Quality Management Systems Guidelines Appendix E - Guideline for Inspection and Test Plans 1 Preparing Inspection and Test Plans This Guideline is provided to assist service providers in preparing Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) for construction contracts. Although the current AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality management systems – Requirements, does not cover ITP with inspection and testing, service providers will be required to develop and implement ITPs. 1.1 Purpose and scope The purpose of an Insp
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  Quality Management Systems Guidelines Appendix E - Guideline for Inspection and Test Plans 1Preparing Inspection and Test Plans This Guideline is provided to assist service providers in preparing Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) for construction contracts.Although the current AS! S IS# $%%& Quality management systems – Requirements ' does not cover ITP ith inspection and testing' service providers ill e re*uired to develop and implement ITPs. 1.1Purpose and scope The purpose of an Inspection and Test Plan is to put together a single document that records all inspection and testing re*uirements relevant to a specific process. #n a construction contract the process is li+ely to e a construction activity' element of or+' trade or+ or providing a product section. An Inspection and Test Plan identifies the items of materials and or+ to e inspected or tested' y hom and at hat stage or fre*uency' as ell as ,old and -itness Points' references to relevant standards' acceptance criteria and the records to e maintained. Inspection and Test Plans' hen properly implemented' help ensure that' and verify hether'  or+ has een underta+en to the re*uired standard and re*uirements' and that records are +ept. 1.2Glossary ,old Point A /hold0 point defines a point eyond hich or+ may not proceed ithout the authorisation of a designated service provider or authority.This /designated service provider or authority0 might e an agency1s or other customer0s representativeauthorised person' or a regulatory authority (such as a council' Sydney -ater' -or+2over and the li+e) representative' or it may e the service provider inspecting its service provider or employee or agent.-itness Point A /itness0 point provides a party (such as the customer' service provider and a regulatory authority) ith the opportunity to itness the inspection or test or aspect of the or+' at their discretion.Surveillance Intermittent monitoring of any stage of the or+ in progress (hether y the service provider or customer).Self inspection -here the service provider performing the or+ verifies the *uality progressively  often ith the aid of chec+lists.-or+ area A discrete section of the hole or+' usually defined y location' here any trade or+ or activity ould e completed efore it moves onto another area. 34amples include a all' a room' a uilding' a length of pipeline eteen manholes and the li+e. Also referred to as lots. 1.3Roles and Responsibilities There are no set rules as to ho' in a service provider organisation' should document Inspection and Test Plans. It is appropriate' hoever' that they receive input from those ith a good technical and practical +noledge of' and e4perience in' the activities involved. The use' understanding and acceptance of ITPs y inspectors and other personnel ill generally e greatly enhanced if they are involved in their preparation.The service provider is responsile for ensuring that all the re*uired Inspection and Test Plans are prepared' including those covering or+ or processes to e carried out y its service providers. -hile it is preferale that its service providers prepare the ITPs for their on or+' in the final analysis some may re*uire the service provider0s involvement. &  Quality Management Systems Guidelines A senior representative of the service provider ould e made responsile for approving Inspection and Test Plans' and any suse*uent amendments' prior to their sumission or sumission of complianceconformity certification to the customer. The contract conditions oulddefine the sumissions to the customer and any responses re*uired. 1.4Overview The folloing steps are involved in documenting Inspection and Test Plans for a construction contract5 Step &6ead the contract documents (including the technical specifications) and prepare a list of any discrepancies' amiguities' missing information and standards of materials andor or+manship that are considered inappropriate.Step 72ontact the customer and resolve the issues listed as a result of Step &.Step 834amine the scope of or+ and divide it into separate areas re*uiring an Inspection and Test Plan (here not already prescried in the contract documents). As a general guide it is normally most convenient to document a separate Inspection and Test Plan for each trade or or+ areasection.Step 9!ote the ,old and -itness Points re*uired y the customer (including as listed in the contract documents).Step :6evie the contract documents again and note the re*uirements that have the most impact on the *uality of the finished or+. ;or each' as+ the *uestion <-hat ill e the conse*uences if it is not made sure this is right=> ?e certain to include any references to tests' sumitting information to the customer' otaining approvals and ,old and -itness Points (see &.@.$ for further information). Step @etermine from Step : hich items or aspects of each inspection ill need to e recorded on chec+lists and prepare these.Step Biscuss the chec+lists ith those directly involved ith the or+ and otain their input.This input should particularly e directed at identifying those issues that have caused prolems (and involved e4tra costs) in the past' and therefore arrant chec+ing at theearliest opportunity to avoid unnecessary and costly rectification.Step CPrepare each Inspection and Test Plan to reflect the re*uirements of the contract documents. 6eference the ITP in the Quality Management Plan and crossreference to the other related ITPs.Step $Issue each Inspection and Test Plan andor associated certification to the customer for consideration ithin a reasonale period prior to commencing the or+ descried in the Plan and adDust them to suit any comment received (or act as otherise re*uired in the contract documents).Step &%ecide ho est to divide the hole of the or+ into or+ areas for control purposes and indicate these locations either on a schedule (ith reference to grids and levels) or y mar+ing up draings.Step &&Prepare and issue chec+lists for each or+ area and identify them according to location.Step &7Train those directly involved ith each of the ITP in their use. ;ormalise a procedure for the notification of -itness and ,old Points to the appropriate person(s).Step &82arry out inspections and tests in accordance ith the Inspection and Test Plans' provide notices to the customer andor regulatory authorities for ,old or -itness Points' as designated or applicale' and record the results on chec+lists. 7  Quality Management Systems Guidelines 1.5ontract particulars 6ecord the folloing contract particulars on each of the Inspection and Test Plans5  - 2ontract !ame - 2ontract !umer - escription of processactivities for that particular Inspection and Test Plan 1.!Inspection and Test Plans1.!.1General &.@.7 to &.@.$ inclusive descrie hat needs to e considered for each component of an Inspection and Test Plan. They e4plain the components and ho to select the relevant information re*uired for each. 1.!.2 escription o# operation or stage o# wor$ re%uiring inspection or test ?ecause &%%E inspection and testing in most cases is neither practical nor desirale' it is necessary to adopt a testing fre*uency and sampling process hich provides a representative indication of the or+ to suit the ris+s involved' as is addressed in &.@.9.Inspections and tests are often est done after a numer of separate activities' ut prior to a maDor one that ill cover up previous or+. Service providers ould carry out preliminary tests to assist in otaining an early indication of conformity.etermining the type and e4tent of inspections and tests (along ith the characteristics  see &.@.8) is proaly the most challenging aspect of documenting an Inspection and Test Plan. The approvals re*uired are sometimes easier to determine as they are usually specified and identify particular or+stages re*uiring inspections and tests. The type' timing and fre*uency of inspections and tests vary to suit the ris+s and or+ involved.The <hat to test>' <ho to test> and <hen to test> is governed y5 - -hat the or+ is and ho comple4 it is - Accessiility for inspections and sampling - 2onse*uences of failure' including as follos5 - 2ost of remedial or+ - 3ffect on construction program - Accessiility for rectification - isruption to use of uilding or structure - 2onse*uential damage to other elements - Threat to safety of or+ers and pulic - Availaility of resourcesThe type' timing and fre*uency (the hat' hen and ho often) of inspections and tests are est determined in conDunction ith the consideration of the characteristics to e verified. 1.!.3&aracteristics o# inspection'test'approval The characteristics of a or+ item can e defined as <a distinguishale property of an item' material or process>. 34amples of characteristics are colour' te4ture' siFe' strength' flatness' alignment' capacity and the li+e.The characteristics to e verified ill fre*uently determine the stage at hich the inspection or test must ta+e place if the potential for suse*uent nonconformities is to e avoided. This further or+ might also cover up or deny access for the purposes of verifying certain characteristics. 8  Quality Management Systems Guidelines Some characteristics can only e considered after one particular operation and efore another' such as the inspection of steel reinforcement after installation ut prior to the pouring of concrete. 1.!.4(tage'#re%uency The inspectiontest stagefre*uency ill often e determined y the re*uirements of the contract documents or y the type of inspection andor test and the characteristics under consideration' as outlined aove. In the latter case hoever' there is the potential for a considerale range in  hat constitutes the most appropriate fre*uency and sampling process. It is suggested that a representative sampling of the or+ to suit the ris+s involved e used as a guide initially. Thereafter' fre*uencies ould e increased and processes revieed for /prolem0 or+ activities and decreased here consistent conformity as evidenced. 1.!.5Records 6ecords are essential to *uality management ecause they provide the documented evidence necessary to verify that a productservice is in accordance ith the contract re*uirements.The records ould e in various forms' and ould include the chec+lists' test certificates' certificates of complianceconformity' survey data' ritten approvals and the li+e. Inspection and Test Plans ould help define the records re*uired. 1.!.!(peci#ication'standard The standards against hich conformity is measured can ta+e various forms. The most commonsource is usually the contract technical specification. #ther standards ould often e referenced in this document' and may include any of the folloing5  - 2ontract documentsspecification generally - 2ontract draings - Approved or+shop draings andor calculations - Approved technical detailsprocedures - Approved samples andor prototypes - 6egulatory re*uirements - Australian Standards - International Standards - Standard specifications - Manufacturers0 recommendations 1.!.)*cceptance criteria Acceptance criteria ould normally e defined in the contract documents (either directly or y reference to other standards such as Australian Standards). -here this is not the case it ould e necessary to identify them and possily to agree to them ith the customer. It is preferale toestalish acceptance criteria ith the customer (here they are not specified or clear) to agree the yardstic+s (such as test panelssections or previous or+) against hich a productservice is to e declared conforming or nonconforming. 1.!.+Inspection'test procedures ;or many inspectionstests' the methods employed ill e specified or self evident and determined y the characteristics eing e4amined. In other cases' hoever' the precise manner in hich the inspectiontest is carried out ould need to e identified and descried. A clearly descried test procedure ill usually e necessary to help achieve consistent and reliale results. 9
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