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1. Unit 3 Criminological psychology<br />1. Definition of the application<br /> 2. Criminological psychology<br />1) What is criminological…
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  • 1. Unit 3 Criminological psychology<br />1. Definition of the application<br />
  • 2. Criminological psychology<br />1) What is criminological psychology?<br /><ul><li>a specialised area that uses psychological knowledge to help understand criminal behaviour.
  • 3. It investigates the causes of crime by examining social and personality issues that can be contributory factors.
  • 4. It deals with legal aspects of crime such as courtroom procedures, EWT, policing techniques etc used to judge criminals.
  • 5. It also looks at treatment programmes for offenders and profiling techniques.</li></li></ul><li>Criminological psychology<br />2) Define the following terms:<br />crime <br />recidivism <br />token economy<br />d) anti-social behaviour <br />e) stereotyping<br />f) Modelling <br />g) eye witness testimony (EWT)<br />
  • 6. Crime and anti-social behaviour<br />Watch the following clip:<br /><br />Read page 5 in Edexcel A2 Psychology student book and answer the following questions:<br />What is a crime?<br />Why do behaviours defined as crimes change over time?<br />What did The Children’s Act make illegal in 2004?<br />How can crime be measured?<br />Why do you thin so few crimes are recorded?<br />What is anti-social behaviour?<br />
  • 7. Group work<br />In groups of three, produce a poster about anti-social behaviour showing how it can be or is being tackled in society<br />Don’t forget to write down your homework before you leave!<br />
  • 8. Crime and anti-social behaviour<br />Homework:<br />7) Look at the following web site and answer the following:<br /><br />8) What are CDRPs?<br />9) List the three main categories of anti-social behaviour and give at least 3 examples of each.<br />10) Find out how you can report anti-social behaviour.<br />11) How does society tackle anti-social behaviour? What is your local community doing?<br />
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