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1. Examination questions STRESS PSYA2Specimen paper1 Use the phrases below to complete the diagram, so that it shows the role of the hypothalamusin the body.s response to…
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  • 1. Examination questions STRESS PSYA2Specimen paper1 Use the phrases below to complete the diagram, so that it shows the role of the hypothalamusin the body.s response to stress. Gets body ready for .fight or flight. Stimulates the adrenal medulla Stimulates the adrenal cortex Releases adrenalin Releases corticosteroids Stimulates the pituitary gland to release ACTH(6 marks)
  • 2. (4 marks)Total for this question: 6 marks3 Angela and David both work as city lawyers. David is always in a rush, often snapping at hissecretary and blaming her when things go wrong. He seems to be suffering from stress. Angela’sjob is just as demanding but she copes well, always seems very positive and, in spite of longhours, makes time to meet her friends after work.With reference to the scenario above, outline factors that have been found to affect responses tostress.Total for this question: 8 marks4Discuss the use of drugs to manage the negative effects of stress.January 2009Total for this question: 4 marks1 You are a passenger in a car that has suddenly slammed on its brakes to avoid hitting a dog.Your breathing quickens, your mouth is dry and you have a feeling of ‘butterflies’ in yourstomach. But after a few minutes these physical changes start to disappear. Using yourknowledge of the body’s response to stress, explain why you are likely to have experienced:1 (a) the changes that occurred in the first 30 seconds;( 2 marks)1 (b) the changes that occurred after a few minutes. (2 marks)Total for this question: 4 marks2 A doctor has been given a new drug to test, which is intended to help boost the immunesystem and help prevent people from getting colds.How have psychologists investigated the relationship between stress and the immune system?
  • 3. 3 (a) Outline what is meant by Type A behaviour.(2 marks)3 (b) Outline a method used by psychologists to assess whether someone showsType A behaviour. (2 marks)Total for this question: 4 marks4 Psychologists have found that the physical environment (eg noise and heat) can be a sourceof stress in the workplace.Apart from the physical environment, outline two other sources of stress in the workplace. (2 + 2 marks)Total for this question: 8 marks5 Discuss the emotion-focused approach to coping with stress.June 2009Total for this question: 6 marks2 Questionnaires have often been used in stress research to measure the impact of life changeson health.Outline one advantage and one disadvantage of using questionnaires in stress research. (3 + 3 marks)Total for this question: 5 marks3 During the last few months, Paula has suffered from headaches and colds, and has beenhaving difficulty sleeping. She decided to keep a diary and found that her headaches, coldsand sleep problems were associated with experiences such as having too much homework,losing house keys and being stuck in traffic.3 (a) What is the name for these sorts of stress-related experiences? (1 mark)3 (b) Use your knowledge of psychology to explain why Paula might be feeling unwell. (4 marks)Total for this question: 10 marks4 Discuss one or more physiological methods of stress management.
  • 4. January 20101 Outline the main features of the pituitary-adrenal system. (3 marks)Total for this question: 4 marks2 Sandy and Vandita play for the same netball team. Two weeks ago, while playing in acompetition, they both grazed their elbows. Vandita’s wound is healing well, but Sandy’swound is taking much longer to heal. Sandy is very worried about the plans for her weddingand her forthcoming house move.Using your knowledge of psychology, explain why Sandy’s wound is taking longer to healthan Vandita’s. (4 marks)(2 marks)3 (b) Outline one strength and one weakness of using correlations in stress research. (4 marks)4 Describe personality factors that have been shown to influence the way people respond tostress. (5 marks) Total for this question: 6 marks5 Mr Harris is about to move his business into a brand new building. He is very keen tocreate a healthy working environment and reduce workplace stress. In this way, he hopes toimprove productivity and reduce absenteeism.What advice would you give Mr Harris? Use your knowledge of psychological research inthis area.(6 marks)
  • 5. June 20101 (b) Identify one limitation of this study and explain how you would correct it.1 (c) Outline one problem-focused approach to coping with stress. (2 + 2 + 2 marks)2 Harry always meets deadlines. He hates being late and always likes to keep himselfbusy with plenty to do. Alex does not mind being late for anything and although he triesto meet deadlines, he is not worried if he misses some of them.2 (a) Is Harry or Alex more likely to have Type A personality?Explain why having Type A personality makes him more likely to suffer the negativeeffects of stress. (1 mark + 3 marks)2 (b) Outline one way in which psychologists measure Type A personality.(2 marks)Total for this question: 12 marks3 Outline and evaluate research into the relationship between the immune system andstress-related illness.January 2011(4 marks)
  • 6. Total for this question: 4 marks2 (a) Questionnaires have been used by psychologists to investigate stress.Explain one possible ethical issue that might arise when using questionnaires in thisarea of psychology.2 (b) Apart from ethics, explain one other problem of using questionnaires to investigateStress (2 marks + 2 marks)Total for this question: 6 marks3 (a) What is meant by a problem-focused approach to coping with stress?3 (b) What is meant by an emotion-focused approach to coping with stress?(3 marks + 3 marks)Total for this question: 6 marks4 Karen has been feeling extremely stressed for several months. She has recently beenpromoted at work and is worried that she is not able to do the job properly in spite ofpraise from her managers. She also finds it very difficult to say “no” when colleaguesask for assistance. Her health is suffering and she decides to try Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy (CBT) to help manage her stress.Explain what is involved in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and how it could beused to help Karen. (6 marks)June 2011Total for this question: 4 marks2 Psychologists sometimes use questionnaires to find out about stress. Explain twostrengths of using questionnaires in research.(2 marks + 2 marks)Total for this question: 5 marks3 Describe one or more studies of workplace stress.Total for this question: 5 marks4 Mark is very competitive and he hates losing any game he plays. At work, he is oftenimpatient and likes working to tight deadlines. He can become quite hostile whenchallenged.
  • 7. 4 (a) What personality type is Mark likely to have? (1 mark)4 (b) Using your knowledge of how personality factors can affect the body’s response tostress, explain how Mark might respond to the effects of stress. (4 marks)Total for this question: 6 marks5 (a) Name one psychological method of stress management.(1 mark)5 (b) Explain strengths of this psychological method of stress management.(5 marks)
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