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1. Name of studySentence about studyTick if you have notesTick if you know itBartlettThis study looked at reconstructive memoryCraik and LockhartThis study looked at if…
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  • 1. Name of studySentence about studyTick if you have notesTick if you know itBartlettThis study looked at reconstructive memoryCraik and LockhartThis study looked at if the type of question asked would have an effect on recallCraik and TulvingThis study looked at the levels of processingMurdockThis study looked at evidence to support MSMBruce and YoungThis study looked to see if familiarity affects identifying facesLoftus and PalmerThis study looks at eye witness testimonyGodden and BaddeleyThis study looks at how we forgetUnderwood and PostmanThis study looked at if new learning interferes with old learningWynn and LogieThis study looked at the recall of unfamiliar storiesPeterson and PetersonThis study looked at if rehearsal was necessary to hold info in the STMAdornoThis study looks at authoritarian personalityTajfelThis study looks at in-group and out-groupsElliottThis looked at the brown eyes and blue eyesSherifThis was also known as the robbers cave studyAronsonThis study developed the jigsaw methodHarwoodThis study looked at grandparent and grandchild relationshipsZahnThis study looks at how status effects personal spaceSummerThis study looks at the cultural differences in personal spaceWillisThis study looks at how age has an effect on personal spaceArgyle and DeanThis study looked at how sex differences affect personal space Lynn and MynierThis study looks at the effect of gestures on tipping behaviourMcGinleyThis study looks at the effect of postural echo when having a conversationArgyle 1968This study looks at how interrupting eye contact affects conversationHessThis study looks at the effect of pupil dilation on emotionKendonThis study looks at how eye movements affect the flow of conversationArgyle et al 1971This study looked to see if tone of voice effects interpreting a verbal messageSackeimThis study looks at the relationship between facial expressions and the hemispheres of the brainElanderThis study looks at how childhood risk factors can be used to predict APDFarringtonThis study looks at how situational causes affect APDRaine 2000This study looked at how abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex cause APDRaine 1997This study used brain scans to see differences between murderers and non-murderersEysenckThis study looked at different personality traitsBuss and PlominThis study looked at how temperament is innateKagan and SnidmanThis study looked at if temperament is different down to biological differencesKaganThis study looked at temperament and allergic symptomsThomas and ChessThis study looks at how ways of responding to the environment remain stable through life<br />
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