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   Seven QC Tools for Process Quality Improvement  Seven Major Tools 1) Flowchart or process mapping 2) Check Sheet 3) Histogram 4) Pareto Chart 5) Cause and Effect Diagram 6) Scatter Diagram 7) Control Chart   Flowcharts or Run chart  Used to explore if there is a  process   A Flow Diagram, also known as a flow chart , is a diagramatic technique to document a procedure  , within a role or department. Structured flow diagrams are created using a single entry (with inputs), a single exit (with outputs), and a combination of three building structures:  Building structures  sequence - any series of 1-n sequential steps can be represented as a single step  choice - a decision between two or more paths (structured subpaths) [e.g., if-then, case/select]  loop - a structured subpath (single entry and single exit) that is executed 0-n times


Jul 22, 2017

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Jul 22, 2017
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