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Pro-2067 Programming & User Manual
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  Owner’s Manual Cat. No. 20-196 PRO-2067 500-ChannelMobile Trunk-Tracking Scanner Please read before using this equipment. A  2 INTRODUCTION Your new RadioShack 500-ChannelMobile Trunk-Tracking Scanner is oneof a new generation of scanners de-signed to track Motorola 󲄢  Type I,Type II (such as Smartnet 󲄢  and Priva-cy Plus 󲄢 ), GE/Ericsson EDACS, E.F.Johnson LTR 󲄢 , and hybrid analogtrunking systems, which are exten-sively used in many 800 MHz, 900MHz and UHF communication sys-tems. Trunking communications systems leta large group of 2-way radio users (oreven different groups of 2-way radiousers) efficiently use a group of fre-quencies. Instead of selecting a spe-cific frequency for a transmission, the2-way radio user simply selects a talkgroup. The trunking system automati-cally transmits the call on the firstavailable frequency, and also sends acode that uniquely identifies that 2-way radio user’s transmission on a dif-ferent frequency called a data chan-nel.Since the trunking system might sendindividual 2-way radio user’s calls andresponse transmissions on differentfrequencies, it is difficult to listen totrunked communications using a regu-lar scanner. The scanner monitors thedata channel frequency sent with a 2-way radio user’s transmission and in-stantly switches to an active frequen-cy, so you can hear the call andresponse for that 2-way radio userand easily “follow” the conversation.The scanner also lets you scan con-ventional transmissions, and is pre-programmed with service-searchbanks for convenience. By pressing asingle button, you can quickly searchthose frequencies most commonlyused by public service and otheragencies without tedious and compli-cated programming.This scanner gives you direct accessto over 33,000 frequencies, includingthose used by police and fire depart-ments, ambulance services, and ama-teur radio services, and you canchange your selection at any time. FEATURES Your scanner also has these specialfeatures: Ten Channel-Storage Banks  — letyou store 50 channels in each bank(500 total channels), letting you groupchannels so you can more easily iden-tify calls. Flexible Operation  — you can trackMotorola, GE/Ericsson, and E.F.Johnson LTR trunking systems (usedby most trunking communications sys-tems), letting you hear more calls thanmany standard trunking scanners.  ©   2000 RadioShack Corporation.All Rights Reserved.RadioShack,, HyperSearch, and HyperScan are trademarksused by RadioShack Corporation.  3 Simultaneous Trunking Operation  — you can scan all 3 types of trunkingsystems, and both trunking and con-ventional frequencies, at the sametime. Text Input  — you can manually enterthe name of the service you are listen-ing to so the service name appearswhen you scan it, making it easier toidentify transmissions. Digital Weather Alert  — displays theweather event text so you can see thereason for the alert. Note:  The scanner does not displaythe actual location referenced bySAME messages. It uses only themessage portion of the SAME signal. Ten Preprogrammed FrequencyRanges  — let you search for trans-missions within preset frequencyranges or within ranges you set, to re-duce search time and select interest-ing frequencies more quickly. Private/Digital Private Line Receiv-ing  — decodes and displays the Con-tinuous Tone Coded Squelch System(CTCSS) and Digital Coded Squelch(DCS) tone signal being transmitted,letting you see if the transmitter pro-vides these services. 12-Character, 4-Line, Dot-MatrixDisplay  — makes it easy to view andchange displayed information. Frequency Coverage to 960 MHz  —provides a wide range of frequenciesyou can listen to. Clone/Remote PC Function  — letsyou transfer programmed data directlyto another Cat. No. 20-196 or Cat. No.20-522 scanner. You can also uploador download the programmed data toor from a PC using an optional inter-face kit. Triple-Conversion Circuitry  — virtu-ally eliminates any interference fromIF (intermediate frequency) images,so you hear only the selected frequen-cy. Scan Delay  — delays scanning forabout 2 seconds before moving to an-other channel, so you can hear morereplies that are made on the samechannel. Lock-Out Function  — lets you setyour scanner to skip over specifiedchannels or frequencies when scan-ning or searching, and skip over IDswhen tracking trunked systems. Priority Channel  — lets you programone channel as the priority channel.As the scanner scans it checks the pri-ority channel every 2 seconds so youdon't miss transmissions on that chan-nel. ATT (Attenuate) Button  — lets youprogram each memory location to re-duce the scanner’s sensitivity tostrong local signals, to reduce interfer-ence or noise caused by these sig-nals.  4 HyperSearch 󲄢 and HyperScan 󲄢  —let you set the scanner to search at upto 50 steps per second and scan at upto 25 channels per second, to helpyou quickly find interesting transmis-sions. DIN-E Size CabinetSupplied Frequency Guide  — liststhe frequencies for many of the publicsafety systems you can listen to. Memory Backup  — keeps the chan-nel frequencies stored in memory foran extended time even without batterypower.Your scanner can receive thesebands:This Owner’s Manual also includesthe section “A General Guide to Scan-ning” on Page44 to help you targetfrequency ranges in your service areaso you can search for a wide variety oftransmissions. Note: See “Specifications” on Page54for more information about the scan-ner’s frequency steps. Frequency Range (MHz)Types of Transmissions 29–5410-Meter Ham, VHF Lo, 6-Meter Ham108–136.9875Aircraft137–174Military Land Mobile, 2-Meter Ham, VHF Hi380–512Federal Govern-ment, 70-cm Ham Band, UHF Stan-dard Band, UHF “T” Band806–823.9875849–868.9875894–960Public Service “800” except Cellular Band
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