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  • 1. Psychological Explanations and Treatments of Schizophrenia<br />
  • 2. Psychological Explanations<br />Psychological Theories<br /> Psychodynamic Theory<br /> Cognitive Theory<br />Socio-Cultural Theories<br /> Life Events<br /> Expressed Emotion<br /> Double Bind Theory<br /> Labelling Theory<br />Family Relationships<br />
  • 3. Psychological Therapies<br />Psychoanalysis Therapy<br />Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)<br />
  • 4. Psychodynamic Theory<br />In 1924 Freud suggested that schizophrenia is a disorder caused by regression in a pre-ego stage of development. This meant that the ego could not be developed and so the individual could not establish an awareness of reality. As the individual leads their life attempting to deal with the distorted image of the world they develop defence mechanisms which are in fact seen by psychologists are rational behaviour in an non-rational world.<br />Freud spent very little time researching and theorising the concept of schizophrenia. His ideals of the origins of the illness are based on his previous philosophy of psychological human development. Therefore, a lot of the criticism made for his previous works could be thrown in here because essentially, Freud could be wrong about the complete concept of the id, ego and super ego structure.<br />
  • 5. Cognitive Theory<br /> Unlike Freud’s theory which suggests that the positive symptoms develop due to the loss of reality, the cognitive theory suggests that it is the positive symptoms which arise first (due to biological impairments) which then lead the individual to loose touch with reality. A person can experience a number of positive symptoms for a number of unknown reasons. When they do they try to understand their experience by reasoning with it. For example, is a person begins to hear voices in their head they could start to believe that it is because they have superior and supernatural powers which allow them to hear the thoughts of others.<br />+ve There are strong empirical evidence to suggest the biological aspects of the condition.<br />-ve We however have no evidence or lead to understand where the biological symptoms come about. Is it by chance? Environmentally reinforced?<br />-ve It is very simplistic however not ethnocentric in its beliefs perhaps. In come countries it is acceptable for an individual to hear voices and interact with them because it could be deemed that it is God or a passed away loved one. This theory only explains the reasoning behind the biological symptoms<br />
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  • 8. “Outline and evaluate two or more psychological explanations of schizophrenia” (9 + 16 marks)“Outline and evaluate two or more psychological therapies for schizophrenia” (9 + 16 marks)<br />
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