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1. Systematic Desensitisation<br />Miss Minaker<br /> 2. Phobias<br />What is a phobia?<br />An exaggerated fear of an object or situation<br…
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  • 1. Systematic Desensitisation<br />Miss Minaker<br />
  • 2. Phobias<br />What is a phobia?<br />An exaggerated fear of an object or situation<br />According to the learning approach it is a learned response to a stimulus<br />
  • 3. Phobias<br />Does anyone have a phobia?<br />How do you think phobias could be learned?<br />Who did we learn about who was given a phobia?<br />Little Albert<br />
  • 4. How a phobia could be learned<br />Read John’s story, and fill in the gaps to explain his phobia <br />
  • 5. Conditioning of a Phobia<br />Before conditioning<br />UCS UCR<br />(being pushed over)(Fear and pain)<br />NS No Response<br />(Supermarket)<br />
  • 6. Conditioning of a Phobia<br />During conditioning<br />UCS NS UCR<br />(being pushed over)(supermarket) (fear)<br />After conditioning <br />CS CR<br />(Supermarket) (fear)<br />
  • 7. Systematic Desensitisation<br />It was first developed by Wolpe (1958) and is used in the treatment of phobias.<br />AIM:<br />This therapy aims to extinguish an undesirable behaviour fear by replacing it with a more desirable one: relaxation.<br />
  • 8. Systematic Desensitisation<br />Systematic desensitisation works through reciprocal inhibition. We can not feel fear and relaxation at the same time<br />
  • 9. Systematic Desensitisation<br />The subject is given training in deep muscle relaxation techniques.<br />A hierarchy of fear is formed, with the most frightening stimulus at one end and the least at the other<br />
  • 10. Hierarchy of fear<br />Example: fear of spiders<br />Think about spider<br />See picture of spider<br />Be in same room as spider in glass tank<br />Sit next to glass tank with the lid closed<br />Sit next to glass tank with the lid open<br />Put hand in tank<br />Hold spider in hands<br />
  • 11. How it works<br />The subject is made to relax at each stage of the hierarchy, starting with the least fearful situation, and only progresses to the next stage when the they feel sufficiently relaxed to do so. <br />
  • 12. Your turn<br />In pairs, come up with a hierarchy of fear for any phobia<br />
  • 13. Findings from research<br />What did Lang and Lazovik (1963) find?<br />What did Rothbaum et al (2000) find?<br />
  • 14. Findings from research<br />Wolpe (1988) claims that 80-90% of patients are either apparently cured or much improved after an average of 25-30 sessions. However, systematic desensitisation is not effective with disorders such as schizophrenia. <br />
  • 15. Evaluation<br />Read through the evaluation points<br />Can you think up any more?<br />
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