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  1. a) What are the factors which Govern the Selections of a proper material for pattern making. b) Discuss with the help of a neat sketch the working of sweep pattern. [8+8] 2. How do you understand by centrifugal casting? How are the centrifugal casting methods classified? [16] 3. a) What are the forces acting which transfer the metal from the metal electrode to the work in welding process ? b) Explain Gas welding and Arc welding. [8+8] 4. a) What is the difference between welding, brazing and soldering process. b) Explain Laser welding and Induction welding. [8+8] 5. Explain the following: (i) Strain hardening (ii) Types of Rolling Mills. [16] 6. Explain the following: (i) Wire drawing and Tube drawing (ii) Hot and cold spinning. [16] 7. Explain the following: (i) Forging defects (ii) Hot extrusion and cold extrusion. [16] 8. a) Explain different types of plastics and their properties. b) What is the main advantage of Inject moulding? [8+8] 1. a) What are the various tools used by a pattern maker? b) Sketch and discuss the uses and advantages of a gated pattern. [8+8] 2. Write descriptive notes on: (i) Solidification of casting (ii) Steel making processes. [16] 3. a) Draw a diagram showing the classification of welding process. b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC and AC welding. [8+8] 4. Explain the followingP: (i) Forge welding  (ii) Welding defects (iii) Destructive & non destructive testing of welds. [16] 5. a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling. b) What are the different types of Rolling mills? Explain any one of them.[8+8] 6. Explain the following: (i) Wire drawing (ii) Types of presses and press tools. [16] 7. Write a short notes an (i) Hot extrusion and cold extrusion (ii) Press tools. [16] 8. a) What is the main advantage of injection moulding for thermo plastic parts as compared with hot compression moulding? b) What factors that influence the accuracy to which plastic parts can be moulded?[8+8] 1. Write short notes on the following with suitable sketches. (i) Cope and drag pattern (ii) Skeleton pattern. [16] 2. What is Investment casting? What are the main material used for making an Investment Pattern? What are the methods of applying the Investment material to the pattern.[16] 3. a) What are the common welding troubles, causes and remedies for them. b) Explain Forge welding and resistance welding. [8+8] 4. Explain the following: (i) Advantage of brazing (ii) MIG & TIG welding. [16] 5. a) What are the main characteristic of the hot working as compared with cold working process. b) Explain –  Strain hardening. [8+8] 6. Explain the following: (i) Blanking and piercing (ii) Wire drawing. [16]  7. a) What are different type of forging explain any one of them. b) Explain forward extrusion and backward extrusion. [8+8] 8. a) What are the characteristics of thermo plastic plastics? b) What are the good practices in the design of moulded plastic parts. [8+8] 1. a) What is pattern? What is difference between a pattern and a casting? b) Enumerate the various functions of a pattern? [8+8] 2. a) How is the centrifugal casting method used in the production of pipes. b) Describe the procedure of making casting by the Investment casting process.[8+8] 3. Explain the following welding joints; butt, Lap, tee, corner, plug and edge.[16] 4. a) What processes may be employed for under water cutting? b) Differentiate between brazing and braze welding ? [8+8] 5. Explain the following: i) Theory of rolling ii) Recrystallisation and grain growth iii) cold working process. [16] 6. a) Discuss the advantage of extrusion process. b) Discuss Drop forging and Roll forging. [8+8] 7. Explain the following: i) Forging hammers ii) Forward extrusion and Backward extrusion. [16] 8. a) How do thermo plastics differ from thermo setting plastics b) What is the principal advantage of the casting method of moulding plastic parts?[8+8]   

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