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  REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9700(August 7, 2009)   AN ACT STRENGTHENING THE COMPREHENSIVE AGRARIAN REFORMPROGRAM (CARP), ETEN!ING THE AC UISITION AN! !ISTRIBUTIONOF ALL AGRICULTURAL LAN!S, INSTITUTING NECESSAR# REFORMS, AMEN!ING FOR THE PURPOSE CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. $$%7, OTHER&ISE, 'NO&N AS THE COMPREHENSIVE AGRARIAN REFORM LA& OF 9, AS AMEN!E!, AN! APPROPRIATING FUN!S THEREFOR SECTION 1. Section 2 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, ot!e #ise $no#n as t!e Comp e!ensi%e A& a ian Refo m 'a# of 1()), is !e eb* fu t!e  amene to ea as follo#s+ SEC. 2. -ecla ation of  inciples an olicies. / It is t!e polic* of t!e State to pu sue a Comp e!ensi%e A& a ian Refo m  o& am 0CAR. T!e #elfa e of t!e lanless fa me s an fa m#o $e s #ill ecei%e t!e !i&!est consie ation to p omote social ustice an to mo%e t!e nation to#a  soun u al e%elopment an inust iali3ation, an t!e establis!ment of o#ne culti%ato s!ip of economic4si3e fa ms as t!e basis of !ilippine a& icultu e. T!e State s!all p omote inust iali3ation an full emplo*ment base on soun a& icultu al e%elopment an a& a ian efo m, t! ou&! inust ies t!at ma$e full an efficient use of !uman an natu al esou ces, an #!ic! a e competiti%e in bot! omestic an fo ei&n ma $ets+  o%ie, T!at t!e con%e sion of a& icultu al lans into inust ial, comme cial o esiential lans s!all ta$e into account, tille s i&!ts an national foo secu it*. u t!e , t!e State s!all p otect ilipino ente p ises a&ainst unfai fo ei&n competition an t ae p actices.T!e State eco&ni3es t!at t!e e is not enou&! a& icultu al lan to be i%ie an ist ibute to eac! fa me an e&ula fa m#o $e so t!at eac! one can o#n !is!e economic4si3e famil* fa m. T!is bein& t!e case, a meanin&ful a& a ian efo m p o& am to uplift t!e li%es an economic status of t!e fa me an !is!e c!il en can onl* be ac!ie%e t! ou&! simultaneous inust iali3ation aime at e%elopin& a self4 eliant an inepenent national econom* effecti%el* cont olle b* ilipinos. To t!is en, t!e State ma*, in t!e inte est of national #elfa e o efense, establis! an ope ate %ital inust ies. A mo e e8uitable ist ibution an o#ne s!ip of lan, #it! ue e&a  to t!e i&!ts of lano#ne s to ust compensation, etention i&!ts une Section 6 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, an to t!e ecolo&ical nees of t!e nation, s!all be une ta$en to p o%ie fa me s an fa m#o $e s #it! t!e oppo tunit* to en!ance t!ei i&nit* an imp o%e t!e 8ualit* of t!ei li%es t! ou&! & eate p oucti%it* of a& icultu al lans. T!e a& a ian efo m p o& am is foune on t!e i&!t of fa me s an e&ula fa m#o $e s, #!o a e lanless, to o#n i ectl* o collecti%el* t!e lans t!e* till o , in t!e case of  ot!e fa m#o $e s, to ecei%e a ust s!a e of t!e f uits t!e eof. To t!is en, t!eState s!all encou a&e an une ta$e t!e ust ist ibution of all a& icultu al lans, subect to t!e p io ities an etention limits set fo t! in t!is Act, ta$in& into account ecolo&ical, e%elopmental, an e8uit* consie ations, an subect to t!e pa*ment of ust compensation. T!e State s!all espect t!e i&!tof small lano#ne s, an s!all p o%ie incenti%e fo %olunta * lan4s!a in&. As muc! as p acticable, t!e implementation of t!e p o& am s!all be communit*4base to assu e, amon& ot!e s, t!at t!e fa me s s!all !a%e & eate cont ol of fa m&ate p ices, an easie access to c eit.T!e State s!all eco&ni3e t!e i&!t of fa me s, fa m#o $e s an lano#ne s, as #ell as coope ati%es an ot!e inepenent fa me s o &ani3ations, to pa ticipate in t!e plannin&, o &ani3ation, an mana&ement of t!e p o& am, an s!all p o%ie suppo t to a& icultu e t! ou&! app op iate tec!nolo&* an esea c!, an ae8uate financial, p ouction, ma $etin& an ot!e suppo t se %ices. T!e State s!all eco&ni3e an enfo ce, consistent #it! e9istin& la#s, t!e i&!ts of u al #omen to o#n an cont ol lan, ta$in& into consie ation t!e substanti%e e8ualit* bet#een men an #omen as 8ualifie beneficia ies, to ecei%e a ust s!a e of t!e f uits t!e eof, an to be ep esente in a%iso * o app op iate ecision4ma$in& boies. T!ese i&!ts s!all be inepenent of t!ei male elati%es an of t!ei ci%il status. T!e State s!all appl* t!e p inciples of a& a ian efo m, o ste#a s!ip, #!ene%e applicable, in acco ance #it! la#, in t!e isposition o utili3ation of ot!e natu al esou ces, incluin& lans of t!e public omain, une lease o concession, suitable to a& icultu e, subect to p io i&!ts, !omestea i&!ts of small settle s an t!e i&!ts of ini&enous communities to t!ei ancest al lans. T!e State ma* esettle lanless fa me s an fa m#o $e s in its o#n a& icultu al estates, #!ic! s!all be ist ibute to t!em in t!e manne p o%ieb* la#.:* means of app op iate incenti%es, t!e State s!all encou a&e t!e fo mation an maintenance of economic4si3e famil* fa ms to be constitute b* ini%iual beneficia ies an small lano#ne s. T!e State s!all p otect t!e i&!ts of subsistence fis!e men, especiall* of local communities, to t!e p efe ential use of communal ma ine an fis!in& esou ces, bot! inlan an offs!o e. It s!all p o%ie suppo t to suc! fis!e men t! ou&! app op iate tec!nolo&* an esea c!, ae8uate financial, p ouction an ma $etin& assistance an ot!e se %ices. T!e State s!all also p otect, e%elop an conse %e suc! esou ces. T!e p otection s!all e9ten to offs!o e fis!in& & ouns of subsistence fis!e men a&ainst fo ei&n int usion. is!#o $e s s!all ecei%e a ust s!a e f om t!ei labo in t!e utili3ation of ma ine an fis!in& esou ces. T!e State s!all be &uie b* t!e p inciples t!at lan !as a social function an lan o#ne s!ip !as a social esponsibilit*. O#ne s of a& icultu allan !a%e t!e obli&ation to culti%ate i ectl* o t! ou&! labo aminist ation t!e lans t!e* o#n an t!e eb* ma$e t!e lan p oucti%e. T!e State s!all  p o%ie incenti%es to lano#ne s to in%est t!e p ocees of t!e a& a ian efo m p o& am to p omote inust iali3ation, emplo*ment an p i%ati3ation of public secto ente p ises. inancial inst uments use as pa*ment fo lans s!all contain featu es t!at s!all en!ance ne&otiabilit* an acceptabilit* in t!e ma $etplace.T!e State ma* lease une%elope lans of t!e public omain to 8ualifie entities fo t!e e%elopment of capital4intensi%e fa ms, an t aitional an pionee in& c ops especiall* t!ose fo e9po ts subect to t!e p io i&!ts of t!e beneficia ies une t!is Act.SECTION 2. Section ; of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, is !e eb* fu t!e amene to ea as follo#s+ SEC. ;. -efinitions. / o t!e pu pose of t!is Act, unless t!e conte9t inicates ot!e #ise+ 999 999 999 0f a me efe s to a natu al pe son #!ose p ima * li%eli!oo is culti%ation of lan o t!ep ouction of a& icultu al c ops, li%estoc$ ano fis!e ies eit!e b* !imself!e self, o p ima il* #it! t!e assistance of !is!e immeiate fa m !ouse!ol, #!et!e t!e lan is o#ne b* !im!e , o b* anot!e pe son une  a lease!ol o s!a e tenanc* a& eement o a an&ement #it! t!e o#ne t!e eof. 999 999 999 0l Ru al #omen efe to #omen #!o a e en&a&e i ectl* o ini ectl* in fa min& ano fis!in& as t!ei sou ce of li%eli!oo, #!et!e pai o unpai, e&ula o seasonal, o in foo p epa ation, mana&in&t!e !ouse!ol, ca in& fo t!e c!il en, an ot!e simila acti%ities.SECTION ;. Section < of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, is !e eb* fu t!e amene to ea as follo#s+ SEC. <. Scope. / T!e Comp e!ensi%e  A& a ian Refo m 'a# of 1()) s!all co%e , e&a less of tenu ial a an&ement an commoit* p ouce, all public an p i%ate a& icultu al lans as p o%iein  oclamation No. 1;1 an E9ecuti%e O e No. 22(, incluin& ot!e lans of t!e public omain suitable fo a& icultu e+  o%ie, T!at lan!olin&s of lano#ne s #it! a total a ea of fi%e 05 !ecta es an belo# s!all not be co%e e fo ac8uisition an ist ibution to 8ualifie beneficia ies. I=AcCS >o e specificall*, t!e follo#in& lans a e co%e e b* t!e CAR+ 0a All alienable an isposable lans of t!e public omain e%ote to o suitable fo  a& icultu e. No eclassification of fo est o mine al lans to a& icultu al lans s!all be une ta$en afte t!e app o%al of t!is Act until Con& ess, ta$in& into account ecolo&ical, e%elopmental an e8uit* consie ations, s!all !a%e ete mine b* la#, t!e specific limits of t!e public omain? 0b All lans of t!epublic omain in e9cess of t!e specific limits as ete mine b* Con& ess in t!e p ecein& pa a& ap!? 0c All ot!e lans o#ne b* t!e @o%e nment e%ote to o suitable fo a& icultu e? an 0 All p i%ate lans e%ote to o suitable fo a& icultu e e&a less of t!e a& icultu al p oucts aise o t!at can be aise t!e eon. A comp e!ensi%e in%ento * s*stem in consonance #it! t!e national lan use plan s!all be institute b* t!e -epa tment of   A& a ian Refo m 0-AR, in acco ance #it! t!e 'ocal @o%e nment Coe, fo t!e pu pose of p ope l* ientif*in& an classif*in& fa mlans #it!in one 01 *ea f om effecti%it* of t!is Act, #it!out p euice to t!e implementation of t!e lan ac8uisition an ist ibution.SECTION <. T!e e s!all be inco po ate afte Section 6 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, ne# sections to ea as follo#s+ E=TISC SEC. 64A. E9ception to Retention 'imits. /  o%incial, cit* an municipal &o%e nment units ac8ui in& p i%ate a& icultu al lans b* e9p op iation o ot!e moes of ac8uisition to be use fo actual, i ect an e9clusi%e public pu poses, suc! as oas an b i&es, public ma $ets, sc!ool sites, esettlement sites, local &o%e nment facilities, public pa $s an ba an&a* pla3as o s8ua es, consistent #it! t!e app o%e local comp e!ensi%e lan use plan, s!all not be subect to t!e fi%e 054!ecta e etention limit une t!is Section an Sections 7 an 7;0a of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene+  o%ie, T!at lans subect to CAR s!all fi st une &o t!e lan ac8uisition an ist ibution p ocess of t!e p o& am+  o%ie, fu t!e , T!at #!en t!ese lans !a%e been subecte to e9p op iation, t!e a& a ian efo m beneficia ies t!e ein s!all be pai ust compensation. SEC. 64:. Re%ie# of 'imits of 'an Si3e. / Bit!in si9 06 mont!s f om t!e effecti%it* of t!is Act, t!e -AR s!all submit a comp e!ensi%e stu* on t!e lan si3e app op iate fo eac! t*pe of c op to Con& ess fo a possible e%ie# of limits of lan si3es p o%ie in t!is Act.SECTION 5. Section 7 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene, is !e eb* fu t!e amene to ea as follo#s+ SEC. 7.  io ities. / T!e -AR, in coo ination #it! t!e  esiential A& a ian Refo m Council 0ARC s!all plan an p o& am t!e final ac8uisition an ist ibution of all emainin& unac8ui e an unist ibute a& icultu al lans f om t!e effecti%it* of t!is Act until une ;, 21<. 'ans s!all be ac8ui e an ist ibute as follo#s+!ase One+ -u in& t!e fi%e 054*ea e9tension pe io !e eafte all emainin& lans abo%e fift* 05 !ecta es s!all be co%e e fo pu poses of a& a ian efo m upon t!e effecti%it* of t!is Act. All p i%ate a& icultu al lans of lano#ne s #it! a&& e&ate lan!olin&s in e9cess of fift* 05 !ecta es #!ic!!a%e al ea* been subecte to a notice of co%e a&e issue on o befo e -ecembe 1, 2)? ice an co n lans une  esiential -ec ee No. 27? allile o abanone lans? all p i%ate lans %olunta il* offe e b* t!e o#ne s fo  a& a ian efo m+  o%ie, T!at #it! espect to %olunta * lan t ansfe , onl* t!ose submitte b* une ;, 2( s!all be allo#e+  o%ie, fu t!e , T!at afte une ;, 2(, t!e moes of ac8uisition s!all be limite to %olunta * offe to sell an compulso * ac8uisition+  o%ie, fu t!e mo e, T!at all p e%iousl* ac8ui e lans #!e ein %aluation is subect to c!allen&e b* lano#ne s s!all be complete an finall* esol%e pu suant to Section 17 of Republic Act No. 6657, as amene+  o%ie, finall*, as manate b* t!e

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