Quick Cash Cook Book

Quick Cash Cook Book
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  THE QUICK CASH COOKBOOK RECIPES FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE TIP #1: See Appendix and Resoures !or ex ra e$p on ea reipe%TIP #&: Tr' o()inin* so(e in*redien s o*e er o (a+e (ore (one',TIP #-: .e Crea i/e, I! 'ou !ound ANY par o! is )oo+ e$p!u$0 p$ease *o )a+ and $ea/e a re/ie, I i$$ )e /er' *ra e!u$%  En2o',  1% Mo)i$e Ad Me$ 3Ser/in* Si4e: 5166 7 5-668 Per 9a'Tis (e od re;uires 'ou o )u' ads !ro( an ad ne or+% Te ads i$$ run on s(ar pones% <en peop$e $i+ on e ads and ins a$$ e apps0 'ou i$$ *e paid% AdMo) ads are cheap  and O!!erMo)i o!!ers a/e high payouts , Tis e;ua$s pro!i !or 'ou, =ere are e s eps o !o$$o:S ep 1: Go o O!!erMo)i%o( and Si*n up !or an A!!i$ia e aoun S ep &: Go o AdMo)%o( and Si*n up !or an Ad/er iser Aoun S ep -: Coose a i* pa'ou e(ai$ su)(i a(pai*n on O!!erMo)iS ep >: Gra) 'our a!!i$ia e $in+ and pu i in 'our AdMo) a(pai*nS ep ?: Laun e a(pai*n and pro!i ,  &% Miro Nie Adsense Si e Seasoned <i  Ar i$e Mar+e in* 3Ser/in* Si4e: 5? 7 516 Per 9a' PER SITE,Tis (e od a$$os 'ou o ran+ a (iro nie Adsense e)si e o e op o! Goo*$e usin* $in+s !ro( ar i$es 'ou pos o popu$ar dire ories% I i$$ )e eas' !or 'ou o ran+ 'our e)si es )eause e/en a! er e Panda@Far(er upda e0 e $in+ 2uie o! E4ineAr i$es and GoAr i$es is s i$$ /er' *ood% A$so0 e o(pe i ion i$$ )e /er' $o due o e +e'ord resear 'ou i$$ )e doin*% You an ri e e ar i$es 'ourse$! i! 'ou is as e$$%S ep 1: .u' a (iro nie Adsense e)si e !ro( <arrior Foru(%S ep &: .u' ? ar i$es !ro( <arrior C$assi!ieds usin* 'our Ke'ordsS ep -: Su)(i ar i$es o E4ineAr i$es and GoAr i$esS ep >: <a  'our e)si e ran+ easi$' in e nex ee+ or so% Repea ,  -% CPA  YouTu)e 9ip 3Ser/in* Si4e: 5?6 7 51668 Per 9a'Te ra!!i !ro( YouTu)e a$one is so poer!u$ a i an (a+e 'ou a nie ino(e i! 'ou dire e( o CPA 3Cos Per A ion o!!ers% Te seares in YouTu)e as e$$ as or*ani ra!!i i$$ )rin* 'ou /ies e/er' da',S ep 1: Si*n up !or a CPA Aoun 3See Appendix #1% =a/e oneB Grea ,S ep &: .u' a !e YouTu)e /ideos on Fi/err% Te$$ e /ideo (a+ers o (a+e sure e' sa' o $i+ on 'our $in+ a e end o! e /ideo%S ep -: Pos e /ideos o YouTu)e% Pu i $e0 desrip ion and +e'ords in e orre spaes%S ep >: Pu a $in+ in e desrip ion o 'our )$o*0 and a/e a $in+ on e )$o* a sends e user o e CPA o!!er%
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