will be directed to the departments responsible for the resolution. QAlert provides an interface for the public and your staff to enter and manage service requests of any type. QAlert runs in your web browser allowing instant and secure access to service request information 24/7 from anywhere. Centralized management of service request data allows you to respond to and resolve requests more rapidly. This, in turn, will enhance public perception of your municipal government and its ability to accurately and effectively handle inquiries and requests. 4 VUEWorks Company Summary The VUEWorks TM solution has its origins at an engineering firm in 2001 when a need was identified in the municipal, higher-education, and utility industries for a better way to leverage their GIS data for asset management and work order creation. Users in those communities wanted an intuitive graphical interface to their data sources and one that could be used by anyone to access the information they needed by simply clicking on a map. In response to this need, VUEWorks was developed as a web-based solution that enables users to access and extend the usability of their GIS data. VUEWorks Inc. was established as a company with a team of veteran software professionals including David A. Paine as its President and CTO. Mr. Paine was the co-founder of Softdesk which is now part of Autodesk, Inc. VUEWorks Product Suite VUEWorks is a suite of integrated software modules built on top of ESRI's ArcIMS, packed with powerful features to help local governments, utilities, and other organizations better serve their constituents with tools for everything from map viewing to asset management. While the modules for Sewer, Water, and Storm specifically address needs in those areas, other modules including Core, Work Order, and Financial can be used with any assets - including pavement, bridges and signs. The flexibility of the Core module allows you to configure it to meet your needs for any situation. VUEWorks Core is a universal web enabled GIS map tool powered by ArcIMS that serves as the platform for all other VUEWorks modules while providing features to view maps, find features, set up users, link to other databases, link documents and more. VUEWorks Work Order captures, tracks, assigns, manages and reports on your maintenance efforts, all graphically located on a map. This module integrates directly with QAlert Call Center Manager. VUEWorks Sewer provides tools to capture and analyze condition, risk, capacity, and other data for sanitary sewer collection systems. Use the Capital Project feature to define and prioritize capital projects for capital improvement plans. 5 VUEWorks Water provides tools to capture and report water quality, performance, risk, condition, hydrants, flow tests, and other data for water distribution systems. Define and prioritize capital projects for capital improvement plans. VUEWorks Storm provides tools to capture and analyze storm drain collection system condition, risk, water quality, and other data for storm water collection systems. Use it to track outfalls and help meet NPDES requirements. Define and prioritize capital projects for capital improvement plans. VUEWorks CIP integrates with the VUEWorks sewer module for creating what-if scenarios and forecasting ten year capital budget requirements. VUEWorks Valuation is a powerful tool set that can be applied to any assets including buildings, bridges, roads, water, sewer, and more, to track value, replacement costs, and depreciation for GASB 34 reporting. VUEWorks Asset Management Inventory - Asset management begins with an inventory, which is also commonly known as the Asset Register. All that is required here is VUEWorks Core. Condition and Performance - With an inventory in place it is now a simple task to assign assets a condition rating and track performance characteristics. Use Service Calls to track incidents as part of your performance reporting. Value - GASB 34. GASB 34 has been in existence since 1999 in the United States. VUEWorks has the tools to make GASB 34 reporting an easy task year after year. Risk Assessment - VUEWorks provides tools to calibrate Failure Consequences and Failure Probabilities to calculate Risk Factors for Sewer, Storm, and Water system assets. This allows users to ask such questions as what assets are near failure and are likely to cause a health and safety issue? Prioritize Capital Planning - Water, Sewer, and Storm modules all contain tools to create groups of Capital Projects for budgeting and planning purposes. The CIP module sits on top of the Sewer module to add advanced Capital Planning functions for Sewer. 6 2.0 General Description of Proposed System QAlert Call Center Manager Service Request tracking and resolution functionality Accept, manage, track and route citizen service requests all from a centralized, secure browser-based application. QAlert logs the service request and immediately notifies the appropriate department of the request. The citizen can be automatically notified via that the service request has been received. Once any action is taken on the service request the citizen is ed and kept in the loop until the service request is resolved. Triggers can be set up to re- or escalate a request to department heads or administrators when they are not resolved in a timely manner (i.e. for road kill service requests re- animal control after 48 hours if the service request is not closed). Multiple service requests can be linked to one master service request which streamlines city service department s resolution. Once the master service request is closed all citizens that entered a service request will be notified via . Upon resolution, QAlert either s the citizen or displays address and phone number information to the administrator for hard copy notification. All open service requests can be viewed by various city staff with the appropriate permissions at any time, from any Internet ready computer. Workflow configuration options QAlert allows for various departments to be instantly notified when a service request is accepted. These work flows are established by city administrators and can be changed at any time. There is no limit to the number of departmental work flow notifications that can be assigned to a specific service request type. For example, a traffic light outage can notify both the Public Works department and the Police department. Any action taken by either department will notify the other. Collect Citizen Feedback QAlert in conjunction with QPolling will allow the City to get feedback from the citizen regarding the City s level of service. By adding a QPolling link to the closing notification the citizen can go directly to a customer service survey on the City s site. 7 Reporting capabilities QAlert offers an Executive Dashboard style of graphical reports for quicker data interpretation. QAlert stores all data in a Microsoft SQL Server database which greatly enhances the reporting capabilities. This allows administrative staff the ability to analyze this data using external reporting products like Crystal Reports. Centralized, secure data storage and management. Whether the citizen walks-in, calls-in, or enters the service request online, all data is stored in a centralized database, automating workflow processes, while reducing manual tracking procedures and paperwork, virtually eliminating duplication. All service requests are stored in one centralized database available to any administrative user with the proper security credentials. Because QAlert uses a Microsoft SQL Server database for all data storage, robust reports are created on the fly from any internet ready computer. With QAlert staff administrators have the ability to create as many types of service request as needed. These service requests can be routed to individual departments, multiple individuals or outside agencies. Service request information is controlled by userid and password allowing departments and individuals the ability to view all or a subset of requests. Tools to streamline the citizens' experience. When QAlert is set up your street and district information is stored in the database. This streamlines the process of location selection by auto-completing citizen street input and completely eliminates misspelled locations. 8 QAlert Features Web-based for easy access All service requests aggregated in one central database Multiple notification on all service request activity Internal service request routing to appropriate department Link multiple occurrences of same service request Comprehensive secure web-based reports available 24/7 Imports your street database for instant identification Add unlimited service categories and types/subtypes User defined service request escalation User defined service request knowledge base Reports by streets or districts Visual mapping with GIS data integration SQL data available for external reporting Integration with other ODBC compliant applications Call taker functionality with the Enterprise Version Data look-up and input auto-completes for easy population QAlert Benefits Greatly reduce phone and walk in service requests Improves service request response time Automatically s citizen when service request is closed Dramatically improves citizen service All service requests are tracked, improving staff accountability Integration with Work Order Management Software 9 Below are example QAlert Call Center Manager screenshots: Main call taker screen: Here the call center staff can Enter new service request data Look-up existing or related service requests Link to related service requests All data auto completes and pre-populates the required fields, eliminating redundant typing. Related service request and service request search results prepopulate based on SR data Enter service request by address or intersection Toggle between; call center data input and look-up, comments, attachments and all actions taken on a particular service request. 10 Interfaces are designed to mimic popular client based products. Consistent look and feel throughout, aids in ease of use. Individual service request are sent off to the appropriate department and automatically updates VUEWorks work order management software based on service request type. All trouble tickets are available for viewing and stored in a centralized database including those identified as work orders and routed to the work order management system. 11 Service Request Detail Screen. From here the user can Add activities Close the request Link the request to related request Re-Route the request Print the request detail Upload attachments Review entire request history All service request activities are stored as history 12 Service Request categories can be organized into main categories and an unlimited number of subcategories. Categories can be made public or private. Default comments allow you to prompt the call taker (or citizen on the website) to enter information specific to their category type. Service requests can be escalated if they are not completed in a predefined period of time. 13 Numerous reports are available based on both open and closed service request. Graphical Dashboard reports are used throughout the reporting center. Reports are also available based on outstanding days, service request location, compliant type, complainant, street, district, GIS reporting, etc. Any 3 rd party ODBC compliant reporting tool may also be used. 14 QAlert provides a single layer GIS mapping system for instant recognition of a particular service request. Service request data can be exported into the ESRI Arc series of products for more detailed GIS information and planning purposes. 15 Sample screenshots from Danbury, Connecticut s forward-facing website: From the Cities web site citizens click on highly visible service button to create a service request 16 From the city s website, citizen and geographic information is collected; street data autopopulates to prevent misspellings. Service request types are predetermined by admin staff, categorized and available via pull down. 17 VUEWorks Work Order Management System Below is a description of the various VUEWorks features. VUEWorks is an Infrastructure Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management suite of products. VUEWorks is a full featured enterprise application that runs 100% in a browser making it easy to share maps and data across an entire organization. VUEWorks has a Work Order system for tracking maintenance activities whether it s one time repairs or recurring preventive maintenance activities. A full suite of administrator controls to allows set-up of custom work order forms and user permissions. The Work Order Module integrates notifications and scheduling with Microsoft Outlook and has robust reporting features with pre-defined templates and the ability to create custom reports. The VUEWorks Work Order Module provides a rich set of features for managing all types of work activities. The main interface allows users to quickly define a new work order by selecting items from just four drop down controls. Work activity can be scheduled as recurring for preventive maintenance purposes and viewed on a Calendar along with all other scheduled Work Orders. The Work Order fields are completely customizable by Department and Group. Activities are pre-defined by a work order administrator to control how maintenance activities are reported. Tasks associated with an activity can be pre-defined for staff to check-off as they complete each task for an activity. Costs can be tracked for labor, material, tools, vendors, and 'other' to track both estimated and actual costs. 'My Work Orders' allows users to be notified of pending Work Orders when VUEWorks is first opened or at any other time. Notifications can be sent to users via and automatically placed in a Microsoft Outlook calendar or any other icalendar compatible program including PDA phones. 18 VUEWorks Work Order Management System Below are various screen shots of the Framingham MA deployment of the VUEWorks work order management system. VUEWorks main menu for Work Order management, task management and system administration. 19 Work order form overlaid on parcel GIS data. All work order fields are configurable and optional. QAlert populates the VUEWorks work order system real-time using web-services based on service request types. This is done automatically without any additional call taker action. 20 Once the work order is closed VUEWorks system updates QAlert with the closed status. 21 The VUEWorks system allows for enhanced filtering for work order management and selection 22 Various summary, high-level and detail reports are available within the work order management system. 23 All work orders can be scheduled and managed from a web-based centralized calendar. 24 3.0 References QAlert References City of Reno, Nevada Contact: Jamie Schroeder (775) The City of Reno (pop. 250k) maintains a 5 person call center, RENO Direct, which receives hundreds of service request calls a month. The call center had purchased and implemented a client/server based product (ereact) that was cumbersome to use and did not meet the overall needs of the call center staff. ereact development was limited and getting customer support was becoming very difficult. Reno evaluated several call center management products and based on overall ease of use, technical specifications, cost, and customer support QScend s QAlert product was selected. City of Danbury, Connecticut Contact: Mr. Wade Anderson (203) The City of Danbury has been using QAlert for approximately 3 years. Service requests were entered from the Mayors Citizen Service office or placed over the web. Recently Danbury has launched a 311 initiative whereby citizens of Danbury dial 311 and the call comes into a central location within City Hall. Danbury uses QAlert to log the call and document the service request. QAlert then s the appropriate department and the service request is acted upon accordingly. The city to date has logged over 6000 service request. Other Municipalities: Town of Hamden, Connecticut Contact: Mr. Dave Richards (203) City of Dothan, Alabama Contact: Ms Sarah Woodham (334) Town of Stratford, Connecticut Contact: Mayor James Miron (203) VUEWorks References Framingham, Massachusetts Contact: Peter Sellers, Director of Public Works (508) Framingham was faced with a combination of aging infrastructure, lack of systems to adequately identify problems before they became emergencies, a workforce that had critical information in their heads and increasing service demands. Approximately 40 town employees in a community of 70,000 people interact with VUEWorks on a daily basis. Marblehead, Massachusetts Contact: Chuck McCollum, Asst. Superintendent (781) This utility with an aging infrastructure needed an effective way to manage their assets. A Buried Infrastructure Management program was designed, using the Sewer module to incorporate condition assessment data and videos as they were produced. Included in this project was the implementati
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