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Psf Project Specification Form Sample

Apiit project specification form sample
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  STUDENT ID  : TP035513 INTAKE ID : UC3F1410IT STUDENT NAME  : YASIN YUSSUF MAGAN A.   Project Title INTEGRATED “ Telespace  ” –   Intelligent Assignment Submission System B.   Brief description on project background. (i.e. problem context, rationale, description problem area, nature of challenge) Problem Context Integrating a new application into an existing system is the troublesome part for most company. It is because each application is developed under different platform, techniques and by different personnel. Currently, APIIT University/College is using the traditional way to manage student assignments. For example, students need to go to the assignment submission department to submit their assignments. The department staffs then needs to pack it into a bundle, and lecturers are required to collect it from the department. Lecturers will also need to check the assignment submissions from the students in order to acknowledge those who have or have not send in their assignments. By doing so, this enables lecturers to notify students who fail to submit their assignments on time. Other than that, Extenuating Circumstances form will be given to every student as evidence to proof the submission of assignment. So when time goes by, it is a huge cost for the APIIT University/College to spend on printing the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) form. Besides that, human tends to make mistakes especially in rush, if the assignment has been printed out but students intended to do some modifications on it, they have to print it out again and extra cost will be added. Day by day, global warming issues are getting worse and the earth’s surface temperatures have increased since 1880. The last decade has brought temperatures to the highest levels ever recorded, and the last year of the decade (2009) was tied for the second warmest year in the modern record (Anonymous, 2010). Apart from that, some of the students might need to travel from far and just for the sake of submitting their assignment,  extra expenses will be added and carbon footprint will be produce while burning fossil fuels that is emitted from the transport. Student assignments will be increasing from time to time, in order to store student assignments; APIIT University/College needs to expand to a larger storage and might need to rent extra storages just for the purpose of keeping student assignments.  Rationale According to the problems stated above, an online assignment submission system “ Telespace  ” will be a standalone web application which allows students to submit their assignment via an online portal. APIIT University/College and students will definitely reduce the paper usage on printing of Extenuating Circumstances form and assignment. The advantages will be cost saving for both parties and much convenience for the administration staffs to manage student assignments and paper work. Besides that, administration staffs would be able to export the student assessment data from the system according to the batch that selected by the admin. This can definitely reduce the workload of the administration staffs. For the outcome of the web application, there are two types of benefits: Tangible Benefits :    A greener environment while reducing the usage of papers, it makes employees happier for contributing to a good cause and thus resulting to a higher productivity level  (Cassandra Walsh & Adam J. Sulkowski, 2010).    Cost saving, money and resources can be saved due to the elimination on the usage of Extenuating Circumstances form and student assignments.    APIIT University/College does not need to expand or rent extra storages for the sake of storing student assignments.    Reduce workload of administration staffs and lecturers. Lecturer no need to manually tracking on who fail to submit their assignment and they can just download student assignment instead of manually collect from the assignment submission department. Intangible Benefits :    Student assignments will be much secure since it has been protected and only authorized personnel can download or view it.    Much convenience for students to submit their assignment, and easier for lecturers to keep track on those who fail to submit their assignments.     Decreasing rate of late submission of the assignment with the assignment submission reminder. ( Turn-it-in  the leading academic plagiarism detector will not allow late submission to be uploading. Unless the instructor has changed the option which allows late submission after the due date.) This will make students be more punctual to submit their assignment before due. Nature of Challenge First of all, I need to fulfill the user browsing experience. Different users might view the web application in different screen resolution, browser and version of browser. Besides that, implementing a micro site on smart phone like iPhone will be part of the challenge on my  project. While developing the web application, security of the website will definitely be taken into consideration. For example, prevention on SQL Injection, encryption of the student information and filtering the upload file extension from the user will be some of the ways to enhance to security level of the web application. There will be need to understand how SQL injection attack the system, and the concepts of different existing encryption algorithm in order to choose the suitable one. The last but not least, PHP object-oriented  programming will be the most challenging part on how to structure my project. C.   Brief description of project objectives. (i.e. scope of proposal and deliverables) Deliverables The Intelligent Online Submission System  –    “ Telespace  ” allows students to submit their assignments online as long as their personal computer are connected to the Internet. By using this system, students will not need to purposely travel from far just for the sake of submit their assignment. After students submit their assignment, lecturer can easily keep track on who fail to submit the assignment. Apart from that, administration staffs would be able to export the student assessment data from the system according to the batch that selected by the admin. This can definitely reduce the workload of the administration staffs. Below are the cores functions of the system will be achieved before delivering.    Allow end-users to login and logout from the system.    Allow students to submit their assignment via the online with remarks.    Allow students to check their assignment assessment.     Allow lecturers to submit the assignment assessment.    Allow students to download their assignment.    Allow lecturers to update the information of the module.    Allow students to update their personal information and privacy information. Besides that, the additional features of the system are as follows .    Allow lecturers to upload the assignment questions and set the submission date and time.    Allow administration staffs to update the current semester modules for the student.    Assignment submission reminder for the student.    Allow lecturers to send a message to multiple students in one time.    Allow administration staffs to export student assignment assessment into a proper Excel format. Apart from that, the special features of the system will be added if there is any extra time .    Allow students to check their date of submission for the assignment, particular module information and assessment of the assignment via smart phone  –   iPhone.    SMS notifications to notify the student is there are any new incoming message and assignment submission reminder.    Record user actions with a logs file. D.   Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal. (i.e. hardware, software, access to information / expertise, user involvement etc.) Hardware The minimum requirements for hardware for the personal computer to successfully carry out and meet the objectives of the system are as follows:    Processor  –   Pentium 4 2.66A (2.66 GHz)    Random Access Memory (RAM)  –   512MB    Keyboard & Mouse    Router (RJ45 / Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)) Software  
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