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  10/4/99 1 Company Confidential Quality of Service is a measure of Network Quality Quality of Service is judged by the customer. Customer expects same quality as PSTN Increase in mobile penetration, increase the demand for excellent quality Quality of Service  10/4/99 2 Company Confidential Effect of QOS !    Dissatisfied Customers  --- Customers face describes your profit curve --- 1 Dissatisfied customer prevents 10 new  Revenue  --- Customer Switchovers --- Less New Customers --- Cost of Dropped Calls --- Cost of Blocked Calls   Quality of Service  10/4/99 3 Company Confidential Dropped call subscriber when attempting the same call again , talks less with the fear of dropping again. On average it is one minute less.   * Cost of Dropped Calls Drop Call Rate x Calls/Month = No of Drop calls Cost of Drop calls = No of Drop calls x Cost Per Minute* Effect of QOS !   Example   Network with 5,00,000 subscribers & Drop Call Rate 5 % No of calls = 5,00,000 x 0.5* call/day = 250,000/day = 75,00,000/month Dropped Calls = 75,00,000 x 5 % = 375,000 Cost of dropped calls = 375,000 x 15cents/minute = 56,250 $ Can you afford a loss of 56,250$ ?     Quality of Service  10/4/99 4 Company Confidential years Phase I - investigation - commissioning - field trail - first installation   Phase II - self-maintenance & operations - network optimization - network expansion - stabilization of capacity   Quality of Service   Time   Service Launch   Quality of Service   Quality drops due to network congestion   Quality improves due to network expansion and optimization   Quality of Service Life Cycle
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