Page 1 Quick Reference Manual (Text only) For Qualitek-4, Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguchi Experiments Nutek, Inc. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA. (Last updated Jan. 2, 2007) [This brief TEXT ONLY document is intended to be used for quick reference on the use of Qualitek-4 capabilities. For detail information, use the reference manual in the form of a hard copy or the electronic format.] Content A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. How To . . . . Tips Installation of Qua
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    Page 1 Quick Reference Manual (Text only) For Qualitek-4, Automatic Design and Analysis of Taguci !x eriments #utek, $nc . Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA.  (Last udated !an. , ##$% & This brief TEXT ONLY document is intended to be used for quick reference on the use of Qualitek-4 capabilities. or detail information! use the reference manual in the form of a hard cop or the electronic format.#  'ontentA.How o . . . . isB.)nstallation of *ualitek-+ fo indows'.How to Stat and /it Pogam 0.n-line Alication Suot ./eiment Planning 2./eiment 0esign3.diting 2actos, Aa4s and 5esults H.Peaation of 5esults).Anal4sis of 5esults!.Pactice Session6.ou7leshooting A% &' T' $%  enu items efeed ae all in  e&periment confi'uration sceen  ( Design !x eriment * Select desi'n  menu otion to stat all 4ou e/eiment design tasks. Select automatic desi'n  when 4ou want *ualitek-+ to decide the aa4 and assign factos to the aoiate columns.'eate  'uter Array  8 Outer arra  is included in the design 4ou ha9e alead4 designed the inne aa4 (using manual desi'n %. Select outer arra  fom desi'n menu  and oceed as omted.0esign fo Dynamic +aracteristic  8 nce the inne aa4 is designed: 4ou can oceed to include the signal and noise facto in the oute aa4 74 selecting manual design 8 d4namic chaacteistic fom the design menu item.nte Results for '!+  8 o ceate ' 4ou must ente the oiginall4 collected o7se9ations fo eachciteion of e9aluation in a secial sceen. 2om the result menu item,  select multiple criteria  ('% otion. Befoe 4ou oceed with 4ou own data ent4 fo ', 4ou must make 4ouself familia with the inciles of ' fomulation (e9iew www.k;w-oec.html  and www.k;w-tec.html  %. o e9iew an e/amle PU<0.*+ included with the ogam. cale Results * o scale o tansfom esults (u, down, mega tansfomation, tuncation, etc%, select edit results  fom edit   menu item. 'lick on the transform  7utton and follow sceen omts.  $m ort Results  8 )moting esults e=uie 4ou to eae a te/t file containing the esults. 2ollow thesimle stes out lined in the tips for importin'   otion in anal sis  menu item. 1$  <utek, )nc. *ualitek-+ fo indows *uick 5efeence Manual (e/t nl4% 0ate of last udate> 11;#$;1+    Page % $nstalling Qualitek-4 in indo. /01 o install *ualitek-+ ogam, 4ou will need the ogam '0-5M and 4ou esonal fifteen digit 5egistation num7e. )f 4ou do not ha9e the coect egistation num7e, the ogam will install as a ?0emo@ 9esion allowing 4ou to use it fo designing e/eiments with L- aa4 onl4.ou will install the ogam the same wa4 as all othe indows ogam - Cust inset the '0-5M into the di9e un D>ESUP (o SUP*+% (D F '0 o flo4 di9e as alica7le%. +%&o. to tart and !xit 0rogram  ou can use the Stat 7utton of indow G to stat *ualitek-+ ogam. o stat, click the Stat  7utton, and then oint to *ualitek-+ ogam. )f 4ou ae using indow I./, then dou7le click the *ualitek-+ icon fom the indow Pogam Manage sceen. D% 'n-line A lication u ort he 7asic stes in the alication ocess ae as outlined 7elow. Bief descition and alication guidelines ae included on each of the alication stes in the *ualitek-+ on-line hel. elect 0ro2ect and lan !x eriment Look fo simle oCect to al4 fist. Aange fo the lanning;7ainstoming session. 0etemine>J 9aluation citeia and define a method to com7ine themJ 'ontol factos and thei le9els.J )nteaction (if an4%J <oise factos (if an4%J <um7e of samles to 7e tested.J /eiment logistics. !x eriment Design 0esign e/eiment K 0esci7e tial conditions.J 0etemine the ode of unning the e/eimentJ 0esci7e noise conditions fo testing samles if the design includes an oute aa4 +onduct !x eriment 'a4 out e/eimentsJ <ote eadings, calculate and ecod a9eages if multile eadings of the same citeia ae taken.J 'alculate ' using the fomula defined in the lanning session.  Analy3e Results J 0etemine facto influence (Main ffect%J )dentif4 significant factos (A<A%J 0etemine otimum condition and estimate efomanceJ 'alculate confidence inte9al of otimum efomance 1$  <utek, )nc. *ualitek-+ fo indows *uick 5efeence Manual (e/t nl4% 0ate of last udate> 11;#$;1+    Page I J AdCust design toleances 7ased on A<A +onfirm 0redicted $m roement 5un confimation tests with multile samles at the otimum condition. 'omae the a9eage efomancewith the confidence inte9al.Although *+ is designed mainl4 to hel 4ou accomlish 4ou design and anal4sis tasks on command and not to teach 4ou the method, thee is a lage 9olume of infomation a9aila7le a7out the method and its alication stategies in the reference manual  . Most of the theo4 elated items and geneal toics ha9e 7een laced unde HLP menu in the main sceen. 0iscussion toics and seach items ae desci7ed in h4ete/t so that when a click on an item it takes 4ou diectl4 into the su7Cect matte. o get some tis on what the content of the sceen mean o how to inteet the data, click on the HLP  7utton fo hel on the secific sceen. !%!x eriment 0lanning /eiment lanning is a necessa4 and imotant fist ste in the alication ocess. f couse  lanning;7ainstoming fo the oCect is done outside the ogam and 7efoe 4ou come to use the  ogam. But should 4ou need some hel with how to ca4 out the lanning session o what to discuss in the lanning session, a considea7le amount of guidelines ha9e 7een included in the main sceen HLP in *+. 5emem7e it is the fomal lanning session, which sulies answes to the  etinent =uestions 7efoe an e/eiment is designed. he main sceen HLP in *+ contains guidelines as follows>PU5PSS 2 B5A)<S5M)<3 SSS)< - Puoses of a 7ainstoming session ae man4> ã )dentif4 factos, le9els and dei9e othe etinent infomation a7out the e/eiment, collecti9el4with all in9ol9ed in the e/eiment. ã 0e9elo team effot and achie9e the ma/imum aticiation fom the team mem7es. ã 0etemine all e/eiment-elated items 74 consensus decisions.H SHUL0 '<0U' he session should 7e facilitated 74 a eson who has a good woking knowledge of the aguchi methodologies. nginees o statisticians dedicated to heling othes al4 this tool will make 7ette facilitatos.H SHUL0 HS H SSS)<he team;oCect leade should host the 7ainstoming session.H SHUL0 A<0he oCect team mem7es consisting of all those who ha9e fist-hand knowledge and;o in9ol9ement in the su7Cect unde stud4 should 7e included. 2o an engineeing design o a manufactuing ocess,  7oth the design and the manufactuing esonnel should attend. )f cost o sulie knowledge is likel4factos, then esons fom these discilines should 7e encouaged to attend (gou siNe emitting%. 1$  <utek, )nc. *ualitek-+ fo indows *uick 5efeence Manual (e/t nl4% 0ate of last udate> 11;#$;1+    Page + H MA< SHUL0 A<0he moe the 7ette. he ue limit should 7e aound 1. )t can 7e as low as . HA )S H A3<0A 25 H SSS)<he meeting agenda need not 7e shaed with all aticiants. he facilitato should t4 to comlete all discussions within the meeting time, 4et allowing enough time fo item discussions. P)'S 2 0)S'USS)<She following toics should 7e included in the agenda fo the 7ainstoming session.1. B!') 2 H SU0 (hat ae 4ou afte% ã hat is the chaacteistic of =ualit4 How do we e9aluate the o7Cecti9e ã How do we measue the =ualit4 chaacteistic hat ae the units of measuement ã hat ae the citeia (atti7utes% of e9aluation fo the =ualit4 chaacteistic ã hen thee ae moe than one citeion o thee ae se9eal atti7utes of the =ualit4 chaacteistic, ã How do we com7ine them into an 9eall 9aluation 'iteion ('% ã How is the diffeent =ualit4 citeia weighted ã hat is the sense of the =ualit4 chaacteistic ã Lowe is 7ette, nominal is the 7est, etc. . 0S)3< 2A'5S A<0 H)5 LLS ã hat ae all the ossi7le factos ã hich ones ae moe imotant than othes ae (Paeto diagam% ã How man4 factos should 7e included in the stud4 ã How to select le9els fo the factos How man4 le9els ã hat is the tade off 7etween le9els and factosI. O<)SO A5)ABLS (How to make a o7ust design% ã hat factos ae likel4 to influence the o7Cecti9e function, 7ut can not 7e ã 'ontolled in eal life. ã How can the oduct unde stud4 7e made insensiti9e to the noise factos ã How ae these factos included in the stud4+. )<5A')< SU0)S (hich factos ae likel4 to inteact% ã hich ae the factos most likel4 to inteact ã How man4 inteactions can 7e included ã Should we include an inteaction o an additional facto ã 0o we need to stud4 the inteaction at all. AS6 ASS)3<M< A<0 0S'5)P)< (ho will do what, how and when%  hat stes ae to 7e followed in com7ining all the =ualit4 citeia into an ' 1$  <utek, )nc. *ualitek-+ fo indows *uick 5efeence Manual (e/t nl4% 0ate of last udate> 11;#$;1+


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Jul 23, 2017
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