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Protein Precipitation by Heavy Metals

the results taken on 4 different types of heavy metals which is HgCl2 , AgNO3, MgCl2 and CuSO4.
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  Number of dropsTest TubesReagent Solutions 2 Drops Added in Excess 1st HgCl2 Non suspensionFoamy is seen on top of solution Milky White solution2 layers, very slightly cloudy on top is formedwhite precipitate is formed2ndCuSO4Non suspension2 Layers precipitate is formed Milky white solutionfoamy, greenish color precipitate is formed3rd AgNO3No precipitate is2 layers of precipitate is formed, formed, a very slightthick purplish powdery precipitate suspensionpresent4th MgCl2No precipitate isFoamy on top of solution, no visible formed, a very slightlayers of precipitation, cloudy white suspensionsolutionProtein extract  Number of dropsTest TubesSolutions2 DropsAdded in Excess1stHgCl2Non precipitate2 layers of precipitate, White cloudywhite milky precipitate suspension2ndCuSO4Milky white cloudyCrystal clear solution suspensionprecipitate, solution is blue color3rdAgNO3Non precipitate2 layers of precipitate, White cloudymilky precipitate Is presuspension4thMgCl2Colorless solutionFoamy on top of soluti solution2% egg albumin   slightly is formed ith no slightly crystal slightly white sent on, colorless
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