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1. Edexcel AS Research Methods GlossaryTerm Fill in the definition and give example if possible here:InterviewQuestionnaireStructured…
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  • 1. Edexcel AS Research Methods GlossaryTerm Fill in the definition and give example if possible here:InterviewQuestionnaireStructured interviewSemi-structuredinterviewUnstructuredinterviewQualitative dataQuantitative dataAlternate hypothesisRandom sampleSelf-selected sampleStratified sampleOpportunity sampleConsentRight to withdrawDebriefingCompetenceDeceptionThematic analysisNatural exptLaboratory exptField expt
  • 2. Independent variableIVDependent variableDVExperimentalhypothesisOne-tailed/directionalTwo-tailed/ non-directionalRepeated measuresMatched pairsIndependent groupsOperationalisation ofvariablescounterbalancingRandomisationOrder effectsreliabilityValidityExperimenter effectsParticipant effectsSituational effectsExperimental controlObjectivityDemandcharacteristicsMeasures of centraltendency
  • 3. Measures ofdispersionBar graphHistogramFrequency graphCross sectional studyLongitudinal studyPositive correlationNegative correlationStrength ofcorrelationCorrelation designSelf-reportSpearman’s RhoRating scaleScattergramprocedureNull hypothesisTwin studiesAdoption studiesNull hypothesisLevel of significanceMann Whitney ULevels ofmeasurementOrdinalNominal
  • 4. intervalControl groupGeneralisabilitycredibilityObserved valueCritical valueParticipantobservationNon-participantobservationOvert observationCovert observationNaturalisticobservationChi Squared testLesion studiesEthics of animalstudiesUsefulness of animalstudies
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