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1. STUDENTS FIRST Lesson Learning and Teaching Plan Unit: Sex & Gender Lesson 10: Who was David Reimer? L Starter Photo sheet – students look at the photos then can…
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  • 1. STUDENTS FIRST Lesson Learning and Teaching Plan Unit: Sex & Gender Lesson 10: Who was David Reimer? L Starter Photo sheet – students look at the photos then can ask 3 questions on the case study- hide I N main findings to highlight the importance of writing findings in exam questions. K Context Case studies are a research method in psychology – this study links back to support the core biological theory. Learning WALT We are learning to describe Diamond and Sigmond’s case study that supports Objectives the biological approach. WILF (By the end of the lesson) (all) I will be able to give details of the case study of E David Reimer and (most) explain how it supports the biological theory. S (Few) to use the case study to evaluate this method of research. T SEAL / L2L Empathy- I can consider the thoughts & feelings of others A B Modelling Explanation on how to use photographs to describe the story & You tube clip. L I S Success Criteria Description of Diamond & Sigmond’s case study in book- must include findings & links to H biological theory. Evaluation of case studies using this as an example. Home Learning Interview someone about growing up as a male / female- what influenced them, types of toys they had etc (design questions) Main Learning You tube clip’ David Reimer’ Activities Read pages 7/8 of course text book A Use photos to describe case study & links to the biological theory C H I Activity 1.7 p9 Q1-7 & feedback E V Extension Written outline of David Reimer case with key extraneous variables highlighted- students E Activities must deduce why certain features are highlighted- what factors affect the reliability of the case study & how does this differ from experiments? Demonstration R True / False quiz E V I Review Mixed bag- five different plenary questions- students pick one from bag and write answer in E Learning books W Objectives Tick assessment against objectives N Feed Forward To know how research into sex & gender is applied in everyday life. E X
  • 2. STUDENTS FIRST T Opportunities for the use of ICT Resources, Equipment, Health and Safety You Tube David Reimer photographs OCR GCSE Psychology text book Highlighted case overview True/False PP Literacy and Key Words Numeracy Case study N/A Education Extra (to include GT registered learners) LEARNER’S CODE OF INTERVENTIONS NOTED ON IEPs STRATEGIES FOR LESSON NAME PRACTICE (STATEMENT/ SCHOOL ACTION +)
  • 3. STUDENTS FIRST How will additional adults be used so that the learning of specific individual and groups of students is enhanced? Tom has an LSA to support on Tuesday’s lesson only.
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