Pulse Jet Engine

A pulsejet engine deliver thrust, gasses of burned fuel/air comes out of the exhaust pipe with such a speed that a force is created in the opposite direction. A pulsejet engine can run without any outside help. The pulsejet engine repeats its puls sequence at a given frequence. The reconance frequence is among others depending on the lenght of the pulsejet engine.
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  IMPLIMENTATION OF VALVELESS PULSE JET ENGINE IN FOUR WHEEL VECHICLE ã GUIDE : Asst .Prof. Mr.VISHNU .A ã  AJIN.S 8267 ã BIBIN WILLIAM 8268 ã MOHAMMED SHIHAS 8269 ã MOHAMMED RAZEEN 8270 ã SOORAJ.P.S 8271 ã  VISHNU.R.K 8272  What is Project Pulse – Jet? ▫ Project Pulse –  Jet  is an analytical study of how a pulse-jet engine works. ▫ Our Goals  To design, build a pulse-jet engine. ▫ Plan of Action  Research and design a prototype of a pulse-jet engine.  Build the prototype based on our design in a manned  vehicle.  History of the pulsejet ã The pulsejet engine was first invented in the early 1900 by a Swedish inventor Martin Wiberg ã Paul Schmidt, who engineered the first production pulsejet during the Second  World War with his flying bomb, the Argus V1. ▫Nicknamed the “buzz” bomb because of the low hum it admitted during flight.   ▫ Used by the Germans to bomb London from 1944-1945 ▫ Over 9,000 V-1 were fired on England during WW2 ã The pulsejet took a backseat in the engineering world when the turbofan jet engine was invented ã Has returned to the engineering scene as of late because of the interest in Pulse Detonation Engines (PDE).  How does it work? ã  A pulsejet engine is a very simple jet engine consisting of very little to no moving parts. The combustion cycle comprises five or six phases: Induction, Compression, (in some engines) Fuel Injection, Ignition, Combustion, and Exhaust. ã  The rapidly expanding gasses exit out of the engine and as this happens a vacuum is created in the combustion chamber which pulls in a fresh new air charge fro m the atmosphere, and then the  whole cycle repeats itself.

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