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  Managing for Quality Dr. Ron Tibben-Lembke  The Big Man W. Edwards Deming  Ph.D. in Physics   Western Electric in 1920’s, 30’s.     WWII taught Quality Control for war effort  Ignored after the war   Japan wanted to learn from the US  Deming went to help with census  Started teaching them quality control  1951 Deming Prize for high level of achievement in quality practices  1980 NBC “If Japan Can…Why Can’t We?” US discovers    Quality Philosophy  “A product or service possesses quality if it helps somebody and enjoys a good and sustainable market.”     Variation is the cause of poor quality  The Process  Product/service design  Manufacture/service delivery  Test  Sales  Market surveys  Redesign and improvement  Chain Reaction Improve Quality Provide jobs and more jobs Costs decrease because of less rework, fewer mistakes, delays, better use of time & materials Productivity Improves Stay in business Capture market with better quality and price


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