Pyroclastic Flows- Subaerial

Diapositivas en PDF que explican el comortamiento de los flujos piroclasticos en un medio fluido dominado por el aire
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  Pyroclastic Flows-Subaerial  Introduction ã Pyroclastic Flows or Ignimbrites-historical-Tufflavas ã Four historic eruptions provided examples of pyfs and the processes that resulted in pyroclastic flow deposits:  – Mt. Pelee-1902-related to Dome  – Valley of 10,000 Smokes-1912-composite volcano and valley ponding  – Soufriere-1902-composite volcano  – Krakatoa-1883-caldera collapse  ã One recent eruption-Mt. St. Helens-lateral blast from a composite volcano with associated debris avalanche  History ã What has not been witnessed are pyroclastic flows formed from caldera collapse and ring fracture eruptions-Yellowstone, Long Valley, Crater Lake
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