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1. A love story…. 2. This is a love story….. Or a tragedy…. Over the summer holidays one sunny day, a boy name Jahedur went to Brighton to check out the games on…
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  • 1. A love story….
  • 2. This is a love story….. Or a tragedy…. Over the summer holidays one sunny day, a boy name Jahedur went to Brighton to check out the games on the pier…. And while he was there he met a local girl Sayma, who also happened to be spending the day on the pier. When their eyes met – it was like love at first sight! After spending a beautiful day together they departed – but promised each other they would stay in touch. Upon returning back home, Jahedur, to his joy, received a text from Sayma every morning. After just one week or so, Jahedur found that his heart would start to race and a smile would come to his face even as his mobile made a text alert sound!! Jahedur even found that at times his heart would start racing even when he heard the start of a song on the radio, (the beginning of the song sounded very similar to his text alert). Sadly after 2 weeks, the texts no longer arrived from Sayma, and even though some mornings he did get a morning text from Juber to ask him if he’d done his Psychology homework – his heart no longer raced simply to the text alert! Then one day Jahedur didn’t have his phone at all – he’d had it confiscated at school. He did get it returned to him after a week – then one morning as he was waking – the sound of his text alert went off – his heart began racing again, in the hope he’d received a text from his Brighton friend…
  • 3. The features of this story are….. This story represents a well known THEORY in psychology called CLASSICAL CONDITIONING. Task 1 : Match the features of the story to the key terms
  • 4. The story of Pavlov and his dog….
  • 5. The story of Pavlov and his dog….. Ian Pavlov one day noticed his dog started salivating before he had even got his food. He thought this might be because the dog could hear the foot steps of the person carrying the food to the dog. As a budding scientist he decided to set up some and experiments and test this out. He tested his idea by surgically inserting a tube to his dogs cheek to measure how much saliva the dog produced. First he rang a bell – the dog produced no saliva at all. Then he started to ring the bell each time he bought the dog some food. And each time on these occasions when Pavlov measured the dogs saliva, he found there was lots! Pavlov repeated this process many times. Then one day Pavlov rang the bell – but without bringing any food for his dog. This time when he measured the saliva container, he found there was just as much as the times when he had bought him food. Pavlov realised the dog had become CONDITIONED to salivate to the sound of the bell!
  • 6. Pavlov’s experimental apparatus
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