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1. social and moral implications of research Social means the impact on society and moral means the ethical implications There is so much to remember and phrase correctly…
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  • 1. social and moral implications of research Social means the impact on society and moral means the ethical implications There is so much to remember and phrase correctly … It’s difficult to write as an essay – how can I teach it so they’ll remember it all? However, as with everything in life, a discussion is as complicated as you want to make it. It’s good to find an easy way to think of the key points… The usefulness of a theory, experimental findings and the wider moral implications are what is really Important .
  • 2. Do studies publish harmful ideas that are later found to be untrue? implications Moral implications Are there ethical issues which some may say mean the study should not have been done because it in some way infringed the rights of the participants Social implications how useful is it in the real world? Studies that have been really useful are:- were the studies themselves unethical? Bo-Bo doll, ,Milgram Have some studies given people an excuse for immoral behaviour? ,Loftus and other E.W.T. studies Zimbardo
  • 3. cost benefit analysis When considering the social and moral implications of research you should adopt a cost and benefit stance Better understanding may help in combating racism (the Holocaust) Combating public complacency Making sure justice is served (E.W.T) May help to combating power abuse in the army(Abu Graub prison) Many studies treat people like lab rats and do not consider the participants’ human rights Many ignore the social impact of publishing controversial research that still has not gained conclusive findings Some studies affect future human behaviour negatively Helping decide what is suitable for children to watch on T.V. Cost In terms of the bps guidelines what was the moral cost of the research? Benefit In terms of contribution to the world
  • 4. Considering a point, should Milgram have repeatedly conducted his study? Milgram conducted a study where he broke a number of modern ethical guidelines although the guidelines did not exist then the principles of human rights they represent were clearly evident at the time Cost considerations research can be used as an excuse for people who have committed immoral acts Many new psychologists are attracted to psychology because of such interesting early research Milgram’s research opened up a great deal of debate and stimulated efforts to improve ethical considerations in psychology research No right to withdraw offered … No real consideration to mental harm or physical initially… deception used no fully informed consent gained If Milgram had not conducted his research our understanding of obedience would be far poorer and psychology as a subject less interesting If we accept Milgram’s findings then we can not naively claim certain races are more cruel than others. We must accept the majority behave in immoral ways depending on certain circumstances
  • 5. Complete cost benefit analysis on Zimbardo Cost Benefit
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