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1. Castellow et al (1990)<br />The effects of physical attractiveness on jury verdicts<br />Background- Dion et al said that physically attractive people are…
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  • 1. Castellow et al (1990)<br />The effects of physical attractiveness on jury verdicts<br />Background- Dion et al said that physically attractive people are assumed to have other attractive qualities, which is known as the Halo Effect. Efran (1974) expanded on this idea and found that good looking criminals received lighter sentences or penalties unless their looks were involved in the crime- gold-digger etc. <br />ExampleChris Brown who beat his girlfriend Rihanna, he was sentenced to 5 years probation, one year of domestic violence counselling, 6 months community service and 5 year restraining order against Rihanna- but no jail time<br />ExampleParis Hilton who was arrested on DUI, she served 45 days<br />
  • 2. Aim<br />To test the hypothesis that an attractive defendant is less likely to be seen as guilty, that the more attractive the victim is the more likely the defendant is to be seen as guilty and lastly to look at gender differences in these effects<br />Phil Spector, jailed for 19 years for killing Lana Clarkson- but with no concrete evidence only witness testimonies. <br />Methodology<br />Participants<br />Lab experiment using a mock trial format- lacks ecological validity<br />71 male and 74 female students from East Carolina University, who participated to gain extra credits- incentive. <br />
  • 3. Procedure<br />All participants asked to read a sexual harassment case, attached were pictures of defendant and victim- either attractive or unattractive.The dependant variable was ‘Do you think Mr Radford is guilty of sexual harassment?’Also had to rate both defendant and victim on 11 bipolar scales such as nervous- calm etc. <br />Results<br /><ul><li> Attractive defendants found guilty 56% of the time
  • 4. Unattractive defendants guilty 76% of the time
  • 5. Victim attractive, guilty verdict was 77%
  • 6. Unattractive victim, guilty verdict 55%No significant gender differences and both sexes were equally influenced by appearances.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />Proven that appearance does have a powerful effect based on research that says a defendant is well advised to make the best of their appearance when appearing in court, therefore may not be found guilty and is an advantage to him/her.<br />Good appearance <br />&lt;- Bad appearance<br />
  • 7. Evaluation<br />Validity<br />Reliability<br />Ethics<br />Usefulness/ Application<br />
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