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1. To know what autism is<br />To be able to give reasons why autism may be an example of an extreme male brain<br />Lesson objectives<br /> 2. In…
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  • 1. To know what autism is<br />To be able to give reasons why autism may be an example of an extreme male brain<br />Lesson objectives<br />
  • 2. In pairs, write down whatever you know about Autism<br />Starter<br />
  • 3. What is Autism<br /><br />Watch and make notes on the handout. <br />Video<br />
  • 4. Lack of empathy for others<br />Inability to show love or emotions<br />Difficulties in understanding people<br />Good at making sense of the world<br />Lower than normal language ability<br />Low levels of imaginative thinking<br />Problems with communicating with others and building social relationships<br />Low IQ<br />A preference for order and organisation, and a resistance to change<br />Obsessional behaviour<br />Some characteristics of autism<br />
  • 5. About three quarters of all autistic people are male. <br />About 90% of people with aspergers are male. This suggests that it is a male condition<br />Autism<br />
  • 6. Baron-Cohen (2005) suggests that the brain structure of an autistic person is an exaggeration of normal male brain structure.<br />He argues that there are many similarities between the brain structure of an autistic person and the brain structure of a normal male. <br />Simon Baron-Cohen<br />
  • 7. Brain differences between males and females<br />Males and females are typically stronger at specific tasks;<br />____________________________orientated tasks for males<br />__________orientated tasks for females<br />Examples of the two types of task<br />Mental rotation/ geometry<br />language<br />Mental rotation/ geometry<br />Language<br />
  • 8. In groups of three, read one study each and make sure you are able to explain it to the rest of your group.<br />Be able to explain how the study supports the extreme male brain theory. <br />Research to support the theory<br />
  • 9. Research using twins has found a concordance rate of 60-90% for autism in monozygotic twins, but only 5% in dizygotic twins.<br />A genetic basis for autism<br />
  • 10. Using scissors and glue, cut out the boxes on page 3, and stick them in the correct place on the table.<br />Decide whether the evidence supports the theory<br />Explain the theory of autism as an extreme male bran with reference to evidence (8 marks)<br />Evidence for the theory<br />
  • 11. Which 3 bits of evidence do you find the most convincing about the extreme male brain theory?<br />Why?<br />Plenary<br />
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