Purchasing Overview

Purchasing Overview
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  Purchasing Overview PURCHASE ORDER What are the main tables associated with Purchase Order? There are four main tables associated with Purchase Order.1. PO_HEADERS_ALL. PO_L! ES_ALL#. PO_L! E_LO$AT!O S_ALL%. PO_D!STR!&'T!O S_ALL1. !t contains the Header information for the Purchasin( documents. )e re*uire one row for each document we create.Si+ t,-es of documents that use PO_HEADERS_ALL area. R/b. /uotationc. Standard POd. Planned POe. &lan0et POf. $ontracts!m-ortant data that are -o-ulated in this table are &u,er !nformation Su--lier !nformation &rief otes Terms and $onditions Status of the documentPO number is Se(ment1 of PO_HEADERS_ALL!m-ortant columns2 PO_HEADER_!D. !t stores information about each PO lines. )e need one row for each line we attachto a document.Each row includesa. L! E '3&ER  b. !TE3 '3&ERc. ' !Td. PR!$Ee. '.O.3f. /'A T!T4#. !t contains the information about PO shi-ment schedules and &lan0et A(reement Price &rea0s.)e need one row for each schedule or -rice brea0 we attach to a documentEach row includes Destination T,-e Re*uestor !d /uantit, Ordered and Deli5ered to Destination6 !f the distribution corres-onds to a &lan0et PO release7 PO_RELEASE_!D column identifiesthis release6 )e enter distribution information in distribution window accessible throu(h PO window CLOSING THE PURCHASE ORDER The $LOSED_$ODE column e+ists in the followin( three tables1. PO_HEADERS_ALL. PO_L! ES_ALL#. PO_L! E_LO$AT!O S_ALL IMPORTANT COLUMNS OF PURCHASING TABLES POHEADERSALLPOLINESALLPOLINELOCATIONSALL PO_HEADER_!DSE83E T19E DOR_!D9E DOR_S!TE_!DSH!P_TO_LO$AT!O _!DPO_L! E_!D$ATE8OR4_!D!TE3_!DPO_HEADER_!D/'A T!T4L! E_LO$AT!O _!DSH!P_TO_LO$AT!O _!DPO_HEADER_!DPO_L! E_!D/'A T!T4_RE$E!9ED  $'RRE $4_$ODE$LOSED $ODE1. OPE . $LOSED#. ! ALL4 $LOSED%. HOLD:. REE;E$LOSED_$ODE1. OPE . $LOSED/'A T!T4_A$$EPTED/'A T!T4_RE<E$TED$LOSED_$ODE1. OPE . $LOSED OR ! 9O!$E#. $LOSED OR RE$E!9! 8%. ! ALL4 $LOSED RECEI!ING What are the different Purchasing modes in Receiving? There are three modes1. O L! E. !33ED!ATE#. &AT$H1. O L! E2 Recei-ts are -rocessed Online. !f there are an, errors7 the, are shown on theOR3 itself7 and don=t let ,ou !8 ORE and PRO$EED.. !33ED!ATE2 Recei-ts are -rocessed immediatel,7 but no errors are shown. Errors are recorded in RE$_TRA SA$T!O _! TERA$E table.#. &AT$H2 Recei-ts are -rocessed in batch7 but no errors are shown. Errors are recordedin RE$_TRA SA$T!O _! TERA$E table. ote2 !n all the abo5e two cases7 it re*uires Recei5in( Transaction Processor to be run -eriodicall,.)hen ,ou SA9E a Recei5ed Data in OR37 which tables are 'PDATED>6 R$9_SH!P3E T_HEADERS2 !t contains S'PPL!ER shi-ment header data li0e Shi-ment Date7 Su--lier ame6 R$9_TRA SA$T!O S_! TERA$E2 !t contains RE$E!9ED data li0e !tem ame7 /uantit,7 and Recei5in( location6 R$9_SH!P3E T_L! ES6 3TL_3ATER!AL_TRA SA$T!O S_TE3P6 PO_L! E_LO$AT!O S_ALL6 PO_D!STR!&'T!O S_ALL  What are the major transactions in RECEIVIN? 6 Purchase Order Recei-ts6 !nternal Re*uisition Recei-ts6 !n5entor, !nter?Or( Transfer Recei-ts6 $ustomer Return Recei-ts What are the different t! es of Receiving Routing? 6 Standard Recei-t6 !ns-ection Re*uired6 Direct Deli5er, ote2 The Recei-t form is used as Recei5in( materials a(ainst PO on Ordered recei-ts7 !nternal Re*uisitions7 !n5entor, !nter?Or( Trans-ort and $ustomer Re-orts. RECEI!ING OPEN INTERFACE 6 RO! is a (atewa, to !3PORT data from Oracle as well as on?Oracle a--lications.6 The Recei-ts done throu(h RO! should be -rocessed in &atch mode onl,.6 !n RO!7 the table which are u-dated are1. R$9_HEADER_! TERA$E. R$9_TRA SA$T!O _! TERA$E ote2 Transactions in RO!Recei-ts can be done b, Direct Deli5er, or b, two ste-s namel, RE$E!9ED and DEL!9ER.This can be determined throu(h A'TO_TRA SA$T_$ODE_LA8.!f the 5alue is DEL!9ERED7 the s,stem does a direct deli5er, into Sub?!n5entor, and if the 5alue is RE$E!9ED7 the s,stem onl, recei5es the material and the deli5er, is done b, the Recei5in( Transaction orm. IMPORTANT COLUMNS OF RECEI!ING TABLES R$9_HEADERS_! TERA$ER$9_TRA SA$T!O S_! TERA$ER$9_SH!P3E T_HEADERS6 HEADER_! TERA$E_!D6 8RO'P_!D6 RE$E!PT_SO'R$E6 ! TERA$E_TRA SA$T!O _!D6 8RO'P_!D6 PRO$ESS! 8_STAT'S_ 6 AS _STAT'S6 AS _T4PE6 ED!_$O TROL_ '3
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