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1. Sleepwalking<br />Natures way of telling you to walk off a cliff.<br /> 2. Sleeping and walking?Yes, Sleeping and walking.<br />Sleep walking is a…
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  • 1. Sleepwalking<br />Natures way of telling you to walk off a cliff.<br />
  • 2. Sleeping and walking?Yes, Sleeping and walking.<br />Sleep walking is a parasomnia and occurs during stages 3 and 4 of the sleep cycle and a sufferer of sleep walking can have several episodes a night.<br />Sufferers normally have no recollection of sleepwalking events, and normally behaviour doesn’t deviate from average personal behaviour.<br />
  • 3. So, I’m a Somnambulist?<br />You’re a bit of a freak. But it’s not the end of the world 10% of the people in the world sleep walk at least once in their lives.<br />It is predominantly adolescence who suffer sleep walking, with no definable single reason inducing sleepwalking sessions. Normally a range of factors accumulate to produce sleepwalking. These include: Stress related factors, chemical imbalances (Increased when exposed to alcohol and drug abuse) and a multitude of physical and psychological factors.<br />But you’ll just think your dreaming.<br />
  • 4. Dude, How do I know for sure I’m a sleep walker?<br /><ul><li> You’ll have sleepwalking episodes ranging from a small walking round a room session to agitated behaviour such as running around and attempting to ‘escape’
  • 5. Your eyes may be open, but they will appear glassy and such. However sleepwalkers tend not to walk with their arms out stretched
  • 6. Sleepwalking may appear in the wake of other psychological issues, such as fear of the dark and paranoia.
  • 7. When under questioning, thought processes are often slow even nonsensical </li></li></ul><li>How to stay in Bed <br />Getting adequate sleep, having a generally relaxing going to bed routine and good locks on windows and doors are obvious home based solutions to sleep walking episodes.<br />Medications on prescription such as Benzodiazepines and Clonazepam have both shown sleepwalking eradicating effects. Both these drugs attempt to slow and reduce brain activity through the slowing of receptors in neurotransmitters. <br />
  • 8. To actually prevent sleepwalking while avoiding DRUGS<br /> try:<br />Limiting Stress <br />Avoiding alcohol in take<br />And really do avoid sleep depravation <br />
  • 9. END<br />
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