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  1)   WHAT IS THE MECHANICAL PROTECTION OF TRANSFORMER? 2)   WHAT MECHANICAL PROTECTION WILL MAKE ALARMS AND TRIPS?    Main tank buchholz relay Protection. (Alarm, Trip)    OLTC (Alarm, Trip)    OLTC Oil Surge Protection (Trip)    Main Tank over pressure relief protection (Trip)    Main Tank Oil level Indication-Alarm Only (Min., Max.)    OLTC Oil Level Indicator- Alarm Only (Min., Max.)    Oil Temperature Indicator (Alarm, Trip)    Winding Temperature Indicator-High (Alarm, Trip)    Winding Temperature Indicator-Low (Alarm, Trip) 3)   WHAT INTERLOCK BETWEEN TRANSFORMER HV & LV BREAKER? HV breaker cannot be in test position until the LV breaker is in Drawout or test position. For closing HV breaker LV should be in open condition. 4)   WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOCK OUT RELAY AND TRIP RELAY? 5)   WHAT PROTECTION WILL INITIATE ACSE? Trip On Parallel. 6)   What is the procedure for Stability Test of Transformer with equations? 7)   What is the procedure for Stability Test of Bus bar with equations? Follow transformer testing excels. 8)   What protection will initiate “AR” & what will block “AR”?  Trip Relay (94) & Lock Out Relay (86). 9)   What are the curves of Over Current Relay with equations? 10)   Preparation for HV test in 132 KV & 13.8 KV? 11)   SLD for One and a half breaker scheme?  12)   Cable is connected at the end of transmission line, how to protect this part of cable? 13)   Status of High Impedance relay during Primary Injection? 14)   What is the anti-pumping theory and how to test it?
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