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1. Exercises for introductory sessions or for exploring understandings about approaches and perspectives Number 1 -5 pb@ntu 1 2. Want to stop smoking? Wednesday, 7…
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  • 1. Exercises for introductory sessions or for exploring understandings about approaches and perspectives Number 1 -5 pb@ntu 1
  • 2. Want to stop smoking? Wednesday, 7 January 2004 Each January, thousands of Britons "Allen Carr's book, Easy Way to Stop resolve to stop smoking. But which is Smoking, lasted four weeks. I was pretty the best way? impressed with myself and then made the mistake of going to the pub. I then tried If you'd like to give up, these tips from the the book another three times, patches charity Quit may help: again, twice, and hypnotherapy - he • Pick a date to stop and stick to it shouted at me for an hour then told me to imagine myself on a beach with no cigs. It • Throw away your cigs, lighters and ashtrays • Accept that withdrawal won't be pleasant, but is a sign your body is recovering • Treat yourself, using the money you're saving on fags • Take it one day at a time One person describes their attempts to quit Ulyssa MacMillan will undergo acupuncture didn't last, so then I went to stop smoking treatment at Neal's Yard Remedies. clinics three times. I became too embarrassed to ask for my money back. "I'm a hardened smoker of many, many years who is fed up and wants to stop. "Why do I want to quit? I've promised I've tried a number of methods over the myself a shopping spree to New York in a past few years. year's time with all the money I'll save. That's at least £2,000... oh, and it's a "Willpower lasted about 2 hours before filthy habit. climbing the walls. Patches lasted all the way to Mexico (you can't smoke on planes). QUESTIONS 1. Why do people smoke? List as many reasons as you can. 2. Why do people find it hard to stop smoking? Again list as many explanations (excuses) as you can. 3. Look at the answers to the first two questions and try to say what psychological approach they come under pb@ntu 2
  • 3. Wednesday, 15 August, 2001, 16:35 GMT 17:35 UK Drink-related: 1,186 Football violence on the Disorderly behaviour: 655 Threatening behaviour: 420 rise Breach of the peace: 351 Running on the pitch: 292 Police say they are battling a new breed of Affray: 165 football hooligan as a report reveals a rise Ticket touting: 161 in the number of arrests at football Assault: 137 games. Drugs offences: 111 Throwing missiles: 107 The National Criminal Intelligence Service's (NCIS) annual report shows It found there has been a shift in the focus 3,391 people were arrested for football- of the violence, with the vast majority of related offences last season - up 8.1% on incidents occurring away from the the previous year. matches themselves. Hooligans are becoming more organised, using mobile phones and the internet to communicate with each other. And many are involved in organised crime ranging from drug trafficking to counterfeit goods trading Top 10 offences QUESTIONS 1. Why are some football fans violent? 2. List as many psychological terms and concepts as you can that can be applied to this issue. pb@ntu 3
  • 4. What Is Spotting? by Sid Porter What Is Plane Spotting? spotter's best friend. It's a shame that scanners are illegal in many places. I'm sure that having At a popular viewing location of a busy airport, your equipment confiscated and being in trouble you might see many people watching planes in a with the local authorities can't be fun. But that's wide variety of ways. But which ones are really the risk they take. The things we do for our plane spotting and which ones are just hobbies! watching? Ask 100 aviation enthusiasts and you will probably get 100 different responses. For Naturally, there are many plane spotters who me, plane spotting is a serious hobby which is use a combination of the above activities and distinguished from just plain watching. there are also many others who don't take pictures and don't keep records in any way. Plane spotting is a very individual hobby, but those who do it are distinguished by their enthusiasm, knowledge and the time they devote to it. Who Is Just Plain Watching? Well, there can be any number of casual plane watchers. Some people find plane watching a calming lunch time activity. For others, it's a way to spend a nice day with the kids. The ooh's and Who Is Plane Spotting? ah's can be heard as the big jets roar across the No doubt, especially in Europe, you could run sky. And every now and then you see someone into people sporting a pair of binoculars in one watching the flight of a loved one take off, a hand and a journal in the other. They are usually combination of sadness and relief in their eyes quite knowledgeable and often travel the world as the flight ascends to the heavens. For the just to spot new and exotic liveries or military most part, these individuals are just plain markings. For them, spotting is a very serious watching. They may be less knowledgeable, less hobby and it is essential to maintain meticulous enthusiastic and do it only on an occasional records of aircraft seen. I call these true plane basis. spotters. But there are also the photographers, both amateur and professional, with their advanced cameras, giant lenses, tripods or even All in Fun the occasional video camcorder. I would call The important thing to remember is whether you these plane spotters too. They just use a are plane spotting or just plain watching, it's all different manner of recording what they've seen. fun! Enjoy it your own way! And what about my favorites, the scanner bearing, air traffic control eavesdroppers? If you want to know what's coming, a friendly conversation with one of these guys is always fun. If they aren't spotters, they sure can be a QUESTIONS 1. Why do people go plane spotting (or train spotting for that matter)? 2. What are the rewards for them? 3. Try and divide these rewards into (a) personal rewards, (b) social rewards and (c) biological rewards pb@ntu 4
  • 5. Wednesday, 25 September, 2002, 17:05 GMT describe the tasks as "challenging" or 18:05 UK "threatening". Stressed? Talk to your pet Women may be less vulnerable to stress, say Dogs can help people to beat stress scientists Dogs may indeed be man's best friend and cats could also lay claim to the title, according to scientists. Researchers in the United States have found that spending time with pets is more effective at reducing stress than talking problems through with friends or partners. The findings may be particularly good news for men. Researchers at the University of New York at Dr Karen Allen, who led the study, said the Buffalo studied 240 heterosexual married couples, findings showed that cats and dogs can offer half of whom had a dog or cat. emotional support to their owners. Stressful tasks "While the idea of a pet as social support may They examined how all of the participants reacted appear to some as a peculiar notion, our to two tasks which are known to induce stress - participants' responses to stress, combined with mental arithmetic problems and putting one hand their descriptions of the meaning of pets in their in ice water for two minutes. lives, suggest to us that social support can indeed cross species," she said. The participants performed the tasks in four different conditions - alone; in the presence of a Carole Spiers, chairman of the International Stress pet or friend; in the presence of their spouse and Management Association, backed the findings. pet or friend. Those without pets used a friend. "The issue is often how a person copes or deals An electronic monitor recorded their heart rate with stress rather than the situation or even itself. and blood pressure before, during and after each task. Ms Spiers added that while pets can help to reduce stress people should also seek to talk The researchers found that people with pets had about their problems. lower resting heart rates and blood pressure than those without a cat or dog. "Having a pet can be a stress reliever and takes your mind to other places but having the They also found that pet owners reacted less to opportunity to talk through issues and have the stressful tasks and their heart rates and blood closure is more productive." pressure returned to normal levels more quickly. The study is published in the Journal Pet owners also made few mistakes during the Psychosomatic Medicine. mental arithmetic task and were less likely to QUESTIONS 1. What are the effects of owning a pet? You might like to list (a) biological effects, (b) social effects, (c) psychological effects 2. Which of these do you think has the greatest effect on stress? 3. Why? pb@ntu 5
  • 6. MYSTIC MESSAGES: LOUISE of Blackpool – the house you saw in the painting in the attic will be yours. MARTIN of Aberdeen – the pottery jar you use to store screwdrivers is an antique and you should let an expert value it. ARIES The powerful merging of love planet Venus and serious planet Saturn makes very clear in your mind what you want from love and you find the perfect way to express it. Icy criticism in the family is replaced by warm understanding. It is a very lucky day to fill in forms. Weekly stars 09015 60 51 00 Monthly 09015 60 51 12 TAURUS If you don’t see yourself as lucky in love, be ready for all that to change as you meet someone who enriches your life in many ways. Settled? Love can snap free of old resentment and be good again. Check out those big money promises at work. Luck wears red. Weekly stars 09015 60 51 01 Monthly 09015 60 51 13 QUESTIONS 1. Why do you think people read horoscopes? 2. If you were trying to persuade someone not to read their horoscope, what reasons could you give? 3. How does Mystic Meg get away with it?
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