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1. Hosted By Miss Foy Attachments 2. What to do… You can play this with 2-4 people. You select a colour (or colours) to be and choose questions according to that colour…
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  • 1. Hosted By Miss Foy Attachments
  • 2. What to do… You can play this with 2-4 people. You select a colour (or colours) to be and choose questions according to that colour (s). The aim of the game is to get the most points, but remember the more points it is worth the harder the question will be! Click the number squares: for the question. Click once for the question and try to answer it. Click a second time and the answer will appear. Then click the button to return to the main selection board. Remember to keep track of your scores to see who wins. TIME TO PLAY… 300
  • 3. 100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 Choice1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100 END
  • 4. Row 1, Col 1 Mary Ainsworth What is the name of the researcher who proposed the strange situation?
  • 5. 1,2 An emotional tie or bond Between two people What is an attachment?
  • 6. 1,3 Insecure attachment What is the opposite of a secure attachment?
  • 7. 1,4 Infants Who did Ainsworth study?
  • 8. 2,1 Individual differences What was Ainsworth particularly interested with?
  • 9. 2,2 Naturalistic What type of observation did Ainsworth carry out in Uganda?
  • 10. 2,3 Crying little and content To explore in the presence Of their mother Securely attached infants elicited what behavior?
  • 11. 2,4 More ‘sensitive’ mothers What type of mothers did securely attached children have?
  • 12. 3,1 This is the concept of the attachment figure as a secure Base from which an infant can explore the world Define the term ‘secure base’
  • 13. 3,2 Infant behaviors under conditions of mild stress, testing stranger anxiety and separation anxiety What did the strange situation test?
  • 14. 3,3 Parent and infant play Parent sits while infant plays Stranger enters and talks to parents Parent leaves, infant plays, stranger offers comfort If needed Name the first 4 episodes in the strange situation
  • 15. 3,4 Parent returns, greets infant, offers comfort if needed, stranger leaves Parent leaves, infant alone Stranger enters and offers comfort Parent returns, greets infant and offers comfort Name the final 4 episodes in the strange situation
  • 16. 4,1 Proximity and contact seeking behaviors Contact maintaining behaviors Proximity and interaction- resisting behaviors Search behaviors Name the 5 behaviors observed
  • 17. 4,2 Exploratory behaviors declined in all infants from episode 2 onwards The amount of crying increased Proximity seeking and contact maintaining behaviors intensified during separation and when the stranger appeared Contact resisting and proximity-avoiding behaviors occurred rarely Towards the caregiver prior to separation What similarities were found between infants when the data from 106 studies was combined?
  • 18. 4,3 The secure attachment style The insecure avoidant The insecure resistant What 3 main types of children were found showing different characteristics?
  • 19. 4,4 Comfortable with social interaction and intimacy Uses caregiver as a secure base to function independently Harmonious and co-operative with caregiver Not likely to cry if caregiver leaves the room Seek close bodily contact when feeling anxious Reluctant to leave caregivers side initially What characteristics were shown by the secure attachment type?
  • 20. 5,1 Children tend to avoid social interaction and intimacy with others Little response shown to separation Do not seek proximity of their caregiver on reunion No tendency to cling to caregiver What characteristics does the insecure avoidant show?
  • 21. 5,2 Both seek and reject intimacy and social interaction Respond to separation with intense distress On reunion such children play display conflicting desires for and against contact May angrily resist being picked up but still show other proximity behaviors What characteristics does the insecure-resistant (ambivalent) show?
  • 22. 5,3 They proposed a fourth attachment called the Insecure- disorganised What did the reanalysis of video tapes by Main and Solomon (1986) lead to?
  • 23. 5,4 What characteristics did the insecure-disorganised show? A lack of consistent patterns of social behaviour Lack of coherent strategy for dealing with stress of Separation Give an example!!!!!
  • 24. Work out you score. How did you do and who is the winner? Click here if you are the winner! Click here if you are the loser
  • 25. Fantastic you have won the ‘I know my stuff about Judaism' trophy
  • 26. Never mind, you win the ‘I need to revise a bit more' trophy!
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