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  QUICK GUIDE TO ANTONIO PARREIRAS, 51/701 Welcome to Rio! This quick guide will show you some tips to help you operate the apartment, making your stay more enjoyable and comfortable. OVEN:   The apartment’s oven is equipped with a safety device that prevents the gas from escaping. To turn on the stove, turn the knob on the right to a high temperature and  press it down. You will hear the gas hissing. After that, press the “star” button and keep holding the stove knob for 10-15 seconds and the flame should stay on. If the flame turns off, repeat the procedure. This is not necessary for the cooktop, you just have to turn the knobs you wish and press the “star” button –   the flame will quickly be on. WASHING AND DRYING MACHINE: The machine’s instructions are in Portuguese, but it is easy to use. The soap and softener goes into the drawer on the top left of the machine (left is for soap, right is for softener). Do not exceed half of the soap compartment, otherwise the display will show an error (E11), which means there is too much foam in the washer (to resume the cycle if this error shows up, simply press the Inicia/Pausa button again). To turn the machine on, press the “Liga/Desliga” button –   the display will light up. To wash your regular clothes, press the “Program as de Lavagem” button until the red light reaches the fourth preset, “Meu jeito” (it means “ my way ”). You can use the other buttons to customize the program (“Temperatura da água” means water temperature; “Tempo de lavagem” means washing length; “Número de   enxagues” means rinsing cycles; “Tempo de centrifugação” means spinning length; “Velocidade de centrifugação” means spinning speed). If you wish to dry your clothes,  press the “Secar” button  before starting the program. To increase any of these options, you just have to press its button (e.g. to increase the drying time from 2h to 3h, press the Secar button). To decrease, you have to press the button until the option disappears from the display and press it again until it reaches the desired setup (e.g. to decrease the drying time from 2h to 1h, press the Secar button until the Secar option disappears from the display and then press it again, until it reaches 1h). After you have selected and set up your program, press the “Inicia/pausa” (start/pause) button  to start (or to pause the cycle, afterwards). If you only want to dry your clothes (without washing them), switch the preset to “Meu jeito” and press the “Tempo de Lavagem” button repeatedly  until all of the options disappear, leaving the display blank. T hen, press “Secar”, set up the time and “Inicia/pausa” to start. The other available  presets are: “Branco encardido” (grimy white); “Pesado” (heavy); “Roupa íntima” (underwear); “Cama e banho” (bed and  bath); “Rápido” (quick); “Ginástica” (gym clothes); “Delicado” (delicate, gentle); “Desodorizar” (deodorize); “Autolimpeza” (washer’s self cleaning).   POWER ADAPTORS: Brazil uses the three-pin power plug as a standard. However, you can use our power adaptors for your devices . The adaptors are in the kitchen’s cabinet last drawer. Before you leave, please put them back in that drawer. HOT WATER:  The apartment is equipped with hot water on the kitchen and  bathroom. To use it in the kitchen, simply use the left tap. The shower works the same.  On the bathroom tap, turn it to the left and pull it up. The water heater is in the  bathroom, but it works automatically, you don’t have to do anything with him –   except if the shower is too hot even if you turn on the cold water and lower the hot water. In that case, set up the right knob (with the red and blue signs) as you wish. Red is hotter,  blue is colder. FLUSH:   To use the flush, you don’t have to apply much pressure, simply hold down the button until the water evacuates and then release it. SUPPLIES:  There are a few cleaning supplies in the apartment, if you have to use them. They are in the kitchen cabinet, below the sink. INTERNET:  The apartment offers wireless broadband internet. To connect your device, use the following network and password: SSID: IPANEMA51 PASSWORD: aparreiras51701 TV/CABLE: There is Cable TV (NET) both in the living room and bedroom. The remotes for the TV and Cable Box are different, you can see it looking at the brands (TV-Dynex, Cable-NET). The TV remote is only used to turn it on and set the right input (if necessary). On the NET remote, you can switch the channels and volume. If the TV is showing a “no signal” message even if the Cable Box is on (you can check this by looking at its display  –   if it is on, it shows the channel, if it is off, it shows the time),  press the Input or Source button on the Dynex Remote and look for the CABLE option among the inputs. It should show the cable TV then. To use the DVD in the living room, just look for its proper input. AIR CONDITIONERS:   The apartment’s air conditioners (in the living room and  bedroom) are operated via remotes (the small white ones). To turn it on, simply press the orange button and set the desired temperature. Make sure it shows the “snowflake”  icon o n the display, if not, press the “Mode” b utton until the snowflake appears in the display. SOFA BED: The sofa in the living room also works as a sofa bed. To open it, remove the cover and pull the upper side until the sofa unfolds into a mattress on the floor. LADDER:  There is a small ladder you can use in the bedroom closet. IRON:  There is a small iron and ironing board in the bedroom closet.


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