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1. Hans was interested and talked a lot about widdlers (hisword for penises); he pointed out the widdlers on animalsand talked about girls not having widdlers; he had a…
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  • 1. Hans was interested and talked a lot about widdlers (hisword for penises); he pointed out the widdlers on animalsand talked about girls not having widdlers; he had a dreamabout wanting to widdle with a female friend.Hans mother once told him not to touch is widdler or shewould cut it off; she also avoided touching his widdler whenbathing him.Hans was also interested in bottoms and wiping bottoms; heused the word lumf for faeces and talked about lumf a lotwith his father.Hans said he didn’t think about these things and theyonly happened in dreams (denial)Hans father was away a, lot and he spent a lot of time withhis mother; they had a close relationship and slept in thesame bed when the father was away sometimes.When the family moved, his father was at home more andHans wished his father was deadHans is jealous of his little sister
  • 2. Hans developed a phobia of white horses; he thought theywould bite him; he had an anxiety attack in the street andwas scared to leave the house; talked about not liking horseswith things over their eyes or near their mouths (blinkersand whiskers); he didn’t like horses pulling carts; Hanstalked about another friends who had been told by her fatehrthat the horse would bite her if she put a finger near itsmouth.Hans also was afrasid of water and the bath at one pointHans also apparently had a dream about two giraffes; onewas big and one was smaller and crumpled; Hans sat onthe small crumpled one and the big one called out butstepped away.He also dreamt about a plumber coming to remove hisbottom and widdler and replace them with a new largerones; this coincided with Hans horse phobias disappearingThe letters also describe Hans playing a final game near tothe end of the analysis where he married his mother andhad children of his own. His father was the ‘children’s’gandfather; this also coincided with Hans horse phobiasdisappearing
  • 3. Hans is in Freud’s phallic stage ofdevelopment and focus on the genitals isbecause this is the erogenous zone fromwhich pleasure is derived at this age.He compares sizes of widdlers (animals,father, himself ) becuase he is learningabout his position and improtance in theworldHis dream about swapping his own widdlerfor a bigger one indicates his wish to bemore powerful and perhaps allow a betterchance of keeping his mother to himself9he has same power as the father)Hans interest in bottoms and lumf may belinked to unrsoved conflict from the analstage, he is still deriving pleasure formthis focus on the anus and faeces; maybedue to under-gratification in this stageofdevelopmentWhen his parents ask him about why hetalks so much about these things, he sayshe doesn’t but theat these things come tohim in dreams; Fredu explaisn that he isusing the defence mechanism of denial
  • 4. becuase he doesn’t want to confront thisissue.Freud explains that Hans is experiencingthe Oedipus complex; a wish to possesshis mother and kill his fatherHe explains that the horse phobia is anexample of displacement where fear of thefather is displaced onto the horse who isa symbol for the father because of theirblinekrs and whiskers (father has glassesand a moustache); arguably the fear ofbeing bitten represents the fear ofcastration; it is also possible thatHans’ is projecting his own aggressiononto the horse -he wants to kill hisfather but it is more acceptbale to thinkthat a horse wants to harm him; heattributes his own unacceptable qualitiesto the horse)Hans’ jealousy of his sister also linksto wanting the mother all to himself andhis fear of water is interpreted as beinglinked to wanting to drown his sister;this can be explained by sayign that itmore acceptable to be scared of wateryourself than it is to admit that youwant to use water to kill your sister.
  • 5. The giraffe dream is interpreted as beingabout the oedipus complex, when Hans sitson the small giraffe he claims it as hisown; he blocks anyone else from gettingto it. The small giraffe is the motherand the large giraffe is the father whosteps away thus hans wish to have hismother to himself is granted in thisdreamThe dream about the plumber isinterpreted as being to do withidentification, the resolution of theoedipus complex, as Hans wishes to belike his father (larger widdler andbottom); Freud came to this explanantionbecuasre the horse phobia had disappearedat around the same time and thus deducedthat haivng identified with his father,he no longer needed to be frightened ofhim
  • 6. Although the doll play seems to allowHans to fulfil his wish to be with hismother, the fact the father is stillpresent, although as a grandfather ,seems to at least suggest that Hansdoesn’t wish him dead any more and thepromotion to grandfather indicates thathe has accepted his father and identifiedwith him as a senior member of the family(authority).
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