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  • 1. DEPARTMENTPsychologyEXAMINING BODYOCRCOURSE - SYLLABUSPsychology (new spec)LEVEL2CODE<br />UNIT – 1DURATION - 10 hours (No of weeks)KEY STAGE/YEAR GROUP: KS4. Year 10, 11<br />LESSON NO.LEARNING OUTCOMEOVERVIEW OF ACTIVITIESDIRECTED STUDY/HOMEWORKRESOURCESASSESSMENT1 & 2Distinguish between sex and genderOutline the concepts of masculinity, femininity and androgynyClass Spider diagram of definition of sex and genderGive definitionsSecretly give each pair of students a word, masculine, feminine, androgyny. Each pair writes 5 words as clues to their word.Create poster with three people, a person that is very feminine, very masculine and androgynous.Gender homework record (and targets). Due 3/11/10. Homework records for topicKey terms sheetKey concepts pptPractical sheetIn class monitoring, identification of masculine, feminine or androgynous descriptions, whiteboard blizzard, creation of questionnaire, plenary activitiesDesign and conduct a questionnaire to investigate levels of masculine and feminine traits in males and femalesComplete activity 1.1 in the bookDesign a questionnaire to investigate whether females and males show a difference in the level of masculine and feminine traits. 3, 4 & 5Analyse the results of your questionnaire to investigate levels of masculine and feminine traits.Collect data from classCalculate mean rating given by males and females for each traitDraw bar chartDecide whether accepting or rejecting null hypothesis.Evolution tablePoster paper, coloured pens, magazinesGraph paperPractical sheets (students should bring with them)Class spider diagram, peer assessment of evaluation and table, mini whiteboard assessment, group discussion/presentation, nomination game.Outline the role of chromosomes, hormones and gonads in typical gender development.Write up a table on board with the 3 factors and there influence on gender developmentStudents copyAsk students to draw this info outDescribe basic evolutionary sex differences in human behaviourExplain the criticisms of the biological theory of gender developmentUse page 4&5 to complete evolved characteristics tablePeer assessGroup discussion and then whole class feedback of potential problems with the biological approach. Nomination game6 & 7Describe the psychoanalytical as an alternative theory (including influence of Oedipus & Electra complex on gender development)Read about the psychodynamic approach, complete cut & stick.Create role play of Oedipus and Electra complex.Cut and stick, lined paper for newspaper task, text book.cut and stick, role plays, news paper articles, activity questionsDescribe the Diamond and Sigmunson case study of the castrated twin boy, raised as a girl. Describe case study as a research methodCreate newspaper article of Diamond & Sigmundson’s study. Complete activity 1.58, 9 & 10Evaluate limitations of Diamond and Sigmundson’s study. Group discussionSpider diagramRecap PowerPointText bookMini whiteboardsColoured pens, paperExplain how psychological research relates to equal opportunities for the sexes. (e.g. in education, in work)Creation of leaflet into equal opportunities for the sexesReview and assessment of gender topicExtended essayRevision time<br />
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