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1. 1 Everything is going to be OK ~ Undergraduate Study Support Handbook ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia 2. 2…
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  • 1. 1 Everything is going to be OK ~ Undergraduate Study Support Handbook ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 2. 2 Contents Page Introduce Yourself to PSI Tutor:Mentor … 4 The (You) Student-Centered Learning Focus 5 How to be a 21st Century Student 5 Discover Your Learning Style Combo 5 Get Things Done (GTD) Now! 6 Calendar Your Semester 9 Take Note~ 9 Flashcard Moments… 10 Mindmap Your Way 11 Academic Tips & Tricks 12 Academic Search Engines 15 The Sociable Student 17 Cultivate Reflection 19 Be Constructive! 20 References 22 Acknowledgments Thanks to; You the students whose feedback and questions helped to shape the focus of this Handbook. Looking forward to your edit suggestions for the next edition ~:-) ; to Carnival contributors whose links helped with resarch efforts; and much appreciation to Nicholas Browne for reseach, writing and checking of links; all without whom this Handbook would have remained an intention. Note: Are You an EFL Student? You may find Google Translate useful. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 3. 3 Introduce Yourself to PSI Tutor:Mentor … Hi~ My name is Charmayne (Char) Paul and I am the director of PSI Tutor:Mentor, an on and offline academic coaching service for Social, Health & Business Students across the globe. Come visit the site sometime at, and introduce Yourself. We would love to hear from You. Chat about Your academic goals, start a conversation about a study challenge or join the Study Club. And don’t forget to subscribe to our free monthly e-study supplement~ Juice! Inspiring Your academic achievement is the key objective of PSI Tutor:Mentor services. This unique Undergraduate Study Support Handbook is one step toward achieving this goal. The Handbook is intended to provide You with improved availability, quality and comprehensiveness of study resources in Social, Health and Business disciplines. It is intended for You to share in the resources provided here to become a part of an ongoing, dynamic exchange of ideas. The Handbook is part of an umbrella of study resources that includes: • A blog, PSI Tutor:Mentor • A Study Club (Membership requried), and • A free e-study supplement newsletter, Juice! ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 4. 4 PSI Tutor:Mentor aims to help You as student to gain greater competence in Your undergraduate field. Better planning, understanding and application of Your subject knowledge is a fantastic way to succeed in academia. To provide You with quality consistent study resources is only part of the PSI Tutor:Mentor vision. The role of the Tutor:Mentor is one of study companion, sounding board, devil’s advocate, academic coach and educator. The ultimate goal here as You read these pages is to ensure You have an easy to use study resource reference. The experiential learning experience empowers Your self-esteem and confidence as a professional-in-training. All of the resources provided in this Handbook are tailored to enable You to apply knowledge learnt in Your Social, Health and Business fields. As such, this reference Handbook aims to complement, enhance, and deepen Your learning. If You dip into just a few of the wealth of resources given in this Handbook You will have the opportunity to learn more about Yourself as a professional-in-training. The (You) Student-Centred Learning Focus This Handbook for Your learning support operates within a learning and teaching plan that is informed by student-centred principles. Placing the student at the hub of the professional development wheel enables effectecive academic learning. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 5. 5 Skill development support at college and university requires a multifaceted approach. One-to-one assistance and specialised workshops and resources are the PSI Tutor:Mentor way to focus on You, the student. The student support strategies pointed to in this Handbook are to facilitate Your learner success. Focusing on Your needs for the duration of Your studies will allow You to develop as an independent learner. Underpinning the goal of learning support is a developmental model of adult learning rather than using a deficit model. A clear pathway to supplementary study support can provide You with a sense of direction and reassurance. Draw on the diverse study support resources provided in this Handbook to better integrate Your learning efforts. Flexility of learning support in Your studies is essential to enable ongoing learning successes. Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will develop You as an evidence-based professional committed to ongoing learning. How to be a 21st Century Student Discover Your Learning Style Combo Recent months have seen the learning style approach receive a lot of crticism (Felder & Spurlin, 2005). At PSI Tutor:Mentor, the approach remains valid and useful to students. We are keping an open mind, and reading and writing about the topic. Join our critiques over at the blog ( ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 6. 6 Meanwhile, a lot of literature exists to support You as the student being aware of Your personal comibnation of learning styles (Coffield, Moseley, Hall, & Ecclestone, 2009). Knowledge of what type of learner You are enables You to learn more effectively. Apply Your understanding of how You engage best with information delivered in class, to help You to adapt to teaching styles that You clash with. Discover Your Learning Styles: A graphic learning style inventory. Getting to Grips with Learning Styles: More details about each style. Get Things Done (GTD) Now! The academic-work-personal life of an undergraduate student can be highly stressful. The more organised You are, the more time You will have to do the things that releive the build up of stress. Try some of these links to help organise Your academic schedules. Organisation is an art form that will enable You to make time which is productive and meaningful. Archive Tweets: Sort and file Your tweets; they have an expiration date You know ~:-) Basecamp: A great option for sharing files with classmates or amongst a study group. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 7. 7 Firetask: A phone app to organise Your tasks and ideas. Google Docs: Organise and share Your documents, spreadsheets and folders. Murdoch University Time Management Handout: A brief organisational tip sheet for undergrads. Omnifocus: Personal productivity management software. iPhone app option, tutorials provided. Omni Outliner: Organise Your ideas and assignments with an alternative application from the Omni Group. Omni Plan: Another project management tool from the Omni Group. Set goals, monitor milestones, break You project down into lists. Rcampus: Set up Your own e-portfolio to manage Your academic career. Remember The Milk: Share tasks, set SMS reminders, create to-do lists and much much more. Smart Sheet: Another great to do list program to help You get things done. Ta-Da Lists: Create checklists and to do items that are organised and academically focused. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 8. 8 Ta-Da Lists: Quick check it off style to do lists. Todoist: Another great option for organising Your study day. Twitter Desktop For a list of Twitter apps check out this article on Desktop software. You can better organise Your contacts and study groups etc. Twitter Lists: Putting Your contacts into different lists can help You to make lists and to organise Your groups. Zenbe: Integrate Your email, lists and shareflow Your data amongst classmates.As they say, ‘work better’. Zoho Project: Project management and collaboration, so much to see there that I needed to include a pic! ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 9. 9 Calendar Your Semester 30 Boxes: A straightforward way to organise Your calendar schedules, assessments and activities for Your study breaks. College Ruled: Set up Your personal class schedule, link it to Your Facebook account, and create study group discussion boards. Datewheel: An online calculator for determining the amount of time between due dates. Google Calendar: HipCal: Group as well as personal calendars, set up alerts, coordinate with to-do lists Rainlendar: Take Note~ EverNote: A neat way to collect and organise Your notes and ideas. Google Notebook: Manage Your notes with this Google application. Murdoch University Handout on Taking Good Lecture Notes: MyStickies: An alternative to Boobkmarking is to use web-sticky notes. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 10. 10 Notecentric: Another option for You to access Your notes online. Notemesh: You can share notes with classmates and create pages similar to that of a wiki. shortText: A very simple application for typing up notes online. You can also connect to Twitter and Yahoo! Notepad: Similar to other online notebooks, with Yahoo You can connect to Your calendar and share notes with classmates. Flashcard Moments … Cramberry: An iPhone and iPod flashcard app. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 11. 11 Flashcard Exchange: As it says, a website for creating, swapping and printing flashcards. ProProfs: Embed, share, print, and review flashcards online. Quizlet: An alternative online flashcard review application. Study Stack: You can find and add flashcards across a variety of subjects. Mindmap Your Way Buzan’s iMindMap: A cartoon like mindmapping tool with brainstorming strategies. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 12. 12 Compedium: A highly visual mindmapping application to record those brainstroming sessions. Freemind: Excellent software to help You to organise Your thought-flow to create easy to read mindmaps. Visual Understanding Environment: Another visual mindmapping application focused on educational purposes. Academic Tips & Tricks 100 Great Twitter Tips, Tools & Tutorials for Serious Students serious-students/ Blackboard Mobile: iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Blackberry® and other web-enabled mobile devices can coonect with Blackboard Learn. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 13. 13 Carmum Killer Bib Tool: Help to format Your paper. CliffsNotes: iPhone and iPod study aid apps, competitions and tips for academic life. Connotea: A reference and management tool. Cramster: An study community social networking site. The ultimate dictionary. Glossarist: Glossaries across the disciplines. Google Mobile: Use Your mobile phone to enhance Your learning experience. Google Search Techniques: Timeline searches and search navigation experiments. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 14. 14 Mindtools: Problem solving and organisational tips and trickes. Well worth the visit. Mocha VNC: Gets Your iPhone/iPod access to a server where you can connect to you can connect to a Windows PC or Mac OS X. Murdoch University Assignment Tip Sheet: A host of links for writing up Your assignments or presentations. Murdoch University Handout on Paraphrasing and Referencing OmniGraffle: Diagrams, laYouts and graphics can be created here for a professional presentation. OmniGraphSketcher: Create graphs with class. Sparknotes: Take a study break, visit test prep blogs and fun spark tests. There is even an advice column. Sparknotes Study Twists: Used with a Nokia phone, tips and tricks for the student that wants to review on the go! Study Guides & Strategies: Time mangement and learning strategies. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 15. 15 The Owl at Purdue: Writing and study aids. Dictionaries, calculators and other education resources. Twitblocker Allows You to block out twitter chatter when You need to focus on particular tweets, such as interviews about a topic You’re studying or participate in a study group. Twitter Guide Book A barebones guide to usign Twitter. Many good tips about using hashtags and the value of re-tweeting to support Your studies. Twply: Means You can forward Your @replies to Your inbox. Zotero: A Firefox application so that You can cite Your research as You find them online. Choices of automatic formatting style. Academic Search Engines Academic Index: African Journals Online: Airiti: All Academic: Arts and Humanities Citation Index: bin/jrnlst/jloptions.cgi?PC=H Babieca: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE): ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 16. 16 Centers for Disease Control and CiteSeerX: Prevention: EBSCO: EMBASE: GENESIS: Gold Rush: e=NONE Google Scholar: Highbeam: IntegentaConnect: Informaworld:;jsessionid =1rg5u09afu9r2.alice -81054667/home~db=all InterScience: JSTOR: bin/home?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0 Journal Finder: JournalSeek: National Diet Library: National Library of Medicine: National Science Digital Library: National Science Foundation: OJOSE: Open Archives Initiative: OpenJ-Gate: http://www.openj- Original Sources: PhilPapers: m Project MUSE: PubMed: Questia: ResearchChannel: ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 17. 17 RefSeek: Science/AAAS: ScienceDirect: Scientific Commons: SciNet: Scirus: Scopus SpringerLink: SSRN eLibrary: The National Academies: UESCO: Vadlo: WebSEEk: Whitney Medical Library: The Sociable Student A New Ingredient for Student Succes: Social Networks 30+ More Ways to Create Twitter Groups: This guide will show You how to make the most of Twitter groups. Alley Dog: Excellent social networking site for psychology students. College-Cram: An educational social networking site. Facebook: A popular social networking site where You can set up private groups and fanpages or run surveys. ©PSI Tutor:Mentor, 2009 email us at Cairns, Australia
  • 18. 18 Green College Network: For the student who adopts a green lifestyle as part of the work-study- life balance. GroupTweet: Set up private communication with group members using this tool. are files — including videos and images — with TweetCube. Library Thing: Booklover resources and groups. is another tool for syncing FB, Twitter, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, AIM and more to get the most of collaborating. Share videos and photos: For school projects and presentations, share videos and photos via Twitter. Twitter: Microblogging at its best. Great for study groups, research and networking. Wikispaces: A collaborative space which is easy to use and edit. ©PSI Tutor:Me
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