Races of Calliope

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  Playable Races Human The most populous race in the world, with all the pros and cons that come with that. (image source)  Elf Elves, like humans, are diverse and populous. Although all of technically the same race, like humans they’ve developed different cultures. High Elves who live high in the mountains are tall, willowy elves that generally have a very dark skin tone. Conside red haughty, they’re actually isolationists who prefer taking care of their own. It’s rumored that their cities are even more technologically advanced than humans, but since they almost never let in outsiders, this is only a rumor. Least common to see (aka provide a backstory for why your high elf is hanging around Calliope.) Wood Elves are forest dwellers and what most people think of when they think of elves. Small and slender with medium-hued skin, they rove in clans and are hunter-gatherers with a very pronounced naturist-based religion. There have been several wars with wood elves in the past over territory; the wood elves have historically fared badly. City Elves are, as their name suggests, elves who live in Calliope or any other city as well as  elves who make their living farming etc. Even elves who are not simply High or Wood elves are considered city elves. City elves are often discriminated against and are mostly found in servant positions. They’re not slaves, however, and some have made an excellent living. City elves are as varied in hue and stature as humans are; this is in large part to their great mixing with the human population. The offspring of a human and elf is not a ‘half  - elf,’ they are automatically considered elves despite having human markers because they always have pointy ears.  ( source)  Dwarf Dwarves are short, stocky humanoids averaging about four feet in height. Both males and females can grow long beards. Dwarves are mostly found in secluded communities in forests, though you’ll have to look up to find them  –  they make their homes high in the tallest trees. Dwarf cities are quite extensive networks between trees and technologically advanced, though quite differently from human cities. Their philosophy around tech is that it should be useful over entertaining.  (source)  Ogres Ogres are large and strong, usually over seven feet tall. They often have underbites and come in various vivid hues. Very little is left of the ogre race or culture. This is because over a century ago there was a great Crusade that swept across the lands, destroying entire Ogre tribes, after they became the scapegoat for all tribal attacks on caravans. For many years ogres were only sporadically seen, but more and more they are seen on the road. Contrary to popular belief ogres are very capable of speech and intelligence, although they have often been forced into a life of crime due to circumstance. A popular saying goes ‘One ogre, keep your coin close. Two or more, keep your sword closer.’   (Source - source)  Gnomes Gnomes are similar in stature to dwarves but typically more human-proportioned. Their faces are less human than dwarves, however, as they have extremely large, bulging eyes. Gnomes used to have one vast underground city of their own, however, historians say it collapsed in on itself (some gnomes say it was human intervention.) It’s also said a few still live underground, in pocket communities. Gnomes generally live peacefully amongst humans in human cities, usually as workers of tech as they tend to be very intelligent. This is in part due to their extremely long life span  –  upwards of centuries. However, they’re not as common a sight as one might think –  they only rarely mate and do not consider it to be a prerequisite of a solid life. They also have a reputation for eccentricity and even madness, especially as they get on in age. Their large eyes also make them very light-sensitive, and most wear glasses or goggles at all times.
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