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user interface text book of covering vtu syllabus
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  DESIGNING THE USER INTERFACE ..,., o C  :: ::c m o   o Z CJ :: »   r Ci  Congratulations! .-.  .:  .-  : Thankyoufor p fchasinga nevvcopyotOesigning the  s r  nterface Fourth Edition. Your textbook  includes six  month$ of  prepaid  access  to  the  book's Companion Website.  This prepaid  sUbscriptionprovides  yoU  with fullaccessto  all  reader  resourCes including Links  to hundreds of HCI reso urces,  examples, and  research, which  enhance  and  expand upon the  material  in  each  chapter. lIII Self-assessment questions. IiIi Assignments  and  projects. Ill And  more! To  access  the  Designing   the   User Interface   Companion Website for the first  time: You  will  need  to  register  online using  a  computer with  an  Internet connection  and  a Web  browser. The  process  takes  just a  couple  of  minutes  and  only  needs to  be  completed  once. 1.  Go  to 2.  Click General  Resources. 3.  Click the  Register  button. 4.  Use  a  coin  to  scratch off the  gray coating  below  and  reveal  your student  access code*.  00  not  use  a knife  or  other  sharp object,  which  can damage the  code.   On  the  registration  page,  enter your  student access  code.  00  not type the dashes. You  can  use  lowercase  or  uppercase. 6 Follow  the  on-screen  instructions. If  you need help  at  any time during  the  online registration  process, simply  clickthe  Need  Help?  icon. 7.  Once  your personal  login  Name  and  Password are confirmed,  you can begin  using the  Designing   the   User   Interface   Companion  Website! To  log into this Web site after you've registered: You  only  need  to  register for this  Companion  Website  once.  After  that, you can  access  the  site  by going to  General Resources,  and  providing  your  Login  Nameand  Password  when  prompted.  IMPORTANT: The  Access  Code on  this  page  can  only  be  used  once  to  establish  a subscription to  the  Designing the  User   Interface,  Fourth  Edition Companion  Website.  This  subscription is valid  for  six months  upon  activation, and  is not transferable. If this access  code has  already  been  scratched  off,  it  may  no  longer  be  valid.  If  this  is  thecase,  you  can  purchase  asubscription  by  going  to  and  clicking   General ResQurces. H  DESIGNING THE USER INTERFACE  DESIGNING THE USER INTERFACE University  of  Maryland,  College Park Boston San Francisco  New York London Toronto Sydney Tokyo Singapore MadridMexico City  Munich  Paris  Cape Town  Hong  Kong Montreal .,., o c :::c -I :::c m   -I o Z   -I  : J ::; m GJ m   .,., o  : J m   m   < m :r:c   » z I   o   C   m  : J Z   m  : J »   o z
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