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     A  n  a   l  o  g   D   i  s  c  r  e   t  e   I  n   t  e  r   f  a  c  e   &   L  o  g   i  c      O    p    t    o    e     l    e    c    t    r    o    n     i    c    s OptoelectronicsPower Solutions Across the board. Around the world. Power Conversion Small optoelectronics components allow designers to savespace in tightly packaged power supplies, battery chargers,and dc:dc converters for portable and compact products. Power Conversion Circuits ã ac to dc Power Suppliesã ac to dc Battery Chargersã dc to dc Converters Optoelectronics Components ã Optocouplersã Optically Isolated Error Amplifierã Surface Mount LED Lamps  Optoelectronics Power SolutionsTypical Power Conversion Schematics 1 V IN  Control V OUT Optocoupler+Reference V IN  Control V OUT DriveOptocoupler+Reference dc to dc Converter PowerSwitchOptocoupler+ReferenceBatteryChargerLoad85 – 265 Vac50/60 Hz ac to dc Battery Chargerac to dc Power Supply  Optoelectronics Power SolutionsOptical Isolation and Reference Options A basic power conversion circuit uses a transformer to convert higher voltage ac or dc current to lower voltage dccurrent in order to operate microelectronics-based devices in automotive, computing, communications, consumerelectronics, and industrial applications.Another common functional element found in power conversion circuits is anoptocoupler and voltage reference combination that provides isolated feedback from the transformer’s secondary sideto a device in the primary side for control purposes.For this function, we offer the option of separate optocouplersthat you can pair with reference devices or our unique FOD2712 Optically Isolated Error Amplifier that incorporates theerror amplifier, reference voltage, and optocoupler function in a single, 8-pin small outline package. 2 The FOD2712 Optically IsolatedError Amplifier combines thefunctional equivalent of ourRC431A Precision ProgrammableShunt Regulator and ourMOC207 Optocoupler in a com-pact 8-pin small outline package(see page 4 for more information). The FOD2712 is an ideal singlecomponent solution for providing an error amplifier, reference volt-age, and optocoupler function forpower conversion applications.This allows power designers toreduce the component count andsave space in tightly packageddesigns.Fairchild offers a selection of optocouplers with narrow currenttransfer ratio (CTR) ranges infour small, surface mount packageconfigurations: an 8-pin smalloutline package (SO-8), a 4-pindual inline package (DIP), a full-pitch mini-flat package, and a half-pitch mini-flat package (seepage 3 for more information). Select the optocoupler that meetsyour package requirement andpair it with one of our program-mable shunt regulators that pro-vides a voltage reference for theisolated feedback circuit. Separate Optocoupler and Reference OptionsOptically Isolated Error Amplifier Option OPTOCOUPLER  Vcc TO PRIMARYCOMP FROM SECONDARY  } FOD2712 Vcc  }  TO PRIMARYCOMP FROM SECONDARY  Optoelectronics Power Solutions8-Pin and 4-Pin Package Optocouplers 3 Surface Mount DIPH11A817A8016035618/185.3 kVSurface Mount DIPH11A817B1326035618/185.3 kVSurface Mount DIPH11A817C20040035618/185.3 kVSurface Mount DIPH11A817D30060035618/185.3 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA121506008073/33.75 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA121A1003008073/33.75 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA121B501508073/33.75 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA121C1002008073/33.75 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA12410012008073/33.75 kVFull-Pitch Mini-FlatHMA2701503004073/33.75 kVHalf-Pitch Mini-FlatHMHA281506008073/32.5 kVHalf-Pitch Mini-FlatHMHA2801806008073/32.5 kV CTR @ BV  CEO  BV  ECO  t R  /t F Part  ≤ 10 mA I F (%) (V) (V) (µs) V  ISO Package Number min max min min typical AC [RMS] Small Outline (SO-8) MOC20540807073/2.83.0 kVSmall Outline (SO-8) MOC206631257073/2.83.0 kVSmall Outline (SO-8) MOC2071002007073/2.83.0 kV CTR @ BV  CEO  BV  ECO  t R  /t F Part 10 mA I F (%) (V) (V) (µs) V  ISO Package Number min max min min typical AC [RMS] FairchildInfineonLiteonNECToshibaSharpVishay H11A817ASFH615AALTV-817APS2501-1HTLP621PC817ATCET1107H11A817BSFH615AALTV-817BPS2501-1WTLP621PC817BTCET1108H11A817CSFH615AALTV-817CPS2501-1LTLP621PC817CTCET1109H11A817DSFH615AALTV-817DPS2501-1KTLP621PC817DHMA121TLP121PC352HMA121ATLP121GRPC352HMA121BTLP121YPC352HMA121CTLP121GRLPC352HMA124TLP124PC352HMA2701SFH690ABTPS2701HMHA281TLP281PC3H2TCMT1100HMHA2801PS2801PC3H2TCMT4100MOC205IL205AMOC206IL206AMOC207IL207A *Contact the Fairchild sales office in your area for complete cross-reference information.    P  a  r   t   i  a   l    C  r  o  s  s -   R  e   f  e  r  e  n  c  e   * 8-Pin Phototransistor Output, GaAs Input Optocoupler Schematic and Electrical Characteristics4-Pin Phototransistor Output, GaAs Input Optocoupler Schematic and Electrical Characteristics 8-Pin Small Outline Package (SO-8)4-Pin Surface Mount DIP Full-Pitch Mini-Flat Package Half-Pitch Mini-Flat Package  1243EMITTERCOLLECTORANODECATHODEBASENCANODECATHODE12345678EMITTERCOLLECTORNCNC 8-Pin and 4-Pin Optocoupler Packages
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