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1. AS Psychology Scheme of workWeek Lesson Topic Objectives Suggested teaching & prep ResourcesTermPHYSIOLOGICAL 1 1 D&K Know the stages of sleep What are the…
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  • 1. AS Psychology Scheme of workWeek Lesson Topic Objectives Suggested teaching & prep ResourcesTermPHYSIOLOGICAL 1 1 D&K Know the stages of sleep What are the problems people might face when trying to Sleep DVD “A to ZZZZZ” Mich Know what is meant by REM investigate dreaming? Why do we sleep? What are the theories Powerpoint and non REM of the function of sleep (restoration theory, memory consolidation Booklet theory, and evolutionary theory) What are the different stages of sleep? (REM and NREM) How can sleep be measured? (EEG, EOG, EMG) When do we dream? Why do we dream? How can our dreams be interpreted and measured? Pupils could keep a dream diary for a few nights, and as a class attempt to analyse a few of them Prior to this, most dream analysis was predominately self report, and from Freud such as through dream analysis by being ‘on the couch’ with free association and recall 2 2 D&K To recap the stages of sleep Recap the stages of sleep Q and A using mini white boards Show me boardsMich Know the 3 hypotheses for Highlight the hypothesises and details of sample within the study this study 3 3 D&K To know the procedure and Highlight , procedure, results (how were they analysed and PaperMich conclusions of study presented) and conclusions. This study could be role played to Pens help students understand the different controls employed by D&K 4 4 D&K To be able to evaluate study In pairs students evaluate the study considering PaperMich Ecological validity, was the sample representative, type Pens of data collected, usefulness, validity, reductionism. The link between dreaming and sleeping, importance of sleep, sleep deprivation, sleep and torture 5 5 Assessment Assessment Assess students’ understanding of the study by completing Test paperMich past exam paper questions/quiz 6 6 Maguire To know the features and Powerpoint PowerpointMich function of hippocampus Explain the features and functions of the hippocampus. Draw and Textbooks label a diagram of the brain, locating specifically the Booklet hippocampus. Locating the - posterior and anterior parts is quite DVD difficult and advanced Show Maguire DVD 7 7 Maguire Know what “The Knowledge” Get the students to draw a map from two popular and reasonably PowerpointMich is familiar places. How accurate are they? How do they compare to Street Maps one another? Why are some better than others? Is there a London maps and cards gender difference? Staffordshire maps
  • 2. AS Psychology Scheme of workWeek Lesson Topic Objectives Suggested teaching & prep ResourcesTerm Street Map activity. Give students a map with a route planned on it, one minute to learn route then issue a blank map and ask them to draw on the route. Group working: 2 further activities; a) London street maps with location cards; draw 2 locations at random and plot route between them b) Staffordshire maps: 1 person to describe in detail the route from one site to another while another person confirms it with map YouTube clip on The Knowledge 8 8 Maguire To know the procedure, Powerpoint to highlight procedure of the study PowerpointMich findings and conclusions Flowchart to summaries the procedure & main findings 9 9 Maguire To be able to evaluate the Recap study. students could email Maguire aboutMich study Evaluate as a class. This was a quasi experiment drawing a specific questions that they have correlation between brain activity and time spent as a taxi driver. from learning about the study UK E- What are the strengths and weaknesses of this method? mail: Ecological validity, reliability, validity, controls, nature vs. nurture Benefits for patients with brain damage 10 10 Maguire To be able to recall key facts Students summaries the main points about the study including PaperMich about the study key evaluation issues Pens Prep Summary sheet and Issues & Debates sheet11 & 11 & 12 Behaviourist Be able to describe the Outline the behaviourist perspective include the strengths and booklet 12 Perspective Behaviourist Perspective. weaknesses of the perspectiveMich To know the strengths and weaknesses of the Work through the Behaviourist perspective booklet Behaviourist Perspective Understand how we benefit from studying this area of psychology. 1 1 Sperry Understand what is meant by Introduction activity: complete a questionnaire to see if you are left PowerpointLent brain lateralisation and visual or right brained? Carry out an experiment using blind folds and Booklet pathways. Know the function various objects, and using only one hand describe that they are, website for Mr Split Brainy at of the corpus collosum and and name them. why do people have it Explain what is meant by brain lateralisation. medicine/split-brain severed Recap the structure of the brain, highlight the two hemispheres, corpus collosum its role and why people might have it severed.
  • 3. AS Psychology Scheme of workWeek Lesson Topic Objectives Suggested teaching & prep ResourcesTerm Play Mr Split Brainy 2 2 Sperry Know the procedure of the Break down the core study covering the aim, sample & procedure PowerpointLent study 3 3 Sperry Know and understand Outline the results (how were they analysed and presented) and Brain SweetsLent findings and conclusions of conclusions the study Students to work in groups to list and explain to each other. Rewarded with brain sweets! 4 4 Sperry Be able to evaluate the study Consider issues in groups Power pointLent Outline the strengths and weaknesses of quasi experiment. Also, Paper & pens a tachistoscope was used by Sperry. What the advantages and disadvantages of using special apparatus? Research method used, sample, ethical issues, reductionism, data collected, ecological validity Facts regarding the lateralization of functions between the two hemispheres. Is there help available for people with brain damage? Prep Summary sheet & Issues & Debate booklet 5 5 Assessment Assessment Section A questions on Physiological Studies Test paperLent6 &7 6 &7 Be able to describe the What is Physiological Psychology? What are its origins? PowerpointLent Physiological Physiological approach. Consider how our biological make-up can influence our Physiological Approach booklet approach To know the strengths and behaviour. What are the main assumptions of this approach? weaknesses of the Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the physiological Physiological approach approach Understand how we benefit In groups, students consider the most applicable from studying this area of methodologies that psychologists would employ. Focus psychology. should be on Laboratory Experiments. Strengths and weaknesses of these should also be considered. In groups (and/or as a class) reflect upon the three studies from the physiological approach drawing up a table/poster highlighting the common key issues and debates that are relevant to the approach as a whole. Prep: Complete Approach Booklet 8 8 Assessment Assessment Section A Mock Paper & mark schemeLent 9 9 Assessment Assessment Section B Mock Paper & mark schemeLent 10 10 Assessment Assessment Section C Mock Paper & mark schemeLent
  • 4. AS Psychology Scheme of workWeek Lesson Topic Objectives Suggested teaching & prep ResourcesTerm
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